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Kete Moon Deck: Special Edition (Limited) - Tricksupply. Kete Moon, the self-titled debut deck, sold out rather quickly back in 2015.

Kete Moon Deck: Special Edition (Limited) - Tricksupply

Now it’s back, it’s limited, and it’s more gorgeous than ever – the first sequel with gold stamping! Moreover, the major refinement of the box provides not only “better image,” but also a “great image” for you, the magician! The Kete Moon deck has been printed with 360° artwork. If you gather up multiple decks and organize them in order, you will find the symbolic artwork: “Sprinting Wolf and Blood Moon.” Both of them look wilder than did the previous design. This special edition uses a color-changing mechanism that is uncommon on the market. Classic Stock with Royal Finish. Balloon Buster - Tricksupply. One Liners You Will Use by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply. Short one line jokes, alphabetically categorized for speeches, speakers, entertainers, and comedians.

One Liners You Will Use by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply

Alphabetically categorized for all occasions. A MUST HAVE for anyone in show business! An alphabetically categorized list of quick, funny one-liner jokes. Ideal for professional speakers, entertainers, and comedians! “One Liners You Will Use is an A to Z of snappy, funny one liner gags that you will be able to inject into your own show. The Crazy Anagram Game by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply. The Crazy Anagram Game is the perfect title for this manuscript.

The Crazy Anagram Game by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply

It describes a game that can involve lots of children at once (as many teams as you think you can keep an eye on). It is fun, educational, mentally stimulating and physically active — all at the same time! Best of all, everything you need is easy and inexpensive to make yourself. It will pack extremely flat at the bottom of your case whilst being able to fill the biggest stages, school halls and other venues with joy, fun and merriment on demand. It’s up to you how you adapt this to your own needs. In essence, this is a game whereby teams of four children compete against each other to see who can spell various words (either randomly chosen or called out by the performer) most rapidly. Social Media Marketing for Mentalists and Magicians by Luca Volpe - Book - Tricksupply. An important step-by-step guide on how to maximize your image through social media and improve your business!

Social Media Marketing for Mentalists and Magicians by Luca Volpe - Book - Tricksupply

Luca Volpe and Alex Le Fanu have decided to reveal all the tips and tricks on social media marketing in a book that is specifically written for mentalists and magicians. We all know how important it is to engage our audience using Facebook, Instagram, and many other forms of social media. In this book, you will find everything you need to help you create a professional image in this digital environment. Also, as bonus, you will find routines with a social media theme, one of which is a modern Q&A act that Luca Volpe will reveal for the first time in this book! If your goal is to use social media at its best, then Social Media Marketing for Mentalists and Magicians is for you! A devotione del signore – Horatio Galasso. A devotione del signore - Horatio Galasso - Book - Tricksupply.

Perform a centuries old mystery with Conjuring Arts’ beautiful facsimile of Horatio Galasso’s A devotione del signore.

A devotione del signore - Horatio Galasso - Book - Tricksupply

Recently discovered, this unique magic prop allows you to read your spectator’s mind with virtually no effort! Every magic library needs this special mind reading book. Imagine asking your spectators to think of any saint pictured in this book and being able to reveal their thoughts within seconds. From the Conjuring Arts rare book room comes both a significant piece of history and a magic effect in one. Published in 1617 by Horatio Galasso, the same man who first published the stacked deck. While masquerading as a devotional book filled with images of saints it is secretly a magic prop meant to read minds. Papercut (Jumbo version) - Tony Parx - Tricksupply. Ultimate Knife thru Arm - Tony Parx - Tricksupply.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Single Coin (Ungimmicked) - Tricksupply. Murray Card Dropper - Norm Nielsen - Tricksupply. Karnival 1984 Deck by Big Blind Media - Tricksupply. Royle's Comedy Cabaret Bank Note to Nest of Boxes Routine by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply. This is the most amazing Signed Bank Note (or Playing Card) to Nest of Boxes that you could ever wish to perform!

Royle's Comedy Cabaret Bank Note to Nest of Boxes Routine by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply

Audiences are stunned! This routine has been a feature of Royle’s Comedy Cabaret Act since Circa 1990. Best of all, it’s easy to perform so you can concentrate on your presentation. You receive a PDF eBook, accompanied by 22 full-color photographs. Royle's Comedy Cabaret Sponge Ball Routine by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply. This is Royle’s Comedy Cabaret Sponge Ball Routine exactly as he started performing it in the Northern Working Men’s Clubs in England — around 1990.

