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Singapore Fashion Blog: French Connection. FUNNY FACES Well..

Singapore Fashion Blog: French Connection

I think I did a preeetty good job at pulling that off. It's Tuesday into the week and honestly I'm not having it all too well. Been down with a weird stomach bug since last week so right now I'm trying to go on a liquid or light diet. Whatever goes into my system just gives me the cramps and you have no idea how frustrated that makes me feel. Had a little self-indulge for last night's dinner and I wound up going to bed hugging my heat-pad (huhu). Nevertheless, nothing like a fun and interesting update to cheer up the week! On this project, the lovely team from French Connection will be giving a surprise gift (can't tell you just yet) to one of my readers and all you have to do is to join in the fun!

So here's the deal: make a funny face and send your best picture to me at my email at FRENCH CONNEXION x "Funny Faces" From Sketch To Store (CONCOURS) - Venus is naive. Je veux votre "funny face" ! // FCUK Giveaway. Je veux votre "funny face" !

Je veux votre "funny face" ! // FCUK Giveaway

// FCUK Giveaway Histoire d’oublier à quel point c’est déprimant la rentrée (bonjour le coup de cafard en tombant sur les fournitures scolaires dans les rayons des grands magasins alors que l’école, c’est loin !) , je vous propose d’égayer votre humeur du moment avec un giveaway signé FCUK. UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: giveaway. (yep that is a scary thing to watch right?)

UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: giveaway

When was the last time you won a competition for pulling a funny face? I know I never have! French Connection recently got in touch and asked if I would be interested in hosting a competition for my readers where to win an amazing prize you just have to send me a picture of your funny face. French Connection are a designer brand that I have admired for as long as I can remember, they stock on trend but classic pieces that are brilliant quality, I am very excited about this competition. It's part of their new campaign called #sketchtostore, which you can watch the video for here. All you have to do is submit your funny face picture to me, it doesn't have to be brilliant quality, the more original the better, I snapped mine quickly on my iPhone. You have until the 9th September to send me your picture and this competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

To enter just send me your picture through one of the methods below: Newtlyn6: #funnyfaces #sketchtostore... Win ! French Connection #Funnyfaces Competition. When was the last time you won something for pulling a funny face ?

Win ! French Connection #Funnyfaces Competition

Like, ever ? I have NEVER won anything for pulling a silly face and believe me having a blog would be sooooo much easier if I could stick my tongue out on every shot ! When French Connection invited me to take part in their #Funnyfaces campaign, naturally, I was thrilled and sent off 6 pictures instead of 3 for this magical gif. Ha ! Not so long ago, I went to see the launch of the latest French Connection collection called Sketch To Store. Now, because I know you like pulling faces too (who doesn’t ?) ClonesNClowns: New Competition on the blog... KRISTIANA VASARINA - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: French Connection Funny Faces Contest.

Do you ever get the feeling that the blogosphere is getting too serious?

KRISTIANA VASARINA - UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog: French Connection Funny Faces Contest

After all, for every single blogger this journey has started as a fun hobby, but it is inevitable that with time their blog and content changes, just like our personalities and habits do over the years. French Connection decided to bring out the inner child in every one of us and is throwing a Funny Faces contest. Yes, you heard right. All you need to do is take one picture of yourself with a funny face and send it to me on It doesn't have to be amazing quality or anything - just use your smartphone if that is easier and send it - a 2 minute job! The giveaway is international, and anyone can enter. PS. Carlita20002000: #funnyfaces in the park...

Miss Kutsu: Concours French Connection. Pour la première fois sur mon blog, j'organise un concours, et je vous propose de gagner un cadeau surprise de le part de French Connection!

Miss Kutsu: Concours French Connection

Il vous suffit de m'envoyer une photo de vous (de bonne qualité) avec une tête rigolote sur mon adresse mail, et la plus réussie gagnera un cadeau! Pour un maximum de vues, vous pouvez utiliser les hashtag #sketchtostore et #funnyfaces sur les différents réseaux sociaux (facebook, instagram, tweeter, tumblr). Vous avez jusqu'au 1er septembre pour envoyer votre #funnyfaces (sur fond blanc et en noir et blanc)! Bonne chance et amusez-vous bien! Si vous n'avez pas encore vu la nouvelle collection de FCUK, allez vite jeter un coup d'oeil, et voici déjà quelques tenues du lookbook que j'aime particulièrement: UK fashion & nail art blog: funny faces competition with french connection! Hello rascals!

UK fashion & nail art blog: funny faces competition with french connection!

