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Unique Jewellery Designs Calgary. Back to Blog May 26, 2018 Just a week ago, I was having coffee with an artist.

Unique Jewellery Designs Calgary

She paints in oil and her work is very good. At least I liked her style of art. While we were talking she asked me about my creative process. To my surprise she asked if after 38 years I make the same designs over and over. Man made diamonds. My Bezel Be Gone. Back to Blog August 2, 2019 Somethings we see in the store are a surprise.

My Bezel Be Gone

Take a look at this ring that came in last week. The ring is only a few weeks old and the diamond is on the verge of falling out. The owner came in and said she felt her ring was catching where the diamond is. When the ring was inspected, there were no indications of harsh wear or abuse. In the next picture, if you look along the bottom edge, there is no gold over the diamond. Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Diamond Online. Back to Blog December 16, 2019 No professional diamond buyer would ever buy a diamond without seeing it first.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Diamond Online

Even if it had a GIA or AGS certificate. There are so many factors that make a diamond beautiful. Visit Troy Shoppe Jewellers at the Wedding Fair. Back to Blog January 8, 2020 Troy Shoppe Jewellers will be one of the featured exhibitors at The Wedding Fair held at the BMO Center in downtown Calgary on January 19th, 2020.

Visit Troy Shoppe Jewellers at the Wedding Fair

We will be displaying a stunning selection of bridal jewellery such as diamond earrings, pendants and rings as well as silver and CZ wedding party jewellery! Taking care of your Diamond Rings. The Wedding Bands. The time spent, planning, and anticipating your wedding together can be the most exclusive and hectic times of your life.

The Wedding Bands

One extremely important task is choosing your wedding bands. Your “I do” will be incomplete without a proper Wedding Band or Ring. As it adds an affectionate gesture and emotion to the whole ceremony, let’s comprehend the buying process together! The Statement Piece ~ Troyshoppejewellers. Before the modern era, jewellery worn by men or women signified their social status in society.

The Statement Piece ~ Troyshoppejewellers

With the rise and transformation of resources, wearing jewellery by an individual is considered as a common phenomenon. One may merely wear it due to their likeness for the piece. A jewel can be a way of expressing an emotion, to enhance an outfit or to make a statement. Materials and Methods: Jewellery is usually a combination piece consisting of one or various elements assembled on a piece of metal, such as Gold, Platinum, Silver, etc. The elements may include gemstones, beads, or other precious items. Anything from a necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. can be made using the mentioned elements and metals. Custom Engagement Ring – It’s Advantages and Disadvantages. Everyone prefers a unique engagement backdrop; some like it extravagant with friends and family around while some prefer the old school rose petal pathway within the cosiness of their house.

Custom Engagement Ring – It’s Advantages and Disadvantages

The main concerns are the feelings and the ring, of course! The uniqueness not only reflects in the surroundings but also through the ring. Your ring may already be available in the jewellery case of a store, or you might request a Custom Engagement Ring by choosing and combining all the individual elements. Advantages of opting for a Custom Engagement Ring.

Are you popping the Question? Here is our guide on buying the Ring! Tips to get the best designs for your jewellery. We love our jewellery.

Tips to get the best designs for your jewellery

Our jewellery is a sign of our social status, and we love flaunting it to our friends, neighbours, and colleagues. We like donning our ornaments at parties, weddings and other social gatherings. We all like pieces of jewellery like rings, chains, earrings, and so on that are different from others. Clever Hacks and Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings. Jewellery Repairs Calgary. When a repair comes into our store, we treat each item with care and respect.

Jewellery Repairs Calgary

We know the items you bring us have great significance and value to you. Repairs are an integral part of the service Troy Shoppe Jewellers has provided since opening in 1980. We work to provide excellent quality in our repairs. Custom Jewellery In Calgary AB. “WOW!

