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Work Colleges Consortium. Work Colleges Consortium. Alice Lloyd College Since its inception, Alice Lloyd College has provided education of the highest quality to deserving mountain students.

Work Colleges Consortium

ALC charges no out-of-pocket tuition for students from its defined geographic region. For this reason, U.S. News & World Report continually ranks ALC as the Top College in America for graduating students with the least amount of debt. This investment in the future yields a high return—95% of ALC graduates are accepted to professional or graduate school, and more than 80% of graduates return to Appalachia to serve as leaders in their communities. · 606-368-6000 or 1-888-280-4252 Berea College Berea College was named as the nation’s top liberal arts college in 2011 by Washington Monthly — an award that looks beyond standard criteria like test scores, economic data and peer surveys. Home Page - Berea College. Draper Building - Campus Map. Mrs.

Draper Building - Campus Map

Helen Draper Ayer of Massachusetts and later of California created a trust fund, The Draper Foundation, in memory of her Kentucky-born mother, Mrs. Jessie Preston Draper. She gave Berea $200,000 from this fund with the stipulation the money should be used to aid in educating students from Appalachia. Other gifts, including $50,000 given in memory of Henry C. Munger by his sister, brought the total to $340,000, with which this colonial-style structure was built in 1938 (modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia). It contains 24 classrooms and offices for teachers, reading rooms, campus ministry and the audio-visual aids department. In June 2000, renovation began on the Draper Building tower for the installation of a 56-bell Carillon. The audio player, below, can be used to stop and start* a Carillon performance by David Hunsberger of “Etudes in a New Age: Minims and Pulsations.”

Labor Positions in Draper Building - The Labor Program at Berea College. Historic Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant, Berea, United States of America - Lowest Rate Guaranteed! ALC’s Tuition Guarantee. According to U.S.

ALC’s Tuition Guarantee

News and World Report, the average cost of tuition for private institutions in the United States is $28,946. However, at Alice Lloyd College the out-of-pocket cost of tuition is $0 for students originating from our service area. Alice Lloyd College is committed to providing a quality education to mountain students regardless of their financial situation.

Alice Lloyd is one of a select number of schools in the country that offers programs specifically designed to help students cut down on debt. In fact, Alice Lloyd is consistently listed among the nation’s leaders in graduating students with the least amount of average debt. The amount of the scholarship is based upon each individual student’s financial need and varies accordingly. However, getting your education at Alice Lloyd is not free. Our Financial Aid Office is also sometimes able to assist students with the cost of room, board, and other fees as it applies to each student’s level of need. Our Service Area. Students from the Alice Lloyd College service area (108 counties located in Central Appalachia) are guaranteed the cost of tuition, meaning that these students pay no out-of-pocket tuition costs.

Our Service Area

Below is the map of the ALC service area. To enlarge the map, simply click on the image. Alice Lloyd College guarantees tuition to qualified full-time students within 108 Central Appalachian counties. Student Work Program. Hide Alice Lloyd is one of the nation’s seven work colleges.

Student Work Program

Students who attend ALC work for their education. They are the receptionists, the computer technicians, the groundskeepers, the gardeners, the lifeguards, the dorm supervisors, the secretaries, the bookstore salespeople, and more. Opportunity to Work and Learn Work has been a central part of the Alice Lloyd College experience since the College’s founding in 1923 when Alice Lloyd developed her own financial aid program that required all students to work. Students worked to provide needed services for the College community and also to provide the opportunity to pay for their education. The Purpose Road. From the early days of Caney School, now Alice Lloyd College, The Purpose Road Philosophy was taught by Alice Lloyd and June Buchanan.

The Purpose Road

It was originally created by George Herbert Palmer, a professor at Harvard University. Our founders’ burning desire was that each student would catch a vision of his or her purpose which would eventually manifest itself in world service. Today, the ideals of The Purpose Road Philosophy permeate the educational process at Alice Lloyd College. All students work either on campus or in community outreach positions off-campus. Good character is emphasized and supported. The Purpose Road Philosophy manual includes the following passage: By an inexorable law,What we expect tends to come to us.Facing life in the right way, we must haveA PurposeA GoalA Vision.Then hold the thought and work toward it.It will come as dawns the day.