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Vends une brique rouge, et gagne un fellowship chez Ogilvy One | Citoyens !

Vends une brique rouge, et gagne un fellowship chez Ogilvy One |

Les copains d’OgilvyOne ont eu l’excellente idée de lancer un concours à destination de talents en herbe. L’objectif : vendre une brique rouge de la manière la plus pertinente qui soit : “No sales experience will be required to enter the contest, which will be conducted in 15 countries, among them Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, France, Germany, India and the United States. The prize is a three-month job at OgilvyOne — called a fellowship by the agency — during which the winner will help OgilvyOne write a guide to selling in the 21st century.” Advertising - OgilvyOne Uses Contest to Promote Salesmanship - N. Chaîne de ogilvy. Create or Else by Ogilvy & Mather video series featuring mini documentaries about various artists, creators and storytellers like Cliff Galbraith, Tony Black, Pasqualina Azzarello, Booker Wright, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Tham Khai Meng, IBM, Casey Siemaszko, Roderick Angle, Jack Rabid, Oribe, Nathan Sawaya, Alexander Esguerra and Suran Song.

Chaîne de ogilvy

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