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Truckbubba is specifically created to serve the North American truck drivers as their personal mobile assistant. They can easily look for nearby truck stops, parking areas and emergency repair shops

The Most Trusted Partners for Truck Drivers – Truckbubba App. The CanDo International Inc. has joined our Truckbubba family with its awesome and innovative product – HD Mobile.

The Most Trusted Partners for Truck Drivers – Truckbubba App

This portable adapter transforms your Smartphone into a powerful class 4-8 scanner with medium duty, light duty and caterpillar coverage. Simply connect the HD Mobile to the vehicles and pair with your Smartphone, the diagnostics process is started within minutes. In addition, the process for regeneration of DPF can be performed easily and quickly within your fingertips. This fantastic device is also capable of reading and clearing a whole bunch of codes.

Once the error codes have been read, they can be cleared at the touch of buttons. Truckbubba App: Why You Need a Truck Speedometer? What is the Speedometer?

Truckbubba App: Why You Need a Truck Speedometer?

A speedometer or a speed meter is a gauge that measures and displays the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. The speedometer is commonly fitted in the dashboard of motor vehicles which helps driver to determine how fast they are driving. The following are the reasons why you need a truck speedometer during the freight journey: The Seven ‘S’ of the Truckbubba App – Truckbubba App – Medium. The Best App for North America’s Truck Drivers The Truckbubba app is the best companion app that helps to manage the life of North American truckers during freight journey.

The Seven ‘S’ of the Truckbubba App – Truckbubba App – Medium

There are seven ‘S’ of this amazing and innovative app that make this app the best among other ones. Truckbubba App: To Ensure Safety of Trucker’s Life Use the Truckbubba App. Truckers have a big responsibility to transport cargos or goods on time while it’s necessary to obey the rules of DOT and the regulations of HOS during the whole journey.

Truckbubba App: To Ensure Safety of Trucker’s Life Use the Truckbubba App

The Truckbubba app is an amazing truck optimized app that is integrated with several different mobile app features, such as - Diesel Fuel Locator App Finding better deal on diesel is like a piece of cake. This app has crowd-sourced information of the nearby fuel stations with the updated diesel prices all the time. Here’s the Best Truck Load Board to Transport Your Freights Easily – Truckbubba App. If you are a broker or a shipper who is looking for new carriers to delivery your loads on time, the Truckbubba Load Board direct connects you with carriers who have extra truck space.

Here’s the Best Truck Load Board to Transport Your Freights Easily – Truckbubba App

Load Board gives you free unlimited access to more than 50,000 truckers daily within the Truckbubba app. Post the loads by specifying the freight dimensions (FTL or PTL) and pickup and delivery information. If the proposal is accepted by the nearby carrier, you will get instant notification or call. If you are carrier who is looking for more loads to cover your deadhead mileages, Load Board is there to help you with free access to more than 70,000 loads per day.

Why Should You Choose Truckbubba Load Board? Find Your Monthly Payments with Loan Calculators from Loans Direct. If you are planning to buy a new house or upgrading an existing one, you definitely need loan to fulfill your dream.

Find Your Monthly Payments with Loan Calculators from Loans Direct

Thus, you can look for different types of loans be it personal loan, unsecured loan, car loan or commercial loan, you can get these loans at Loans Direct. Now you can get loans in Australia without much hassle. If you have taken a home loan and cannot determine how much you need to pay on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, Loans Direct offers you a home loan repayment calculator through which you can calculate the interest only repayment amount. How to find and post loads within Truckbubba App. Load Board — The Easiest Way to Find and Post Loads. In the Truckbubba mobile app, the Load Board is a freight marketplace that provides freight brokers and carrier an online platform to post and find loads quickly.

Load Board — The Easiest Way to Find and Post Loads

It’s an easy way to get your freight business rolling. Load Board is simple, fast and FREE. Truckbubba Has Added New Feature — Load Board – Truckbubba App – Medium. The Truckbubba app is equipped with a new feature — Load Board, which provides a platform for shippers and carriers to get connected in finding the load as well as posting loads.

