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Ronnie Cummins: 10 Freakiest Things About Frankenfish. GM Soy: Sustainable? Responsible? Reports. GM Soy: Sustainable?

GM Soy: Sustainable? Responsible? Reports

Responsible? A group of international scientists has released a report detailing health and environmental hazards from the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready soy and the use of glyphosate (Roundup®) herbicide. The report, GM Soy: Sustainable? Darío Gianfelici - Interview. Darí­o Gianfelici Cerrito, Entre Rí­os, Argentina. 57 years old.

Darío Gianfelici - Interview

Rural doctor. Language: Spanish. He was one of the first medical doctors to report the effects of agrochemicals. ABC The Drum Unleashed - Spliced bread. Find More Stories Spliced bread Claire Parfitt Food security relies on fair access to land, water, and seeds. Top-100-rbgh-free-dairies. Truthiness and Fairness on GMO Labels at FDA. Today the FDA is meeting to discuss labeling of genetically engineered (GMO) salmon.

Truthiness and Fairness on GMO Labels at FDA

Assuming that the agency makes the experimental fish the first GMO animal approved for human consumption, FDA’s proposal suggests that no labels will be required to let consumers know when they are buying the GMO fish. What’s worse, some suspect that the agency will disallow “no GMO” labeling of salmon from fisherman or fish farms that reject the GMO variety. Misguided FDA Opposition to Labeling Could Leave Public Permanently in the Dark About GE Animals. Alice-in-FDA-Land: More Hypocrisy on GMO Labels. This week, in explaining its position that labels will not be required on genetically engineered (GMO) salmon, FDA says that they legally cannot require such labeling.

Alice-in-FDA-Land: More Hypocrisy on GMO Labels

The agency claims that they are bound by labeling laws, which call for a “material” change in the salmon before labels can be required. A material change, FDA says, has to be a change that impacts taste, texture, nutritional value, or other factors. This is a funny position for FDA, since in the past the agency has found exactly the opposite. As Consumers Union pointed out in its comments to FDA, in previous labeling decisions, FDA has required labeling when polls or surveys showed that consumers felt that certain information was important to have on labels, to insure their right to choose in the marketplace.

Groundbreaking study shows Roundup link to birth defects. RESOURCESThe new paper by Carrasco et al showing Roundup linked to birth (PDF)New report coauthored by Carrasco and 8 other international scientists - summary of key (PDF)New report coauthored by Carrasco - full (PDF)More resources related to the study shows Roundup link to birth defectsInternational scientists confirm dangers of Roundup at GMO-Free Regions Conference in Brussels Brussels 16 September 2010 Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the world's best-selling weedkiller Roundup, causes malformations in frog and chicken embryos at doses far lower than those used in agricultural spraying and well below maximum residue levels in products presently approved in the European Union.

Groundbreaking study shows Roundup link to birth defects

This is reported in research (1) published by a group around Professor Andrés Carrasco, director of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology at the University of Buenos Aires Medical School and member of Argentina's National Council of Scientific and Technical Research. (2) "GM Soy: Sustainable? Jeff Deasy: The FDA and Frankenfoods. The U.S.

Jeff Deasy: The FDA and Frankenfoods

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent enforcement letters warning food makers that they cannot label their products as free of genetically modified or genetically engineered ingredients. The letters were sent as a heated debate is taking place over whether the agency should approve a genetically engineered (GE) salmon that grows at twice the rate of salmon in the wild.

Sarah Alexander of the nonprofit Food & Water Watch says, “The FDA has a flawed process for approving these GE salmon and unfortunately for us, the process isn’t focused on what happens to people who eat genetically engineered animals. If the FDA moves forward, these salmon would be the first GE animals approved for human consumption.” An article in the Washington Post quotes Marion Nestle, a professor in the Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health Department at New York University. The #GMO Daily on Twitter. Jeffrey Smith on GMO Salmon. GM food battle moves to fish as super-salmon nears US approval. Buried in a prospectus inviting investors to buy shares in a fledgling biotech company is an arresting claim attributed to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation.

