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TronicsZone is a highly experienced & reputed company, providing a wide array of Electronic Design Services that includes, Custom Electronics Design, PCB Design, IoT Hardware, Firmware development, Embedded Systems Design, Prototyping & Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Circuit Design - Complex Electronic Circuit Designs -100% Success! TronicsZone is a leading company providing professional Electronic Circuit Design services since 2003. We have expertise in providing a wide range of electronic circuit design. The circuits designed by TronicsZone are known to be robust & cost effective with 100s of circuit designs that have been successfully completed. Primarily, we offer the following types of circuit design services: Analog Circuit Design Analog circuits are usually made from the basic building blocks such as Diodes, Transistors, Transformers, Operational Amplifiers (Opamp) & passive components. Common examples of Analog Circuits are amplifiers & filters. TronicsZone has great experience & expertise in complex analog circuit design. Digital Circuit Design Digital circuits are the ones that work on the basic levels of zeros and ones (discrete values).

Digital circuits usually form part of the overall complex circuit board design in terms of logic gates & finite state machines (FSM). IoT Sensors - #1 Reliable Company: TronicsZone. IoT Products TronicsZone has many ready or near-ready to use solutions in this domain.

IoT Sensors - #1 Reliable Company: TronicsZone

Our goal is to actively build the IP & product base pertaining to the Internet of Things which include (but not limited to): Home automation – Control, Monitor, Security, Locks, Curtains, HVAC, Geyser, Water level etc.Asset location tracking – GPS trackers with Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Cat-M1 etc.Energy Monitoring – AC or DC, Voltage, current, energy, power etc.Temperature, humidity & environmental monitoringIndustrial IoT use cases – Where sensor data, after some signal conditioning are uploaded to the cloud or remote server based on Wifi/Ethernet/GSM/3G/4G/LTE/LoRA/Bluetooth or other technologies.

We have ready or near-ready solutions based on technologies such as GSM/3G/4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet. We also work with partners who can provide the IoT cloud software & app platforms what can be customized to particular needs. IoT areas TronicsZone has designed products in the following areas: Embedded System Design - #1 Trusted Embedded Systems Experts. An embedded system ideally refers to the notion of a programmed operating system, exclusively dedicated to performing a particular function, found within a larger, precisely controlled, electrical and/or mechanical system.

Embedded System Design - #1 Trusted Embedded Systems Experts

The functionality of such an embedded system design can then be controlled and updated majorly by the Firmware, that is, the software that resides within. These systems are ideally compact in size, low cost per unit and relatively entail lower power consumption. However, this makes managing, programming and interacting with the system much more complex.

Modern Embedded systems have, nevertheless, taken over the industrial realm as the underlying concept enables control, maintenance and most importantly, modification to the entire network by just updating the Firmware of the design. This helps reserve the great amount of time, cost and resources which would incur if we were to modify the hardware/mechanical design systems instead. Complex Circuit Board Design by Experts. PCB is an acronym for Printed Circuit Board.

Complex Circuit Board Design by Experts

A PCB layout is made to electrically connect the electronic components through conductive tracks and pads. It forms the backbone of all Electronic Design Services. Hence, it must be carried out with utmost care & responsibility. It can almost single-handedly determine the success of an Electronic Product. These components are soldered onto the PCB to provide electrical connectivity and to fasten them onto the board. It is the base of majority of electrical circuits providing it the mechanical support and electronic connectivity to the electronic components and other integrated circuits. The PCB consists of alternating layers of different materials laminated with adhesive and heat resulting in a single object. Silkscreen: this top layer adds the numbers, letters and symbols to the PCB that allow for easy assembly and better understanding of the board.

There are multiple types of PCBs including: Single Sided PCB Double Sided PCB Rigid PCB. Electronic Design Services: #1 Top Quality & Affordable! 1.

Electronic Design Services: #1 Top Quality & Affordable!

Specifying your design requirements: The client must provide us with details regarding the design requirements (technically known as “design specifications” or “specs”). The specifications must include as much details regarding the design requirements as possible. Some clients may require a confidential non-disclosure agreement to be signed to enable them to disclose the details of the design. We welcome such agreements, given that, they are fair and acceptable. It would be ideal if the client can provide as much details about the design needed as possible. We sometimes, also suggest improvements/amendments to the design by which it can be made even better or by which the manufacturing/design costs can be further optimized. 2.