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News and musings from my studio. Words have Meaning – Artists Synchroblog Having wound down my time as editor of MAGC’s MAGazine, I’m now refocusing my energy on my own work and my long-neglected blog.

news and musings from my studio

The Artists Synchroblog is a group of bloggers who post every other month on the same topic, sharing our experience or perspective. On alternate months we undertake a Pinterest Project where we... Lake Scugog Spring Studio Tour – May 4-5, 2013 I’m pleased to be participating in this year’s Lake Scugog Spring Studio Tour, May 4-5, 2013. Exhibition – Surfacing: OFF THE PAGES Surfacing Magazine, Durham Region’s guide to the arts and culture, launched in Autumn 2008.

Pop! The disappointment of having to cancel my classes in Germany was mellowed a bit this week, when news came from fellow instructor Dian Hierschel that my necklace “Pop! Fall 2012 / Winter 2013 Class Schedule updated! I’m pleased to be teaching classes again this Fall and Winter at George Brown College!

Upcoming Workshops: Beaders Best 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. Beading Help Web - : Beading Help Web. Tutorials. Jewelry Pics Inspiration. Jagged-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 480 pixels) Learn Beading · Jagged Little Necklace. Sleek and feminine, this vibrant necklace is as colorful as it is creative.

Learn Beading · Jagged Little Necklace

I have a feeling you’re up to the challenge of creating it, too. So, let’s get started. First off, gather what you’ll need — and you’ll need relatively few items for this project: round nose pliers, wire cutters, chain nose pliers, a handful or more of long headpins, a clasp and a bunch of colorful beads. Be sure to toss in some Swarovski crystals to really make it sparkle. Put your first bead on a headpin. Now put your second bead on a headpin, and cut it around midway down. Make a small loop in it. String the wire of your first bead (pearl) through the eye of your second bead (red). Repeat the process you did for the second (red) bead, but before closing your loop, make sure it’s going around the wire of the previous (red) bead.

Continue this process by alternating your various colored beads and crystals. Go ahead and snip it in half and make a loop at the end; add the one half of your clasp. Wire for Wire-Wrapping & Jewelry-Making. Whether your design calls for precious metal or stainless steel, colorful copper or aluminum, you’ll find the right jewelry-making wire for your projects here: A variety of materials, shapes and gauges for wire-wrapping and wire crochet, including sterling silver wire and gold-filled wire.

Wire for Wire-Wrapping & Jewelry-Making

Zebra Wire™ colored-copper wire, niobium wire and coated aluminum wire bring color to designs. Memory wire easily creates necklaces, bracelets and rings that hold their shape. Jewelry Making Supplies. Round Argentium Wire – Round Argentium by When you're signed in as a Gold Club member, you'll automatically see your 25% discount here, store-wide!

Round Argentium Wire – Round Argentium by

Not a member? Click Gold Club Price Link! Argentium silver wire has the sheen and color of silver, but it’s much more resistant to tarnish! Made from sterling silver and germanium, we carry round argentium wire in 16 to 24-gauge, in both dead soft and half hard. Make a fine piece of argentium silver jewelry your customers and friends will love with our round argentium! Silver is a fine, naturally occurring precious metal with an almost white sheen that is used for many purposes including jewelry making. For more information on silver, check out Mary W. Wire can be the glue that holds your jewelry together, or it can shine as the focal point for the entire work.

Sorry, no returns/refunds/exchanges on gold or silver wire products. Gold Wire for Jewelry. Netted Rectangle Bead Pendant: Jewelry Making Supplies. Designed by Albina Manning Skill Level: Beginner/All Technique: Wire Wrapped Bead Component I have a habit of collecting beautiful, large gemstone beads.

Netted Rectangle Bead Pendant: Jewelry Making Supplies

This is one of the ways I use wire to make a stylish pendant with them. Please notice that I use craft or florist wire to plan my design. Formula: 1 foot for each desired 3 complete wraps around a bead + the length of the bead + 2 inches Materials Tools Instructions Clean, straighten and then cut the 22g wire length needed. Fancy S Clasp - a Free Wire Jewelry Pattern by Mint Spring for Jewelry Making Supplies. Designed by Mint Spring © 2011 Skill Level: Beginner/All Technique: Components It is so nice to be able to make about every part of your handcrafted jewelry piece, even the clasp.

Fancy S Clasp - a Free Wire Jewelry Pattern by Mint Spring for Jewelry Making Supplies

Be sure to check out the Design Variation at the bottom for an even more ornate design! Materials. Wirework - Bead&Button Magazine.