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Two big secrets for a flat stomach. Whether you're a woman or man, you can achieve a flat stomach by implementing a proper weight loss strategy.

Two big secrets for a flat stomach

In this post - Damien will unlock the two key secrets that he implemented to achieve a conditioned midsection and flat stomach. Read how anyone can get a tighter mid-section, flatter stomach and lose the love-handles. We’ve all heard the adages: “Abs are made in the kitchen” or “80% of abdominal condition comes from diet”. In my experience, this is true. Throughout my last year of competition, I never trained abs once – never. Secrete No. 1: The Right Diet and Nutrition. The importance of fibre and your weight loss strategy. Fiber is a critical micronutrient in any weight loss strategy.

The importance of fibre and your weight loss strategy

It should be part of any healthy diet to lose weight. Fibre is one of the most underrated ‘nutrients’ in nutrition. A high fibre diet has shown to be protective against weight gain. This is because high-fibre foods generally have a lower energy density, which means they provide less energy per gram of food. The result? Fibrous foods are often ‘bulky’ leaving you feeling full. The benefits of fibre just keep coming; fibre also delays the absorption of sugars from the intestines that helps to maintain consistently lower blood sugar levels. How much fibre do you need a day?

1 cup legumes (chickpeas, beans) = 12g 2 cups mixed raw vegetables = 10g ½ cup quinoa = 5g 1 apple (with skin) = 4g ½ cup almonds = 4g ½ cup brown rice = 2g 2 tbls peanut butter = 2g Make sure that when increasing your fibre intake to drink extra water to prevent constipation or feelings of indigestion. Damien Katris - PNBA Pro Athlete. ​Why it is important to vary your protein sources. Part of any weight loss strategy and healthy meal plan is to vary your sources of protein.

​Why it is important to vary your protein sources

Generally, meal plans for weight loss should include a variety of foods which deliver the right amount of protein to ensure a balanced diet. Proteins from food are digested and broken down to release amino acids, which are termed the ‘building blocks’ of all proteins. Inside the body these amino acids are used to make new proteins including enzymes and hormones. They are essential in the growth and repair process including muscle replenishment and growth and help in promoting satiety and keeping you feeling full. Top Ten Fat Loss Tips. Throughout my career competing in physique contents, I would always get asked what the easiest way to lose weight was.

Top Ten Fat Loss Tips

There are no secrets to a proper weight loss strategy, however, I feel I have worked out some key things to implement when trying to lose body fat. Here are my top ten fat loss tips. Perform Interval Circuits first thing in the morning I believe interval circuits are a critical component to a weight loss exercise program. Interval training will send your body into fat-burning overdrive! Research has shown that interval training increases the resting metabolic rate for the ensuing 24 hours. Interval training can help increase speed, power, endurance and metabolic rate, helping you burn fat faster a lot more effectively than low intensity steady state exercise, like jogging for 45 minutes.

Easiest way to lose weight with the right snacking. The right (or wrong) snacking habits can be the difference between great results, and no results and form the basis of a proper weight loss strategy.

Easiest way to lose weight with the right snacking

How to exercise for maximum fat loss - Damien's top 5 rules for best fat loss results. There's a lot of debate about the best weight loss exercise program, and whether high intensity interval circuits have advantages over low intensity steady state.

How to exercise for maximum fat loss - Damien's top 5 rules for best fat loss results

Both have their merits, however, whichever weight loss fitness plan you choose, you must enjoy it and it must get you results. Find out Damien's Top 5 rules for the best fat loss results with minimum time commitment. A question I get asked all the time whenever I’m getting ready for my competitions is how to burn fat in the most efficient way and what the best weight loss exercise program is. Running a business and travelling a lot for work meant that I had to get creative with my cardio training and weight loss strategy. Doing 30-40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill or on the bike is just not viable for me nor for many people; kids, work, family commitments, etc. are all legitimate reasons.

Interval circuits – 4 - 10 minutes per day Interval training increases the resting metabolic rate for the ensuring 24 hours. Drop body fat by cutting out excess sugar. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to cut out excess sugar.

Drop body fat by cutting out excess sugar

Proper weight loss meal plans are simply healthy meal plans which are balanced, and contain all macronutrients and limit the amount of added sugar. Here are 6 ways to cut out excess sugar in your diet and lose weight. The average Aussie has 27 teaspoons of sugar each day. Sugar is in most processed foods we eat, packaged foods, soft drinks, and sauces. 27 teaspoons of sugar is equivalent to 135g sugar and equates to 517 calories per day. If the average Aussie cuts their sugar consumption in half (down to 13.5 tsp), they will eliminate 1,810 calories per week which equates to losing roughly 0.5kg of body fat in a week.

Your quick guide to choosing the right protein powder. With supplement stores popping up everywhere and many nutritional supplements boasting the best way to achieve the results you want, it can be very confusing what supplements to buy and when to use them.

Your quick guide to choosing the right protein powder

The emergence of protein powders over the past several decades is obvious – with more and more people leveraging these wonder shakes to help them achieve their health, nutrition and wellness goals.