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John Duval Wines - Buy wine of John Duval winery online @ Just Wines. Top Barefoot Wines Every Wine Enthusiast Needs To Try. If you are looking for an affordable wine for your next celebration then Barefoot wine should be your next purchase.

Top Barefoot Wines Every Wine Enthusiast Needs To Try

The California-based winery makes great wines that have something for everyone, from sweet reds to refreshing whites and delicious bubbly. The story behind the unconventional name is that in 1965, winemaker Davis Bynum crushed grapes barefoot in his garage and as a result, the first wine, Barefoot Bynum Burgundy, was created. In 1986, visionary entrepreneurs Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey took the helm and established one of the most popular wine brands, the Barefoot Wine and Bubbly.

The winery’s casual name and quirky persona quickly made an impression on the wine enthusiasts.Barefoot’s reach and wine portfolio have expanded, currently producing a wide range of premium wines that are exported internationally. In Australia, Barefoot Wines is managed by Jen Wall who has been a part of the team since 1995. 1. 3. 4. 5. O' Leary Walker Wines - Buy wine of O' Leary Walker winery online. Heathcote Wines - Buy wine of Heathcote winery online. Five Most Popular Wines of O’Leary Walker.

In recent times, vegan-friendly wines have seen a jump in popularity as consumers are getting more concerned about environmental issues.

Five Most Popular Wines of O’Leary Walker

Based out of Leasingham in the Clare Valley, O’Leary Walker Winery is working on a similar mission of crafting exceptional small-batch, vegan-friendly wines from some of the best vineyard sites in South Australia. Established in 2000 by winemakers David O’Leary and Nick Walker, the winery produces regionally wines distinct with fruit sourced from other premium grape growing districts in South Australia including the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Coonawarra and McLaren Vale. The theory behind this is to draw on the grape varieties that excel in these quite different viticultural climates.

David and Nick have always been fascinated by the influence of oak and the variation between cooperages. 2019 Walker Polish Hill River Riesling The Polish Hill Riesling has been a consistent high performer in Australia. Moss Wood Wines - Buy wine of Moss Wood winery online. Heathcote Wines - Buy wine of Heathcote winery online. Please Your Taste Buds With a Glass of Organic Wine. The rapidly growing trend of organic wines is likely to become another significant contributor to the wine industry.

Please Your Taste Buds With a Glass of Organic Wine

Australia’s Battle of Bosworth Wines is tapping into the trend by making organically grown and certified wines from their family-owned vineyards. Located out of McLaren Vale, South Australia, the winery takes its name from the original Battle of Bosworth, fought on Bosworth Field, Leicestershire, England in 1485. Started in 2001 by Joch Bosworth and partner Louise Hemsley-Smith, the winery creates wines with flavour, texture, purity and balance, that best express the unique characteristics of their McLaren Vale foothills site. The wines are made from vines that were planted in the early 1970s by Joch’s parents. He took over the management and day to day running of the vineyards in 1995 and started converting the vineyards to certified organic viticulture from this time. Currently, all vines are certified 100% ‘A’ grade organic by Australian Certified Organic P/L. Like this: Shopping Interest Australia.

It is often said that wines represent the very best essence of the vineyard.

Shopping Interest Australia

Similarly, Australia’s Richard Hamilton Wines are reflective of the distinctive McLaren Vale region with its Mediterranean climate producing great value, fruit-driven wines. Founded in 1837 by Dr. Richard Hamilton and wife Jette, the family-owned vineyard has some of the oldest vines in the region, including the vineyard that produces the Centurion Old Vines Shiraz, vines which were established in 1892.

The family have been involved in winemaking and grape growing for five generations. The wines are rich, intense and delightfully delicious. Taste High-Quality Wines At Moss Wood Winery - TAGG-Toorak Times. You simply cannot visit Margaret River wine region without spending an afternoon at Moss Wood Wines.

Taste High-Quality Wines At Moss Wood Winery - TAGG-Toorak Times

Located in the northern sub-region of Wilyabrup, Western Australia, the Australian winery is widely regarded as one of the best estates in the region. Moss Wood- Then and Now The Moss Wood estate was established in 1969, making it the second commercial vineyard in the area. The first vines were planted by obstetrician Dr Bill Pannell and his wife Sandra.

The Pannells picked, pressed and bottled the early harvests by hand. In 1984, the Mugford family leased the Moss Wood vineyard and winery and became managing partners of the then 20-acre vineyard (on 80 acres of land) and small winery producing 3,000 cases of wine annually. Clare & Keith Mugford, as winemakers, viticulturalists & proprietors of Moss Wood, have been making wine & tending the vineyard since 1984 & 1979, respectively. Viticulture & Winemaking. Heathcote Wines - Buy wine of Heathcote winery online. Celebrate Everyday Moments With Lindeman’s Wines. Australia is home to some of the oldest wineries in the world and Lindeman’s Wines is one of them.