Truckbubba Has Added New Feature — Load Board – Truckbubba App – Medium

The app has a well-organized and crowd-sourced free load matching services that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere. This feature brings the traditional freight transportation into next big step forward to non-traditional fashion. If you are a broker and having large quantity of loads to be delivered, you can post your loads within the Truckbubba app at “Post Loads”. There are more than 50,000 trucks to help you for the delivery of your loads on time. Find the Nearby Truck Weigh Station and its Current Status with the Truckbubba App – Truckbubba App. The weight compliance checking of a truck at the truck weigh station is the basic requirement of trucking industry to obey the regulations of Truck Size and Weight Limit Laws.

Find the Nearby Truck Weigh Station and its Current Status with the Truckbubba App – Truckbubba App

However, truckers face some challenges in finding truck weigh station, such as the weigh stations are not in service, closed or difficult to locate in rural area. Getting your truck for vehicular weight inspection is essential to protect yourself and others on road. This is the Best Truck Weigh Station Tracker App for North America’s Truckers.

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), 9.2 billion tons of freight annually in the USA moves on trucks (that’s about 70% of total freight moved in the USA).

This is the Best Truck Weigh Station Tracker App for North America’s Truckers

To prevent large volume of heavy vehicles from damaging roads and bridges, the Federal Government began regulating truck size and weight in 1956. The regulations of Federal-Aid Highway Act Amendments –1974 stated that the maximum weight for vehicle operating on the Interstate system are limited to 20,000 lbs. for single axle, 34,000 lbs. for tandem axle and 80,000 lbs. for total gross weight.

Truckbubba App: The Most Reliable Truck Parking Navigator App. American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has ranked “Managing Critical Truck Parking” as the most important research topic in response to the growing criticality of truck parking issues. Some of the commonly themes about parking-related issues were reported by truck drivers in the survey such as: · Time-of-day Impacts About 61.6 percent of truck drivers reporting that time-of-day affect truck-parking availability.

They face difficulty in finding available parking facilities in specified time between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. · Reserved Parking Although the reserved parking effectively increases parking supply, but mostly, truckers are unwilling to park their trucks at paid reservation system if there are available of free spots.

. · Public Rest Areas The truckers was forced to drive on road and volatile HOS regulations due to the parking time limits at public rest areas which range between two and ten hours. · Regional Issues and Urban Locations. New Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Requirements – Truckbubba App – Medium. A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required to drive and operate the commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) such as trucks, buses, vans, coaches, tractor-trailers etc. There are 3 classes of CDLs for vehicles i.e.

Class A, Class B and Class C associated with endorsements for specialized qualifications i.e. P for passenger, H for hazardous material, S for school bus etc. What You as a Trucker Need to Know? Beginning on 1 September 2015, Washington State complied with a Federal law that requires commercial drivers to prove they are a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen with the appropriate documents. Additionally, effective May 10, 2017, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will require all new and existing Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) applicants to provide DMV with the following documents: · Proof of U.S. citizenship/lawful permanent residency/legal presence. · Proof of domicile (residency).

Things to be ready before Getting behind on Wheels. Truckbubba App Has Launched a Unique Feature — Speedometer. Reduce Your Trucking Hazards by Using the Truckbubba App – Truckbubba App. Over last few years, the demand of truckers is getting higher due to high percentages of truckers turnover. However, the salary of truckers is very attractive but it is also associated with unexpected risks at the same time. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), 3,744 large trucks were involves in fatal crashes and 88,000 in injury crashes in 2014.Moreover,the trucking is accounting for 12 percent of all worker deaths as compared to all other occupations. Here are the hazardous conditions that the truckers have to face when they are getting behind the wheel: Road Conditions – Truckers are not only driving safely for themselves, they also drive safely for others on the roads.

