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Why Measurement Instruments Need Calibration?: tridinamika. All measurement instruments are designed to meet a certain specification or standard.

Why Measurement Instruments Need Calibration?: tridinamika

The manufacturers also determine what is the length of time that each test equipment will perform accurately. The time is determined in the uncertainty influences like •Traceability to the International System of Units (SI)•Short term stability•Stability due to variation in environmental factors•Long term stability•Other sources of uncertainty based on the design parameters The time is calculated based on statistical analysis of reliability and accelerated life cycle testing. Once the interval of time is crossed the user needs to recalibrate. Understanding and quantifying uncertainty of measurement Estimating measurement uncertainty is a challenging task that calibration technicians face. All calibration laboratories around the world use the GUM method to estimate measurement uncertainty. Indonesia the Emerging Tiger of South East Asia. South-East Asia's largest economy is Indonesia; the economy is growing steadily ever since the Asian financial crisis.

Indonesia the Emerging Tiger of South East Asia

The result is this country is hot on the heels of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and can claim to be a member of the emerging economies in the world after the developed countries. China has leapfrogged over the others and as of 2016 the GDP of China has overtaken the largest economy in the world that of United States. The GDP growth is slowing down in China due to rising incomes and the labor cost is now more expensive than even labor in Mexico.

United States is maintaining a steady increase quarter upon quarter and hence the actual GDP of America may be stronger than in China. From CIVETS to BRIC status Coming back to Indonesia it is making headway to climb out of the CIVETS group (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa). TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Batteries are the Life Force. Batteries have become ubiquitous in our life.

TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Batteries are the Life Force

Without batteries our activities will (to use a term the youth is quite familiar with) "suck". Imagine being without Facebook. That is the end of the world. No tweets. That’s it. Berbagai Manfaat Baterai Te... Jakarta, Tangerang -- Mar 15, 2016 / ( -- Kehidupan manusia saat ini bisa dikatakan sangat membutuhkan berbagai perangkat elektronik atau sejenisnya, bahkan tanpa perangkat tersebut aktifitas ekonomi tentunya dapat terganggu.

Berbagai Manfaat Baterai Te...

Sehingga tidak salah jika perangkat elektronik atau listrik dijaga agar tetap dapat beroperasi meskipun tidak adanya arus listrik. Salah satu yang banyak digunakan untuk kondisi di atas yaitu dengan pemanfaatan UPS, perangkat yang pada intinya baterai ini dapat menghidupkan beberapa perangkat (seperti PC, laptop, modem dan masih banyak lainnya). Karena pentingnya perangkat UPS tersebut sehingga sangatlah perlu untuk memastikan bahwa UPS dapat bekerja dengan baik. Understanding Calibration of Temperature Devices. Manufacturing companies now require knowledge of test measuring their processes to achieve accuracy as complexity of devices is exponentially increasing.

Understanding Calibration of Temperature Devices

The test and measurement industry is now tasked with the role of devil's advocate; their measurements have to be accurate to deliver the stated performance; on the other hand they cannot lie and fudge the test result. The recent example of Volkswagen comes to mind as this multinational is paying a huge price in the fudging of the emission results. What is calibration? Test and measurement devices are ubiquitous in every industry be it defense, aerospace, telecommunications, semiconductors or consumer electronics. Kegunaan Battery Tester Dan Flow Meter Dalam Bisnis Anda. Mengetahui berbagai kebutuhan seperti di atas, Tridinamika selaku permain besar dalam berbagai ukur selalu memastikan produk-produk tersebut dapat diperoleh dengan mudah untuk berbagai kalangan bisnis.