Celebrate Everyday Moments With Lindeman’s Wines

The winery was founded in 1843 by Henry Lindeman who planted the first vines in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. There in the rich soils of the Paterson River flats, he planted Riesling, Verdelho and Shiraz grape varieties. The original vineyard no longer exists, and the winery now has vineyards in South Australia (Barossa Valley and Coonawarra), in Padthaway and at Karadoc in Victoria, near Red Cliffs.

Maximizing Global Reach From humble beginnings in the Hunter Valley, Dr Lindeman laid a strong foundation for what has become one of the world’s most popular wines. Awards & Accolades In 1981, the winery’s premium range gained popularity when the 1980 Lindeman’s St George Cabernet Sauvignon won the coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy at the Melbourne Wine Show. Moss Wood Wines - Buy wine of Moss Wood winery online. Chrismont Wines - Buy wine of Chrismont winery online. Paxton Wines - Buy wine of Paxton winery online.

Bremerton Wines - Buy wine of Bremerton winery online. Chalkers Crossing Wines - Buy wine of Chalkers Crossing winery online. All about Australian Wines — Decoding the Mead Range of Maxwell Wines. O' Leary Walker Wines - Buy wine of O' Leary Walker winery online. Discover the Real Langhorne Creek With Bremerton Wines. The wine industry has long been a male-driven world but the Willson sisters are making a change.

Discover the Real Langhorne Creek With Bremerton Wines

Award-winning winemaker Rebecca Willson and her sister Lucy run the Bremerton Wines, located in the Langhorne Creek wine region, South Australia. The winery was founded in 1988 when the first wine, 57 dozen of a Cabernet Sauvignon, was made with grapes purchased from a neighbour. The family continued experimenting with small batches of fruit over the next five years, launching a Shiraz in 1991. After three years of trial winemaking and farm production analysis, two blocks were identified as suitable for growing grapes and offering a better return per hectare.

The first grapes were planted in 1991 – 2 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon & 1.5 ha of Shiraz, followed by 2 hectares of Cabernet and 2 ha of Shiraz in 1992. Setting New StandardsThe sister duo loves what they do and it shows in the wines they produce. The Balanced Wines of the Umamu Estate. Tempus Two Wines - Buy wine of Tempus Two winery online. Richard Hamilton Wines - Buy wine of Richard Hamilton winery online.

Goundrey Wines - Buy wine of Goundrey winery online. Umamu Estate Wines - Buy wine of Umamu Estate winery online. Umamu Estate Wines - Buy wine of Umamu Estate winery online. Shopping Interest Australia. Planning your holiday in Australia but confused about what to do?

Shopping Interest Australia

Then indulge yourself in the exotic vineyards and wineries, located away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Your vacation will never be complete without the mention of wine tasting & vineyard tour. Australia is one the world's largest exporters of wine, with approximately 800 million out of the 1.2 to 1.3 billion litres produced annually exported to international markets. The major grape varieties predominantly grown in Australia are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Semillon, Pinot noir, Riesling, and Sauvignon blanc. Major Wine Regions The wine industry is a key contributor to the Australian economy through production, employment, export and tourism.

If you consider yourself a wine aficionado, then drink your way through these finest wine-producing regions of Australia. Heathcote Wines - Buy wine of Heathcote winery online. Saltram Wines - Buy wine of Saltram winery online. John Duval Wines - Buy wine of John Duval winery online. Battle of Bosworth Wines - Buy wine of Battle of Bosworth winery online. Stella Bella Wines - Buy wine of Stella Bella winery online. Moss Wood Wines - Buy wine of Moss Wood winery online. Umamu Estate Wines - Buy wine of Umamu Estate winery online.

Houghton Wines - Buy wine of Houghton winery online. John Duval Wines - Buy wine of John Duval winery online. Lindemans Wines - Buy wine of Lindemans winery online. Derwent Estate Wines - Buy wine of Derwent Estate winery online. De Bortoli Wines - Buy wine of De Bortoli winery online. Australian Wines: Best White Wine Regions Australia. Explore One of the Best White Wine Regions Australia - Hunter Valley In recent years, Australia has emerged as one of the major wine producing country.

Australian Wines: Best White Wine Regions Australia

It ranks at 6th position after - France, Italy, Spain, the United States and Argentina. The country’s varying climate and rich soils allow various grape varieties to bloom, offering the best wines. Shiraz and Chardonnay wines comprise 44% of the total wine production. Some regions produce great red wines while others white. History As you know, the country is home to more than 60 wine regions. Geographical Conditions The region offers a variety of soils along with a warm and humid climate.

