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Calling All Frugal Fashionistas. Once thought of as declasse, consignment shopping has become ultra-chic.

Calling All Frugal Fashionistas

Fashionable men and women worldwide have literally made a sport of luxury consignment shopping. Finding the perfect “piece” to add to their collection at bargain prices has the new way of intelligent shopping. No longer is it impossible to own Louis Vitton, Miu Miu or Chanel. With a fervent eye, it’s possible to snag designer pieces below retail market prices. Expanding the Wardrobe with Consignment. Affordable Wardrobe Makeovers? Shop consignment. Back in the day, consignment shopping was erroneously considered déclassé, but now more and more people are starting to realize just how valuable it is.

Affordable Wardrobe Makeovers? Shop consignment

Today, it is viewed a real sport among teeming fashionable men and women all over the world to go bargain hunting for luxury clothes at consignment or resale shops. It would seem that the scales have finally dropped and the distinct differences between resale outlets and thrift stores have become more apparent. The thrill of finding that perfect designer clothing or accessory at a bargain price is just one of the many pleasures one finds from shopping consignment. Having a wardrobe full of designer labels like Louis Vuitton, Thierry Mugler, and Donna Karan is no longer out of reach as it used to be. Got Wide Feet? Here’s How to Find Good Shoes. If you’ve got wide feet, you typically have a tough row to hoe when shopping for shoes.

Got Wide Feet? Here’s How to Find Good Shoes

Most of the time, you end up buying a pair which you’re not enamored to, simply because they’re the only ones that can fit your feet perfectly. Though there’s indeed some challenge involved when shoe shopping with wide feet, it doesn’t mean you can’t make things right. First and foremost, look in the right place. There’s literally a specified wide section intended for shoe shoppers with wide feet in almost any store you walk in, so always shop in that category first. True Fashionistas: Got Wide Feet? Here’s How to Find Good Shoes. How to Obtain Designer Clothes with Limited Budget. Can You Get Elegant Evening Dresses for Less? Do you have a special occasion or a grand party at work that you need to attend?

Can You Get Elegant Evening Dresses for Less?

2 Style Trends that Are Perfect for Summer. Busting Top Myths About Consignment Stores. Shopping in consignment stores seems like a good way of filling your closet with stylish yet economical finds.

Busting Top Myths About Consignment Stores

You may have heard of someone else’s horrible experience, however, and this is making you hesitant to try it out. You need to keep in mind that not all consignment stores are alike, and not all stories you hear are true. Here are the top three misconceptions about consignment stores, and the truth behind each one: 1 . The items are dirty and damaged. Premier consignment shops, particularly those which specialize on designer resale, go through extensive screening to ensure that all the items they receive are freshly-laundered and in good, saleable condition. 2. People consign their clothes for different reasons—they’ve lost weight, are relocating to another place, changing their fashion style, purchased the wrong item, or simply want new stuff without the guilt of putting their recently-bought clothes to waste. 3.

Most consignment stores are no different from big label stores. Tips on Consigning Your Designer Items. Time to purchase new clothes for the new season but a bit short on cash?

Tips on Consigning Your Designer Items

If you haven’t been using some items in your closet or you have designer items you’re completely over with, consider selling them though consignment stores. You’ll be able to unload your old or underused stuff and earn money to buy new ones, at the same time. Below are some helpful tips: Segregate your clothes. You may not want to sell all items you don’t regularly use, so divide them into three categories: for alteration, for charity, and for consignment.

Ensure that all clothes are in good condition. Damaged items are far less likely to sell. Check prices of equivalent items. How to Get Designer Clothes for Less. Gingham Style: A Closer Look at the Pretty Print. Dainty florals, nautical stripes, and animal prints – these have all reemerged on the style scene in the last couple of years, and are now truly staples in any stylish woman’s wardrobe.

Gingham Style: A Closer Look at the Pretty Print

There’s one quaint print, however, that has become the latest trend and a must-have, especially for spring and summer: gingham. Gingham has that whimsical, old-fashioned vibe that is now a unique fashion statement. It first became iconic when seen on Dorothy with her ruby red slippers in Wizard of Oz. Then came Marilyn Monroe, who posed for LIFE magazine with trousers in the print; and Brigitte Bardot, who wore it for her wedding (and started a craze for gingham in France at the time). It was no longer just a picnic blanket fabric but a chic dressy print.

Lately, you’ll see the likes of Taylor Swift sporting ladylike dresses and cute little skirts in gingham print. Gingham prints have been and will be around for a long time because of its versatility. Tips for Staying Stylish at Work This Spring. Sell Your Clothes the Way Fashion Editors Do. There are a lot of interesting ways to earn more money, one of those is consigning your old clothes to consignment shops.

Sell Your Clothes the Way Fashion Editors Do