Kegunaan Battery Tester Dan Flow Meter Dalam Bisnis Anda

Dengan pengalaman lebih dari 10 tahun menjadikan Tridinamika banyak di andalkan untuk menyediakan berbagai alat ukur. Mobilitas masyarakat saat ini yang semakin tinggi tentu membuat berbagai kebutuhan untuk menunjang mobilitas juga semakin dibutuhkan. Dan salah satu kebutuhan yang terasa semakin penting yaitu kendaraan, baik itu kendaraan pribadi maupun kendaraan umum. Tidaklah mengherankan jika bengkel apapun selalu penuh dengan pemilik kendaraan, karena para pemilik tersebut menyadari pentingnya untuk merawat kendaraan mereka. Jika berbicara mengenai perawatan kendaraan, tentu tidak bisa dilepaskan dari baterai aki. TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Monitoring Air Quality Indoors. The quality of air in an indoor environment is assuming greater importance considering the increased pollutants in the air; in South East Asia countries like Indonesia are constantly affected by wild fires and the debris in the air constitute a health hazard.

TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Monitoring Air Quality Indoors

Airborne particle counters help in determining the state of the air for health as well as environmental hygiene is concerned. Particle sizes from 0.1 to 100 micrometers can be detected. Multifunction Calibrators: Technical Excellence from Tridinamika. Tridinamika, an Indonesian company established in 2002, is one of the most in-demand providers of test and measuring equipment across the country today.

Multifunction Calibrators: Technical Excellence from Tridinamika

While known for a variety of products, the company supplies some of the country's and Asia's best multifunction calibrators. Multifunction Calibrators and Their Purpose Generally, calibrators are handy scientific tools used to calibrate various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and electrical frequency. A multifunction calibrator is a compact calibrator that is created for several industrial applications in a single device, with some models having inbuilt data logging features. Multifunction calibrators can be used for wider ranges of pressure up to a maximum of 10,000 psi. Digital Battery Testers Supplied by Indonesia's Tridinamika. The cells of batteries normally carry an electrical charge for a controlled period of time.

Digital Battery Testers Supplied by Indonesia's Tridinamika

In most cases, it is even hard to determine how much charge is left after every use. A good way to determine how much power a battery still holds is with the use of a digital battery tester. Indonesia's Tridinamika, a top technology provider in Asia, offers digital battery testers. Understanding Ultrasonic Flow Meters by Tridinamika. Tridinamika is an established dealer of test and measurement instruments and related services in Indonesia and certain parts of Asia.

Understanding Ultrasonic Flow Meters by Tridinamika

Some of its most popular products include ultrasonic flow meters. These are devices created to determine a fluid's velocity with ultrasound in order to compute volume flow The Science behind Ultrasonic Flow Meters Ultrasonic flow meters make use of sound waves when measuring fluid velocity in a pipe. Under zero flow conditions, the ultrasonic wave frequencies that are transmitted into a pipe are the same as the reflections cast on it by the fluid.

To determine flow rate, signals emitted by the transmitted wave and its reflections are processed by the transmitter. Thermometer Calibration Devices. TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Spectrum Analyser Types and Form Factors with Tridinamika. TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Different Types of Particle Counters from Tridinamika. Tridinamika, Indonesia’s leading dealer of test and measurement equipment, offers a whole range of particle counters for various applications. These instruments mainly detect as well as count particles in different tested substances. TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Multifunction Calibrator. Calibrators are great scientific tools that can be used to calibrate an amazing range of parameters. They can measure and calibrate signals ranging from temperature, electrical frequency, pressure and so on. A multifunction calibrator is usually a hand held device and is very compact.

Usually these devices come with simple to operate buttons and knobs, and menus that are easy to understand and use. Ultrasonic Flow Meter - A Device With Advance Features. In many industries it is very important to keep check on the flow of different liquids and gases inside the pipes. Thermometer Calibration - Kalibrasi Thermometer - Alat Ukur Suhu – Tridinamika.

Salah satu alat yang dapat mengukur Suhu ialah Thermocouple. Ultrasonic Flow Meter - A Device With Advance Features. Top Uses of High Quality Ultrasonic Flow Meters in Industrial Applications. Flow meters have been around for quite some time now. TRIDINAMIKA Measuring Instrument: Multifunction Calibrator.