GM food battle moves to fish as super-salmon nears US approval

"Commercial aquaculture is the most rapidly growing segment of the agricultural industry, accounting for more than $60bn sales in 2003. While land-based agriculture is increasing between 2% to 3% per year, aquaculture has been growing at an average rate of approximately 9% per year since 1970. " And then the prospectus for the US company AquaBounty offers this observation to tantalise prospective investors: "The traditional fishery harvest from the ocean has stagnated since 1990. " So what is to be done to satisfy the world's seemingly insatiable appetite for fish?

An appetite that will see the consumption of farmed fish outpace global beef consumption by nearly 10% within five years, according to the UN? AquaBounty, whose shares are sold on London's Alternative Investment Market, thinks it has the answer. Academies copied to push for Bt brinjal: India : India Today. Dinesh C.

Academies copied to push for Bt brinjal: India : India Today

Sharma | Mail Today | New Delhi, September 26, 2010 | UPDATED 09:23 IST India's top science academies have done the unthinkable. They have copied and quoted extensively from an industry lobby report to give a clean chit to the controversial genetically modified (GM) brinjal. Gm-in-infant-formula. The Hindu Business Line : Ramesh trashes academies’ report on Bt brinjal. NEWS UPDATE Round the week Markets - LIVE! Follow the markets - Minute by minute Follow The Hindu Business Line in Twitter Markets Realty, consumer durables drag Sensex down 257 points Forex Rates Call rates at 6.65-6.75% Rupee declines against dollar Corporate Simbhaoli ties up with UK co to set up Rs 228-cr refinery Fortis brings Lifeline Hospital under its fold Zydus Cadila to form jt venture with Bayer Healthcare Corporate Filings.

Chaco government report confirms link between glyphosate/agrochemicals and cancer/birth defects in Argentina. Last June the Argentinian newspaper Página 12 carried a report (see article in Spanish, below) regarding a publication prepared by a commission opened by the Chaco State Government (in the north of the country) analyzing health statistics in intensive agrochemical use zones. In one decade, the rates of childhood cancer tripled and babies with birth defects increased fourfold. Download Chaco State Government report on the effects of agrochemical spraying on GM soy and rice on human health in English or Spanish. These staggering data confirm denouncements that have been made for some years, by local residents, in the regions of intensive soya and rice crops.

This frightening increase of diseases linked to agrochemicals occurred in only one decade, a period in which the use of agrochemicals grew considerably. Broadcast Yourself. Gutter Science: Inter-Academy Report on GM Crops. It is Gutter Science.

Gutter Science: Inter-Academy Report on GM Crops

The Inter-Academy Report on GM Crops -- prepared by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Academy of Engineering, Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, National Academy of Medical Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences -- and submitted in September 2010 to the Ministry of Environment & Forests, is no better than the introductory write-ups any graduate student of biotechnology would come out with. In fact, I have a collection of a large number of papers/analysis written by graduate and post-graduate students who seek my comments/views that I would rate much higher than the Inter-Academy report.

The Inter-Academy Report on GM Crops is in fact a disgrace to Indian science. That Indian science was on a downhill path was never in question, but that it had already slipped into a cesspool is a revelation. A simple URL shortener. GM FOOD: FACTS NOT CROPS. FDA panel on genetically modified salmon leaves questions unanswered. By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY The Food and Drug Administration has wrapped up three days of hearings and public comment on the effort by AquaBounty Technologies, a Massachusetts company, to sell salmon genetically engineered to grow twice as fast as normal salmon.

FDA panel on genetically modified salmon leaves questions unanswered

But the meetings ended without an FDA decision on whether the company can move ahead with sales. USA TODAY's Elizabeth Weise looks at how the decision will proceed from here: GE Salmon Approval Meeting Starts Today. Black Ops on Green Groups. EXCLUSIVE: Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups By James Ridgeway Additional reporting by David Corn, Jennifer Wedekind, Daniel Schulman, and Nick Baumann MotherJones, April 11 2008 NEWS: Meet the private security firm that spied on Greenpeace and other environmental outfits for corporate clients. A tale of intrigue, infiltration, and dumpster-diving. A private security company organized and managed by former Secret Service officers spied on Greenpeace and other environmental organizations from the late 1990s through at least 2000, pilfering documents from trash bins, attempting to plant undercover operatives within groups, casing offices, collecting phone records of activists, and penetrating confidential meetings.

