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Optometrists at Trillium Eye Care, Add New Associate. September 27, 2014 – Trillium Eye Care’s Optometrists and Staff would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member, Julia Sauvé.

Optometrists at Trillium Eye Care, Add New Associate

Julia will be the newest associate at Trillium Eye Care at Erin Mills, Mississauga where she will be assisting optometrists with patient intake. Julia is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in addition to an Advanced Diploma from Sheridan College. Post graduation, she plans to continue her education with a Certificate in Human Resources. Through her education and experiences, Julia has gained a strong skill set which incorporates her technological knowledge​ with her love of creativity and desire to work with the community. Her passion for working with others and helping the community has led Julia to devote time every week to volunteer at a distress line. Optometrist Travels to Peru and Jamaica. Optometrist, Dr.

Optometrist Travels to Peru and Jamaica

Thompson Improves Lives in Peru and Jamaica Through Eye Exams As an optometrist, I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to provide eye exams and vision care not only to my local community, but also to those in other countries around the world. Having traveled to beautiful places like Lima, Peru, and St. Thomas, Jamaica in pursuit of my passion to care for the visual needs of others, I truly appreciate the need to provide eye exams in areas where an optometrist is not easily accessible.

The Three O’s of Eye Care. Eyesight is arguably the richest and most valuable sense that we can perceive.

The Three O’s of Eye Care

As such, great efforts must be taken to preserve and when possible, improve it. It is therefore a job for not one but THREE eye care professionals: opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. Qualifications for these professions differ in education, training and credentials. Outlined below are the differences to watch for when selecting an optician, optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Let’s take a closer look at all three: Opticians: Licensed opticians have a college diploma (2-year program) that allows them to manufacture, fit, and dispense vision-corrective devices. Optometrists: Optometrists are eye care professionals with a Doctor of Optometry Degree (4-year post-graduate program). Ophthalmologists: Ophthalmologists are surgical and medical specialists who graduate from medical school and complete an ophthalmology residency (minimum of 4 years).

Why Eye Exams are Important. Regardless of your age or health, routine eye exams are essential to promote wellness and good health for you and your family.

Why Eye Exams are Important

Your optometrist can readily identify if corrective lenses are required, or if a medical condition is apparent through observation and testing. The Eye Exam: – Questions regarding your general health, followed by an eye examination, will properly diagnose if there is a sight problem or evident health conditions. Your optometrist professional will provide you with a detailed explanation, as well as recommended corrective action. Work and school can both be affected by poor eyesight.

. – Diagnose eye alignments, structural issues, medical and visual problems through testing – Prescribe corrective glasses and contact lenses if necessary. – Provide professional medical referrals as required. 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes. Every day our eyes are used to enable us to view the world and enjoy other people around us.

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes

We have to consider how, and why , it is necessary to keep our eyes healthy in order to preserve our quality of life for years to come. We all have busy schedules that involve balancing family life and careers. We can however follow some simple guidelines in order to keep and maintain healthy eyesight. Here’s a quick guide on how we can take care of our eyes. • Look into your family history. Trillium Eye Care Opens in Sarnia. TRILLIUM EYE CARE is pleased to announce our grand opening at the Lambton Mall in Sarnia, and we invite you and your family to meet our Optometrist, Dr.

Trillium Eye Care Opens in Sarnia

Rhonda Thompson and her team. Dr. Thompson is relocating from our Mississauga office to enjoy the surrounding nature and peaceful town atmosphere that Sarnia provides. It is also the perfect time to get your eye exam during the summer holidays before school starts once again. Regardless of your age or health, routine eye exams are essential to promote wellness and good health.

Cataracts And Loss of Sight. If you are suffering from vision loss you need an eye exam from a professional optometrist for a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Cataracts And Loss of Sight

Only with an eye exam can an optometrist accurately determine the severity and progression of eye disease that you are experiencing. Cataracts are caused by clouding of the lens in the eye which is the clear part of the eye that helps to focus light or an image in the retina. Through an eye examination, it can be determined if cataracts affect one eye or both; however, it is not “spread” from one eye to the next. The lens is made up primarily from water and protein in the eye, keeps the lens clear, and allows the light to pass through it. As we age the protein in the eye may lump and begin to cloud a small area of the lens. At TRILLIUM EYECARE our Optometrists diagnose for the presence of cataracts not only with an eye exam, but they will consult with you about the symptoms that you are experiencing. Optometrist in Erin Mills Town Centre. At Trillium Eye Care, our team of dedicated optometrists are experienced and trained at providing comprehensive and professional eye exams.

Optometrist in Erin Mills Town Centre

Our optometrists are customer-oriented. They take time to listen to your eye care needs, explain everything, answer questions and provide you with the best possible option to suit your lifestyle and health. Our optometrists always make sure that they provide you with nothing but the highest quality of vision care in a warm, caring and relaxing environment. Why Do We Need Sunglasses? Everyone wants the benefits of soaking up and enjoying the sun this summer.

Why Do We Need Sunglasses?

While looking cool and at the same time protecting your eyesight, this is definitely the perfect time to use protective sunglasses. Here are some of the reasons for selecting protective sunglasses: 1. Sunglasses protect your eyes against (UV) radiation and visible light. This is because UV rays carry more energy than visible light rays and your eyes have a greater risk of becoming damaged.

Eye Exam Sarnia. Scheduling your eye exam annually, is one of the most important preventative measures to maintaining healthy vision for life.

Eye Exam Sarnia

Listed below are some basic questions and answers that people typically have about their eye exam. During your exam, your optometrist can help answer any specific questions that you may have about your vision during your eye exam. What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Include? Eye Glasses Prescription. Optometrists in Sarnia ON. Optometrist in Erin Mills Town Centre. Eye Doctor in Erin Mills Town Centre.