Fancy doing something a little fun...?? I've teamed up with french connection to host a little competition as part of their new sketch to store campaign with rankin!! Send me a pic of you pulling your best funny face and you could win an awesome surprise gift from the lovely peeps at FCUK ..yipeee! Crazy faces at the ready! Get snapping and send me your funniest shot! You can enter in any of the following ways: _burkatron: new post! fancy winning a gift... Uk fashion & style blog: #sketchtostore - fcuk giveaway. French connection is one of the household names everyone knows. i distinctly remember the fcuk hats that everyone used to have when i was a kid. but now, they moved on to much bigger and classier things and have created a project called sketch to store.french connection adore the idea that bloggers are a bit silly behind a camera and develop and anti-poseur attitude. their new campaign shows models getting ready under sketches and those sketches turning into perfectly beautiful clothes, whilst getting to dance around in the nuddy (see the full video on their web page here) so, in aid of this, french connection are giving away a gift card!

uk fashion & style blog: #sketchtostore - fcuk giveaway

Can i get an ooooo. to enter, you have to take a silly photo of yourself and pop it in the rafflecopter box below. its not going to be a random winner (so everything else but the photo isn't mandatory, just doing a bit of plugging yo), i'm going to pick my favourite! So be as silly as you can possibly be and good luck! Purely Couture and More: Sketch to Store : French Connection Competition. Happy Monday darlings :) So if you haven't seen the latest ads by French Connection, it's kind of perfection.

Purely Couture and More: Sketch to Store : French Connection Competition

The "Sketch to Store" campaign is a fresh and quirky concept that combines classic fashion illustration and morphing it onto the human body into garments from their latest collections:) And of course if that's not cool enough, it is brought to you by my favorite photographer and the all around creative mastermind, Rankin. I'll post the video below, because it's pretty fabulous.

Effortless Anthropologie: Contest time! Show EA and @FCUK your funny face!!! #sketchtostore #funnyfaces. Ohh la la!

Effortless Anthropologie: Contest time! Show EA and @FCUK your funny face!!! #sketchtostore #funnyfaces

Effortless Anthro has teamed up with French Connection for a fun contest and a secret prize! Are you ready to show off your funny face? Sometimes life seems so serious. Yes we're all adults and we have responsibilities -- jobs, families, etc. But isn't life really all about having a little fun? French Connection, aka FCUK, has a similar enjoy everything life has to offer ethos. Mimibutt: trying not to get mugged on... Kristianavv: FCUK #funnyfaces contest on... Roxyturtle: Funny faces? Got them down. Welcome back with French Connection ! - Manon Anchor. Rien de mieux que de reprendre avec un concours !

J’espère que vous avez passé une bonne semaine ! Pour ma part, j’ai bien profité de mon week-end à rallonge avec un tour chez le coiffeur et surtout un heureux évènement… JE SUIS TATA DE DEUX BEAUX BEBES ! Welcome à Marius & Hugo ! Je ne sais pas si vous connaissez la marque French Connection, c’est une marque anglaise que je connais depuis bien longtemps et que j’aime beaucoup ! Et aujourd’hui, je vous propose de gagner un cadeau de rentrée en m’envoyant votre #FunnyFaces ! Comment faire ? Pour augmenter vos chances de gagner, vous pouvez utiliser les hastags #funnyfaces et #sketchtostore sur vos différents réseaux (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Vous avez jusqu’au dimanche 1er septembre minuit pour participer ! Et au passage, je vous montre quelques silhouettes de la marque que j’adore !

ManonAnchor: Un concours avec #fcuk sur... French Connection Funny Faces Competition! Get you freak on. ClonesNClowns: Loving your #sketchtostore... Win! French Connection #SketchToStore Competition » Stylonylon Stylonylon. So I’m really thrilled to be bringing you this French Connection competition… A couple of weeks ago, French Connection got in touch asking if I’d be up for getting involved and hosting a competition – as part of their innovative Sketch To Store AW13 campaign – the only catch being I had to send in my own series of funny face photographs for them to put together this little gif! A little bit nervous (the campaign is headed up by stellar photographer Rankin who shot the models nude, with clothes then sketched on by illustrator Jo Bird) I pulled my best Cara D snarl mixed in with a few winks and blinks and there you have it! Whaddya thunk?

Juliarebaudo: Photo: Send me your funniest... Juliarebaudo: Love this! @FCUK RT @juliarebaudo... TheNinaJC: I probably make this face way... Nailsandthreads: Entry for #funnyfaces... TollyDollyPosh: This is the creepiest picture... AnnaBlogster: @_burkatron hope this is enough... Juliarebaudo: New entry! @FCUK #sketchtostore... Hyro_scout: #funnyfaces 1.2.3 go... Hyro_scout: #funnyfaces 1.2.3 go... Hyro_scout: #funnyfaces 1.2.3 go...