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Old patterns. LaceFontSample.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Software for Knitters: Part I. Personal computers, dweeby and enormously expensive toys twenty years ago, are now, for better or worse, an intimate part of most of our lives.

Software for Knitters: Part I

Their uses span a breathtaking (or alarming,depending on your point of view) range of applications. We all know about the Internet; word processing, photo editing, and Solitaire. But not much is written about personal computers and knitting. Here and there, you’ll see a review or comment about some program, but the information is generally cursory and mostly fairly dated.

There are several spreadsheet templates for organizing yarn and projects floating about the Web, but aside from that, hard information is surprisingly sparse. It follows, of course, that there’s a vacuum begging to be filled, and herewith I will endeavor to fill the void with information about knitting software and ancillary applications you might find useful and that I have actually used. Organization. Software for Knitters: Part II. Good old Excel.

Software for Knitters: Part II

This spreadsheet app has been around forever, and its uses are myriad. You can keep a stash list, make charts, and keep track of pattern rows as you knit. Software for Knitters: Part III. Knit Visualizer version 1.2 Platform: Mac and PCRating: 4 out of 5 stars Knit Visualizer is an astounding programming tour de force.

Software for Knitters: Part III

The program not only lets you paint stitches onto a graph, it also can translate written directions into a chart for you. After Excel, it’s the program I turn to most for charting tasks, especially if I want especially handsome printed output. This version is not especially appropriate for charting in color—there are better programs currently available for this kind of design (and I will talk about them in later postings). However, the next version will let you chart directly in color (and will include more symbols, too).

As you can see from the picture above (which will be far clearer if you click on it.These blurry Blogger thumbnails are just awful), the layout consists of the main chart window, a panel of stitch symbols on the right, a text entry field on the bottom, and an icon toolbar under the Main Menu bar on the top. Here I am typing in Row 5… Knit Foundry: Software. Buy Knit Visualizer If you are upgrading from 1.x and have a discount code; please use our upgrade page. ** When you purchase our software to download, you will be sent an email with download instructions.

Knit Foundry: Software

The download is time sensitive so you should plan on downloading the software as soon as possible. DROPS Design.


St-DENIS St-Denis Magazine #2. HEY, SHOW ME YOUR KNITS! Knit One, Poet Too. Untitled. Dances with Wools. Purl Stitch - English - Knitting Community. The purl stitch joins forces with the knit stitch to enable a knitter to conquer the world (the knitting world, at least)!

Purl Stitch - English - Knitting Community

You will often see the word purl abbreviated as p or P in knitting pattern shorthand. The American method simply indicates that you hold the working yarn in your right hand. Knitters who use this style are often referred to as “throwers”. Insert right needle through the front of the first stitch from right to left. Wrap the yarn around the right needle tip counter-clockwise. DROPS Design ~ Free knitting patterns. Rundstrickmaschinen.

The production of ribbed tubular goods and athletic socks became possible for the first time with the "Simplex" machine, manufactured by the English company Wildt & Co.


In 1920, the English company William Spiers in Leicester launched the first double-cylinder knitting machine with several operating systems for patterned purl-knit goods. Double-cylinder knitting machines are a special type of circular knitting machines which work with two needle cylinders. The machine produces double knit purl fabric or, depending on the production step, single knit plain jersey fabric.

Norwegian to English Knitting Lessons from Bagatell. Find these instructions useful?

Norwegian to English Knitting Lessons from Bagatell

Feel free to make a donation for whatever you feel appropriate (even a couple of bucks would be greatly appreciated!) By clicking on the button below: Norwegian Knitting Patterns Lesson #1 :: Garnstudio has a pile of free knitting patterns (a.k.a. gratis strikkeoppskrifter) on their site. Knitting method - English knitting method. Sign up for free Want to help me with some of the costs of providing free educational resources and newsletters?

Knitting method - English knitting method

Your thank you donation, small or large, is very much appreciated. "Your patterns are just fabulous ... unique and yet based on tradition. " - Jennifer C. The English knit stitch. The English knit stitch differs from the continental knit stitch in only one detail--which hand supplies the yarn.

The English knit stitch

In continental style knitting, the LEFT hand supplies the yarn, in English style knitting, the RIGHT hand supplies the yarn. The yarn, however, goes the same way around the needles, and the needles go the same way through the loop. Herbert Niebling. Herbert Niebling Designs I've decided on a new look for my index ... well, mostly I've run out of room LOL!

Herbert Niebling

Mouse over the image to see the pattern info or click on the thumbnail for a larger view in a new window. Knitted Lace Designs of Herbert Niebling German lace knitting Books - Needle Arts Book Shop. All about French Knitting. French knitting is great fun. It is how I started knitting as a kid. Children like it because they can learn this new skill quickly and will soon be able to produce friendship bracelets for each other. If you know how to french knit, click here to share your tips and patterns with visitors to this page For example, here is a great idea for a French Knitted Alphabet submitted by Ellen.

Another great tip about how to make your own french knitting dolly was sent in by Caitlin. To get started you need some yarn and a knitting dolly or spool . 1. 2. Debbie Bliss - designer yarns and patterns. WiseNeedle - An Online Resource for Knitters. ABSs of Knitting. I Love to Create: Knitted & BeJewelled Shamrocks! Small = 2 1/2″ tall How to Knit:MITERED LEAVES (Make 3..or 4, if you’re feeling lucky!) CO 18 (20) sts. Larger Size OnlyRow 1: K8, ssk, k2tog, k8.