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Benefits of CBD Topical. Dealing with chronic pain especially after several failed medications can be exhausting and may even result in hopelessness. Imagine a situation where you have had to spend half of your life savings to treat untreatable’’ chronic pains with minimal to zero fruition. The pain never leaves you, and here you are, digging deeper into your ever drying pockets, that is with no doubt disheartening. But amid all the despair and hopelessness, there is light at the tunnel, and as the old saying goes it is always the darkest before dawn’’- Thomas fuller.

Cannabidiol or commonly known CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis and is one of the cannabinoids identified in hemp plants when extracted and purified. CBD has been in the past marred with loads of misconceptions but thanks to the never tiring scientists who have tirelessly researched on this topic and proven that CBD does not have the psychoactive effects like its predecessor THC (TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL).

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At 310, getting into shape is not the arduous process it can be…Instead it’s enjoyable, extremely achievable, and fun! Our shakes make it easy to stick with a plan that you can actually maintain, unlike so many other unrealistic dieting solutions. Let’s look at some of the reasons that 310 weight loss shakes are SO amazing: Taste amazing *Results may vary. Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions) Tesla looks to raise $1.15 billion as it preps for Model 3 - Mar. 15, 2017. Tesla plans to raise as much as $1.15 billion in stock and debt to have more of a cash cushion as it revs up for the launch of the Model 3, its first mass market car.

The electric car company said Wednesday it will offer $250 million in common stock and $750 million in convertible debt, with an option for its underwriters to buy up another 15% of the two offerings. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, will purchase $25 million of the stock. Tesla's stock rose 2% in after hours trading Wednesday following the announcement. The capital raise comes as Tesla invests heavily in battery and car factories, as well as charging stations and solar tile production.

Related: Tesla may open 3 more Gigafactory locations In its most recent earnings report, Tesla said it expects to invest as much as $2.5 billion before it kicks off Model 3 production, which is scheduled to begin in July. On a conference call with analysts after the report last month, Musk teased the possibility of raising more funds. Russia denies Yahoo hack involvement.

Image copyright AFP The Kremlin has denied allegations by US authorities that the FSB intelligence agency was involved in a huge data breach affecting Yahoo. Two FSB officers were accused of conspiring with two alleged criminal hackers in a Department of Justice indictment announced on Wednesday. The charges are believed to be the first that the US has filed against Russian government officials. Yahoo's 2014 breach affected 500 million user accounts. "As we have said repeatedly, there can be absolutely no question of any official involvement by any Russian agency, including the FSB [intelligence agency], in any illegal actions in cyberspace," said spokesman Dmitry Peskov. US officials have alleged that two FSB officers, Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin, colluded with Karim Baratov and Alexsey Belan, who has been on the FBI's most wanted list for more than three years. Is China's way of moving historic structures the best way to protect them?

But when this elaborate building was first built during the Song dynasty (960 to 1279) -- it was rebuilt in the same place in 1870 after a major flood -- it had a different view completely. Commemorating legendary military leader Zhang Fei, who lived during the tumultuous Three Kingdoms period, the temple was originally erected in Yunyang, Chongqing province, on a steep hillside facing the river -- its design intended to integrate with the dramatic landscape. The Zhangfei Temple is by no means the only historic monument in China to have been transplanted. In recent years, the practice of taking apart inconveniently located historic structures and reassembling them elsewhere has become a national specialty, with a whole industry emerging to cater to this engineering feat. Some firms slide buildings into their new position on rails. Others dissemble them from roof tile to foundation and rebuild them in a new continent.

A new map Over the past half century, China's landscape has been redrawn. Pregnancy almost killed her. Should she try again? She almost did the first time. Mary Pellegrino, now 35, had a severe form of preeclampsia. The hallmark of the disease is high blood pressure, and it affects about 3% to 5% of pregnancies in the United States. There's no cure, and so doctors deliver the baby, even if premature, to try to save the mother's life.

Since Pellegrino had it once, she's at an especially high risk of getting it again. Although her doctors can give her ballpark figures, they can't say exactly how likely she is to have a recurrence or, if she does, whether it will be just as severe. So every day, the choice looms over them. "It's a gamble. Preeclampsia has been recognized since ancient times, but researchers still haven't figured out exactly what causes it and why it strikes otherwise-healthy women like Pellegrino. "Preeclampsia is a mystery disease," said Dr. About 200,000 women a year in the United States are diagnosed with preeclampsia. A sudden shock after a perfect pregnancy We shared a feeling. A worried father.