During the whole journey, truckers must be fully attentive to prevent any accidents.Maintenance of Truck– Failure of brakes was reported as the main factor of the fatal crashes. Truckbubba App: Truckbubba App –The Most Reliable Truck Stops Tracker in Your Pocket. A trucking industry adage: "If you bought it, a truck brought it. " Truckers take the big responsibility for transporting large quantities of raw materials and goods from manufacturers to retail centers on different locations and that too on time. Though truckers act like unsung heroes for people’s comfortable life, however, they also face multiple challenges while on the road. The Truckbubba is an excellent and reliable pocket app that assists the truckers of North America to track truck stops, weigh station, emergency repair center, parking spot, restaurant, etc.

Truckbubba is known as the best 6-in-one companion app for truck drivers with features such as - Truckbubba App Manages Lives of Truckers on Road. Ensuring Safety of Truck Drivers – Truckbubba App – Truckbubba App. The Truckbubba app is there to help North American truck drivers in managing their lives while driving on the road. After all, these truckers are the wheels in action contributing towards the economy of a nation.Truckers are highly skilled individuals that put in a lot of efforts and time into being the best they can.

Thus, the truckers need to be very alert and attentive and be prepared for the unexpected reactions from the other vehicles. The Truckbubba app has come up as a rescue for drivers if they find hard time while driving on road. If the truckers are searching for the cheapest fuel while on road, this app will help them to compare the fuel price and go for the cheapest fuel price at the nearby fuel station. Truckers — Two Things that will keep you Safe on Roads. Truckbubba App: No Parking? Time to Play Make-A-Spot with Truckbubba App. Isn’t it amazing that almost everything in our homes or offices has been on a truck at one point of its production or distribution? Be it the furniture, clothes or the food you are eating, all these products have been delivered through these trucks.

This truly depicts their importance in our daily lives. Indeed, these trucks can go anywhere. These have a great helping hand in the development of countries and employment in rural and urban areas.

No Parking? Time to Play Make-A-Spot with Truckbubba App

With truckbubba, know about all the facilities that are reqired. Truckers! Make your Life Easy with the Truckbubba App. It is a long, lonely and windy road and somebody is risking their lives on the highway making a living for their families. Just imagine a person without whom we would not have food in our stores, supplies to repair our home and most of all keeping our factories and industries supplied so we can keep working. That extraordinary person is a truck driver, a real highway hero, who is the lion of the highways and a conquistador sailing upriver in a warship.

Have you ever thanked him for his conviction towards his work and indirect support to fulfill your daily needs? Even if we thank them, do we have done something that could ease the long journeys of truckers? Truckbubba Inc. takes the initiative to do something for these unsung heroes in North America. They developed Smartphone applications for both Android and iOS, which is a single reliable destination app for truckers and save their time, money, and help them reach their destination safely.

Fuel Saving Tips for Professional Truckers. It seems that the after effects of sky rocketing fuel prices have greatly impacted the truckers worldwide. Thus, it is everyone’s core responsibility to make in efforts in reducing the use of fuel. Being economical towards the fuel use will help to save money, reduce the climatic changes and increase the sustainability of energy. Thus, there are some fuel-saving tips for truckers that will minimize damage to the environment: · Drive carefully: The fuel saving depends upon how and where you drive your vehicle.

The best free APP for North American truck drivers. Truckbubba App: Keep Your Truck Engine Running With These Tips. Why Would A Commercial Truck Driver Need A Mobile App? The best free APP for North American truck drivers. Economy of a Nation Could Grind To a Screeching Halt without Truck Drivers (with image) · truckbubba. Truckbubba App: Truckers Can Save Fuel with Responsible Driving. Why a Pre-Trip Inspection is Necessary for Truckers? Let’s Know. Plan The Shortest And Safest Route to Avoid The Traffic Congestion With The Truckbubba App. Truckbubba App: What are the Common Challenges Faced by Truck Drivers? The Truckbubba App - A Partner For The North American Truckers to Make a Trip Convenient. Truckbubba– Top App for the Truckers Who Are Struggling Hard To Deliver Cargo on Time – Truckbubba App. Truckbubba: Trucker Trip Tools. Truckbubba: Trucker's Trip Tools (Scales & Parking) on the App Store.