Custom Jewellery In Calgary AB

You got that made where?” At Troy Shoppe Jewellers is where. Since our first days in business that started in 1980, we have made unique and personalized jewellery that makes people take notice. Custom jewellery is where you can express your creativity and uniqueness and we can help. Custom designs are one of the cornerstones of our business. My white gold ring is turning yellow! Back to Blog April 16, 2016 I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that a white ring has turned yellow or is tarnishing. Simple answer is that white gold will not turn yellow or tarnish to a yellow color under normal wear. In the market today, virtually every white gold jewellery item is rhodium plated or is an alloy that is especially white.

Rhodium is a very white metal used to electroplate over white gold. The result is a whiter color, more highly lustrous finish, slightly harder metal and allows for a brighter finish in hard to polish areas such as beside small diamonds. Can I Break My Diamond? Back to Blog August 3, 2016 We have all heard how diamond is the hardest substance known to man. That is true, though Marvel Comics and Wolverine may want us to believe otherwise. Tips to Get the Right Jewellery Designers. Hey there, are you planning to buy some jewellery? We understand that your jewellery is essential for you. It can help you add more sharpness to your look. Moreover, for most people, a piece of jewellery is their flair for extravagance and social status. We cannot attend a party or occasion, like a wedding and social gathering, without a proper makeover. The appropriate makeover also consists of having lovely jewellery. Five Tips to Help you find the Perfect Engagement Ring.

Five Guidelines for Custom Engagement Rings. You must have come across innumerable ring styles and shapes, but if you haven’t found the perfect ring yet, then custom engagement rings might fulfil your requirements. Your fiancée is special, and it’s natural to be not able to find the right ring for your partner because now you have an option to get a customized ring. You can get a ring that suits the character and personality of your partner. Below are the five guidelines for getting customized engagement rings. 1 – Figure out what diamond shape she/he likes The shape of the diamond determines the overall look and appearance of the ring. Reasons Why Wedding Rings Are Considered So Important for a Marriage. Exchanging of wedding rings is considered a tradition in every religion worldwide.

But have you ever thought why it is considered so unique and eternal? Why is there an emphasis on wearing wedding rings? The answer to all your questions will be answered today in this blog. Let us know why wedding rings in Calgary are considered an essential part of every marriage. 1. Remembering the ancient Egyptian traditions, people of that generation were accustomed to the belief that putting a wedding ring on the bride’s finger gives the groom confidence that his lady can take care of his life and his house. 2. Why should you wear jewellery? You must know that the jewellery encompasses rings, bracelets, and necklaces, etc. Useful Secrets to Keep Your Diamond Ring Shining. Contact Troy Shoppe Jewellers. About Troy Shoppe Jewellers. Troy Shoppe Jewellers was established in 1980, and is proud to be an independent company that is locally owned and operated.

Located in a free-standing building with plenty of private parking, in the central neighbourhood of Bridgeland, the store offers a location with convenient access from all areas of Calgary, as well as a welcome reprieve from the hassles, crowds, and parking dilemmas of shopping malls or downtown stores. Watch Repairs in Calgary. Hearts On Fire Engagement. Visit Troy Shoppe Jewellers at the Wedding Fair. Tips to Get the Best Custom Engagement Rings. Three tips for choosing the best engagement ring for your partner. Your engagement is imminent. You are in the hassle of getting the right things for the occasion. Four Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Jewellery Designers.

How to Choose Wedding Rings? Factors to consider in making your Jewellery. Jewellery is the most crucial part of women’s life. They make for every occasion, be it graduation ceremony, engagement, wedding, parties or even birthdays. Three factors to consider while buying a Diamond Ring. Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Diamond Online. Selling Old Jewellery. Looking for a good place in Calgary to sell your old, outdated, or unwanted silver, gold or platinum jewellery? Cleaning/Polishing/Rhodium Plating. My Bezel Be Gone. Man made diamonds.

Diamond Wedding Rings Calgary. Need a Ring? Read This! Have we all not waited enough to say this? Why not make this as special a moment as the wait for it was? Art has always been underestimated in the world of jewels. Need a Custom Engagement Ring? Read This! Looking For The Perfect Engagement Ring? Read This!