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19 content marketing ideas that aren’t blog posts. 9 min read I talk to a lot of teams about content marketing, a great way to get quality organic traffic at higher volumes if you put in the work and do it right.

19 content marketing ideas that aren’t blog posts

Most of these conversations tend to start with: “So, we’re thinking of writing this blog post… should we write about X, Y or Z?” 10 ways to make your video go viral. I almost didn’t write this post.

10 ways to make your video go viral

Because I wanted to keep the magic behind my viral video to myself. Because of my ego. Because I would have loved to brag that I just sat back and it took off on its own. But that’s not what happened. I did a ton of marketing, and it started long before the video was released. I tried a lot of things. 1. Beautiful Product Roadmap Templates. Get strategic without the pain Get your business planning out of PPT and allow it to guide your roadmap.

Beautiful Product Roadmap Templates

Aha! Viber. Web 2.0 Report 2015. 2015.10.14 Közösségi terek ismertsége és használata Nem meglepő módon hazánkban szintén a Facebook a legismertebb közösségi tér, szinte nincs olyan, aki ne hallott volna róla.

Web 2.0 Report 2015

5 Tips For Politicians on Pinterest. From presidential contenders to school board hopefuls, political candidates are experimenting with a wide variety of social platforms to get their message heard.

5 Tips For Politicians on Pinterest

Some are turning to Pinterest, the explosively popular image-based pinboard site — even President Obama and Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney, have accounts on the image-based social network. What's the key to political perfection on Pinterest? Zach Cole and Garrett Law of social media agency Attention Span Media, which has worked with several political campaigns, have shared with Mashable five of their can't-miss tips for Pinteresting pols: Make the web tell a story. 5 Tools to Monitor Your Online Reputation. Do you know what people are saying about you?

5 Tools to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Are you checking your company’s social mentions daily? Finding and addressing negative reviews and comments can be a challenge. In this article I’ll share five tools that help you monitor what people are saying about your company, products and staff. 10 free tools for creating infographics. For all the importance we place on text, it's an indisputable fact that images are processed in the brain faster than words.

10 free tools for creating infographics

Hence the rise and rise of the infographic which, at its best, transforms complex information into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing. No wonder magazine readers and web visitors love the best infographics. The only problem is, infographics that look like they were simple to make are often anything but. Creating something beautiful and instantly understandable in Photoshop CC is often beyond the limits that time allows. Which is why it's occasionally useful to use a quick and dirty infographics tool to speed up the process. We've selected our favourites here. 01. 12 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles in One Hour.

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand : Social Media Examiner. Do you want to build a personal brand?

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand : Social Media Examiner

How to Write an About Me Page that Stands Out From the Crowd. We’re almost halfway through our 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Summer Challenge for 2011, and Day 14, how to write an about me page, is one of those days that’s easy to overlook because on the surface it’s not as edgy as Opinion Post day or as fun as how to write a link post, but it’s my supreme goal to show you how edgy, fun, and even a little bit sexy (see number 5 below) updating a key page on your blog, specifically your About Me page, can be.

How to Write an About Me Page that Stands Out From the Crowd

Am I up for the challenge? Oh, yes I am. And as you’ll see below, I’ve brought some kick-butt back up to help prove my point. Writing a Great About Me Page In this task, Problogger taught us that the About Me page on your blog can be used to do some serious damage in the “influence” department because the people most likely to read it are first time readers and those wanting to know if they should invest time in building a relationship with you: potential partners, advertisers, collaborators, journalists, PR people, and other bloggers. How To Overcome Your Fears And Write The Perfect First Blog Post. You’ve read the statistics: You know you should be doing it.

How To Overcome Your Fears And Write The Perfect First Blog Post

But something is holding you back from taking that first step. Oh yeah! Essential Content Writing Tips for the Impatient Generation! Writing and cooking content is all about communication. Everyone who works in B2B and B2C marketing needs to know a bit about content – even if you don’t write all day. Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign up! Feature, Benefit and Dream! Let’s say you are marketing a new stereo. It has 5.1 Surround Sound, plays cds, dvds and blu-ray and comes with a 50 button wireless controller.

