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Better Webpages Through Faster Iterations, Website Screenshot Feedback. Kênh của MoooJvM. The Kleio App. This is where you study your flashcards.

The Kleio App

Kleio shows you the question, and you press the blocked out answer to reveal it. This is also where you see the prompt, if any. Use the number buttons to tell Kleio how well you remembered this flashcard. Zero if you remembered it wrong or completely forgot it, five if you remembered the answer as if it were your own name, and so on. After you register your answer, Kleio will show you the next flashcard. Kleio will also schedule the flashcard you just graded for some specific date in the future, if you memorized it.

Click on the Modes button to reveal the different available modes. Vizualize.me: Visualize your resume in one click. Free File Sharing - Minus.com. Make online flashcards & notes. Study anywhere, anytime.