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Baaad Anna's: not your mama's yarn store Baaad Anna's: not your mama's yarn store ok, ok…I know my last post was about how spring was around the corner, but today all I want to do is cozy up on the couch under this GINORMOUS blanket and watch movies and knit. So I’m still gonna post this pattern, and if we don’t have any more cool weather between now and next fall, then you will all least be ready for it with this project. Ginormous Blanket You all know how much we LOVE the country roving by Briggs and Little, especially when playing around with it and making beautiful things like this, it also knits up so fast when you use some big needles.
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Mathematics of a Traditional Heel « the qfa I bet you thought you’d escaped algebra forever when you graduated high school, but these formulae just might help designers convert sock patterns to different sizes and gauges. Or knitters to design their own patterns. Most of this will be review for experienced sock knitters, but I thought it would be better to cover all the steps. My examples will be shown with two sets of #’s: 64 sts and 50 sts TOTAL. Mathematics of a Traditional Heel « the qfa

I knit funny. Well, most people think so, anyway. I knit with the yarn wrapped around my neck for tensioning. It makes purling very easy, quick and even. Knitting this way, I’m pretty fast at the knit stitch, too. Funny knitting « Elizabeth Rosenberg's Blog Funny knitting « Elizabeth Rosenberg's Blog
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MOONRISE Lace Knitting Home Page 1/13/2014 Check out my weekend workshops scheduled through May on the workshops page. Also we have a late cancellation for MOONTIDE - opening up one spot in this previously sold out weeklong lace knitting retreat. E-mail or call right away if you are interested! 12/25/2013 Please enjoy and share this year's SNOWFLAKE! And for a whole blizzard worth of snowflakes, order my class handout that contains mix-or-match parts of snowflakes. 6 each of starts, middles and points will give you patterns for zillions of unique snowflakes. Only $10. MOONRISE Lace Knitting Home Page