The Psychology of Logo Color in How Consumers View Your Brand (Infographic) Ne kövess el érvelési hibákat! 5 Hidden Facebook Tricks You Need to Know. More than 1 billion people regularly use Facebook, but that doesn’t mean they’re all well-acquainted with the social media site. Dessins, marketing, amusement et bien plus de services pour $5.

Useful Online Resources on Social Media. Template Design Challenge. 6 Steps to Build a Social Listening Dashboard. Do you want to streamline your social listening? Are you looking for tools to help you find and share content? Tracking social mentions, finding interesting content and following industry news is important, but time-consuming. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative.

Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. How to Create an Infographic That Boosts Social Shares and Leads. Are you considering infographics for your marketing? Can you effectively communicate visually? Infographics are powerful ways to get attention. In this article, you’ll discover how to craft infographics that are widely shared. Why Infographics? Modern humans have been around for about 200,000 years and for almost all of that time (97%, to be precise), we’ve survived by reading just the visual imagery around us. We didn’t start using alphabets until about 5500 years ago. The fact is, our evolving brains continue to interpret images faster than text. Because of that, infographics, a hybrid of images and text, have become a great fit for social media marketing. shows why brands should use infographics. Examples of companies using infographics include Pepsi, Kraft, Pritikin, Coupon Chief, Marvel, and Infographics get noticed, invite engagement, are highly flexible and are popular on social networks. . #1: Plan Your Story Around Your Objectives. Awesome screenshot. Fastest Quote Maker - Fancy iPhone Mockups & App Demo Videos by Placeit. 6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals.

11 Sexy Girls with Star Wars tattoos you don't have the rights to publish. There's a type of spam most people have never heard of, because it's only sent to people who run successful websites. I call it "promo-spam. " It's spam sent from dipshits with made-up job titles like "Social Media Gurus. " They're hired by companies trying desperately to dip their ladle into the daily click-stream of bored morons with short attention spans by creating "viral" list articles. 13 közösségi média marketing trend 2013-ra - Infographics. 15 Services to Manage Your Social Media Activity. 6 módszer a Facebook oldalad és a rajongóid felpörgetésére. Az egyik statisztika, amelyet az üzleteknek érdemes követni Facebookon az az, hogy mennyire tudják hatékonyan vezetni a rajongóikat. Ugyanis kérheted a potenciális ügyfeledet vagy vásárlódat arra, hogy több információval lásson el és így megtudd, milyen módon tudod őket a legjobban elérni, majd mindezt átkonvertálhatod az értékesítésbe is.

A összegyűjtött erre 6 hatékony módszert. 1. Nyereményjátékok Egy nyereményjáték az egyik legjobb dolog, amit azért tehetsz, hogy növeld az oldalad rajongószámát és még több információt szerezz a potenciális vásárlóidról például olyan applikációk segítségével, mint amilyenek az ingyenes Be Social játék alkalmazások. Best facebook post HUN. Conduit - Increase User Engagement & Web Traffic. Fast Company. Graphs Infographics.

Közösségi marketing megoldások - BeSocial. Linkedin. Measuring the Business Impact of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Understanding News in the Information Age. Social Media Management Dashboard - HootSuite. Using Social Media to Rally Support for Politicians - “Politics is about conversation, and personal, face-to-face interaction is still the foundation of that, especially at the local level… broadening my overall efforts to engage with the community I represent,” writes NY State Assemblyman Micah Kellner (D) to Mashable.

To advance the conversation and mobilize community support, social media is becoming a staple of the political tool box. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks reinforce political messages and fuel offline support. Though Facebook and Twitter have seen several political seasons, emerging social networks, such as FourSquare, are only now beginning to make in-roads into politics. Each social network requires a different strategic approach. FourSquare – Tech-savvy politicians are “checking into” the rapidly growing social platform, FourSquare. Twitter – For most politicians, Twitter is a link aggregator to events and favorable news stories.