In addition to focusing on environmentalists, the firm, Beckett Brown International (later called S2i), provided a range of services to a host of clients. Beckett Brown International began when John C. Business was good. Seed Savers. Today three giant chemical corporations, Monsanto, DuPont and Bayer, have the control over almost half of the worlds' crop-seed market. Their genetically modified seeds are protected by patents under US law, making it illegal for peasants to grow the resistant seeds without buying them from the companies. To a large extent, corporate technologies have taken the place of traditional agricultural knowledge, making sustainable agriculture less profitable. Peasant farmers around the world must regain control over the land they work.

For countries to accomplish that, land reforms are absolutely necessary. September 1, 2010New Internationalist Wakehurst Place is a stately house set in majestic grounds; the rural offshoot of Kew Botanic Gardens, London. Monsanto's Global Pollution Legacy. In the 1930's Monsanto bought the company that invented PCBs and became the source of all PCBs in the United States. [1] (PCBs) is the acronym for Polychlorinated biphenyls which are complex chlorinated compounds [2]. Conclusive: Global Distribution of Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO. Jurriaan Maessen August 27, 2010.

Arkansas AG McDaniel launches inquiry over Monsanto soybean trait - WREG. The case against biofuels. 1.The Trouble With Biofuel2.The Case Against Biofuels. Whistle Where You Work #28 - Genetically Engineered Food; WikiLeaks. BASF seeking EU green light for new potato: chairman. German chemical giant BASF said Tuesday it was seeking European Union approval for a new genetically modified potato six months after getting an EU green light for its Amflora spud. Monsanto stock drops on lower 2010 view-UPDATE 2 00:57 Hours ago. Eric Holt Gimenez: Monsanto in Gates' Clothing? The Emperor's New GMOs. If you had any doubts about where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is really placing its bets, AGRA Watch's recent announcement of the Foundation's investment of $23.1 million in 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock should put them to rest.

The South Asian: Scientists Opine on Genetic Modification of Foods. Scientists Opine on Genetic Modification of Foods Independent Scientists Write to the Prime Minister of India With Reference to The PMO Letter of July 2009 to Dr A Ramadoss which is Scientifically untenable. Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear. This is a rush transcript. Diary: Monsanto's GM Soy Causes Illness and Death. Monsanto: The world's poster child for corporate manipulation and deceit.

Friday, July 30, 2010by: Jeffrey M. Healing Talks. Monsanto invests in collaboration with Australian wheat breeders. Untitled. AFRICA Outrage Over Claim that Anti-GM Campaign "Causes Hunger" Wheat genome may help tackle food shortages. GMO Crop Catastrophe in USA a lesson for EU [Voltaire] Standing up for food sovereignty. Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide May Be Spreading Deadly Fungus. Corporate Watch Monsanto family tree. Company profiles/DuPont. Monsanto's history of lies and toxicity. Scientists use frog cells to give artificial nose super smelling skills. 8 Reasons Genetically Modified Organisms are Bad for You. China to develop own GM food varieties - International Business Times. A short, simple explanation why you should know who Monsanto is. The Twitter #GMO Daily. Genetically modified potatoes in Europe (gmo potatoes in EU) GM in Latin America videos.

Global Voices in English » Paraguay: Soaring Soybean Production Prompts Clashes. Download The World According to Monsanto for Free. Watch The World According to Monsanto Online with other Documentary Films and Free Movies. Monsanto vs Geerston Seed Farms: Round Up Ready Alfalfa Case. Blogs and Comments - Comments - Other Comments - The link between BP, geoengineering and GM. Scientist takes on the GMO industry. GMO Safety. GMO COMPASS - Information on genetically modified organisms. Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms. Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful? Say No To GMOs! - Getting Started. Genetically modified organism. Choosing the right cooking oil.