Riesling Wines - Buy Best Riesling White Wine Online in Australia. Blossom Hill Wines - Buy wine of Blossom Hill winery online. Trophyclub [trophyclub] on Plurk. All Saints Estate Wines - Buy wine of All Saints Estate winery online. Trophyclub [trophyclub] on Plurk. Jacobs Creek Wines - Buy wine of Jacobs Creek winery online. Babich Wines on Behance. Born in Dalmatia (present-day Croatia), Josip Babich moved to New Zealand at the tender age of 14 and made his first wine at the age of 20 in 1916, under the name of Babich Brothers.

Babich Wines on Behance

Since then, three generations of passionate wine lovers have worked very hard to deliver the best product for their consumers. With the desire to produce only the best quality wine, Babich Wines has surely come a long way ahead since their establishment. Their mantra is to provide their consumers with the best experience for every occasion through wine. They have various ranges for their consumers which consists of - Classics, Black Label, Irongate, Winemaker’s Reserve, Family Estates, The Patriarch, Babich 100 Years and Forbidden Wines. They got their Mission Statement Their mission statements speak of their commitment too which is to enhance their reputation, sell world class New Zealand wines and deliver value to their consumers. Their Philosophy Their winemaking philosophy is simple. Awards & Recognition. New Zealand’s Finest Wines – Babydoll Wines – Wine Tips , Recipe & Quotes.

Tempranillo Wines - Buy Best Tempranillo Red Wine at Best Price. Larry Cherubino Wines - Buy wine of Larry Cherubino winery online. Ashbrook Estate Wines — A Family Affair – James Clarke. Ashbrook Estate Wines was established in 1975 by the Devitt family and produced its first commercial wine in the year 1979. Its been a family affair since then. Currently, its managed by Carol and Brian Devitt along with daughter Catherine Edwards, son-in-law Kingsley Edwards and son Richard. This family business lies in the heart of Margaret River wine region that produces only premium handcrafted varietal wines. Awards & Accolades: James Halliday awarded Ashbrook Estate with five star rating in 2017, the highest rating given to only Australia’s top wineries. They pay extra attention when it comes to pruning and the grapes are handpicked. International Presence: The Ashbrook Estate wines have come a far way since its commencement, their wines cover major Australian cities — Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Meet Akitu Wines from Wanaka, New Zealand. It started in the year 1959 when the grandfather of Andrew’s Donaldson bought a house in the remote area of Lake Wanaka, Central Otago. Little did he know that some decades later this challenging area will be one of the most prominent places to make premium Pinot Noir wine. It appears Andrew has been quite patient with time, the vineyard was established in the year 2002 and after much hard work and care, they bottled their first 2012 vintage.

He did all the homework before launching his first wine that includes consulting viticultural expert Dr David Jordan too. Their first batch was well-received by the consumers. Their 2012 debut vintage was expertly handled by PJ Charteris, who also has been regarded as a New World Pinot expert. His Childhood Wanaka is quite close to Andrew, as he has spent his formative years here, visiting his grandparents. Astrolabe Wines - Buy wine of Astrolabe winery online.

Australian Wines: Sweet Red Wine Can Change Your Perception About Wines. Say Goodbye to Sugar Cravings Everyone of us experiences sugar cravings and long for something sweet like a bar of chocolate, pastries or a stack of oreo. It depends on the person to person and what exactly are they craving for. We often restrain ourselves from having them due to the number of calories they might add. What if we told you there is an alternative to satisfy these cravings? And you won’t have to keep a check on your calories intake. So let’s talk about sweet red wines. What are the sweet red wines? Clare Valley Wines - Buy Wine From Clare Valley Region of Australia Online. Allinda Wines from Yarra Valley – Located in the Yarra Valley, Allinda Winery was founded by Al and Linda Fencaros in 1990. Al comes from a family of winemakers, it’s in his blood. His grandparents started wine production in Hungary and then in Yugoslavia. It was his father who continued the family tradition of winemaking after he moved to Australia in the early 1960s.

It seems Al diverted from family tradition for a while and graduated from Melbourne University in applied chemistry. But got his second degree in wine science from Charles Sturt University. Yarra Valley Red Wines. If one is asked of Australia’s greatest assets, red grapes would definitely be one of the choices for an answer. After all, a world without Australian Shiraz is difficult to imagine, especially for wine lovers. Along with some brilliant red grape varieties, Australia also houses some of the best red winemaking estates located in famous wine regions like Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Margaret River, Hunter Valley and Freycinet Peninsula. Each region comes up with interesting varieties that are meticulously worked on to craft rich and full flavoured wines.

From warm temperatures’ robust red wines to cool climates’ lighter delights, Australia hosts them all. You can experience the joy of drinking as well as serving these great red wines to your family, friends and work colleagues when you buy red wine online from us. Annie’s Lane Wine of Clare Valley. Margaret River Wines - Buy Wine From Margaret River Region of Australia Online.