Royle's Comedy Cabaret Sponge Ball Routine by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply

There are plenty of high-impact, magical moments. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities for laughter, gags, and bits of business along the way. Depending on your performing style and pace, the length of this route can vary. It can be a complete 8 to 10-minute feature cabaret routine, or it can be sped up and streamlined to a 5-minute close-up presentation – it’s up to you! Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply. This is probably the best book ever written on headline predictions.

Headline Predictions Baked Inside Bread by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD - Tricksupply

It describes, in detail, the methods behind the two greatest headline predictions ever performed. The first one was performed by mentalist Robert Nelson in 1947, and was known as the Miracle Prediction of the Age. It achieved worldwide publicity overnight. In 1985, Devin Knight ala Jason Michael, did the Ultimate Headline Prediction and achieved worldwide publicity and fame overnight. In fact, it achieved more publicity than any other headline prediction in the history of magic.

Both of these predictions generated publicity worth millions of dollars. Pocket Money - Wayne Dobson / JB Magic - Tricksupply. We all know when magic happens in a spectators hand, it becomes more powerful.

Pocket Money - Wayne Dobson / JB Magic - Tricksupply

Pocket Money allows the magic to happen in a spectator POCKET. This is incredible for laymen to have a coin vanish from their own pocket leaves them speechless. Five random coins from around the world, are removed from a small velvet bag. They are placed onto the table. Miracle Board - Tricksupply. Zombie Finger Puppet - Tricksupply. Card Clip Dai Vernon - Joe Porper - Tricksupply. Genii Magazine February 2017 - Book - Tricksupply. VOLUME 80 NUMBER 2 February 2017 Katherine Mills: Magic and Mind Games by David BritlandCons, Cards and Conversation: An Evening with Ricky Jay by Richard Kaufman Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman The Eye by Todd Karr Now Performing In Memoriam: Harry Riser by Johnny Thompson On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer The Chamber of Secrets The Flight of the Turtle Doves by John Gaughan Conjuring Mad Marketing by Jim Steinmeyer Cardopolis Spin Change by David Britland Eugene’s Notebook Show Building by Eugene Burger Panmagium Jacosa Kato, by Her Father by Jonathan Pendragon The Expert at the Kids’ Table Why Zombies Attack by David Kaye DaOrtiz a la Carte!

Genii Magazine February 2017 - Book - Tricksupply

The Fourth Coincidence by Dani DaOrtiz Invisible Strings Simplify by Helder Guimarães 5Hidden Treasures Fan Dance by Bob Read Lodestones Triptych of Bafflement by Tom Stone You Are All Terrible Contrast! Bicycle Lovely Bear Cards - Pink (Limited Edition) - Tricksupply. Magic Trick Supplier. Dollar Size Silver Copper Chinese Transposition (CH023) by Tango Magic - Tricksupply.

Blue Wheel Playing Cards by Art of Play - Tricksupply. SKETCH by João Miranda and Julio Montoro - Trick - Tricksupply. Magic for Bartenders #3 Encore by Leo Behnke Magic - Tricksupply. ENCORE is volume three in the famous, “Magic for Bartenders,” series. In addition to stunning magic, Encore includes basic advice for magicians starting out behind the bar. The magic is simple, yet powerful, with a focus on entertaining customers. Tips! Tips! Tips! Written by the legendary Leo Behnke, this volume concludes the series that began in the 1940’s by Señor Mardo. Renowned contributors include: 50 SHADES OF GOLD - 50 Stagecraft Secrets by Wayne Dobson - Book - Tricksupply. From a star studded career on the biggest stages. Royal command performances and years in TV, Wayne Dobson finally reveals his top 50 golden rules of stagecraft. Reel Magic Episode 47 (Steve Spill) - DVD - Tricksupply. Feature Interview – Steve Spill: Steve shares some amazing stories with Wayne Kawamoto about growing up at The Magic Castle and from his book, I Lie for Money.

Columns: Jon Armstrong – Small Things, BIG DIFFERENCE Jon shows you how to create emotional hooks that add texture to your card magic. Doc Eason – Behind the Bar Doc and Garrett Thomas discuss the importance of pauses. Kainoa Harbottle – Coin U Kainoa revisits the Japanese Tea Ceremony and shares how its choreography can be translated into a coin vanish. Christian Painter – Mindtripping Christian returns with a mentalism routine based on Tony Corinda’s “The Third Choice.” Garrett Thomas – Try This! Reviews: David Regal – Tricks of the Trade David reviews effects that have “The Stuff of Greatness” and that are “Paved with Good Intentions.” Jungle Playing Cards by Art of Play - Tricksupply.

Production Box (mirror) (German Estate) - Tricksupply. Slippery Witch - Tricksupply. How to Be an Illusionist by JC Sum - Book - Tricksupply. Have you always wondered how to be an illusionist? Do you wish to perform on a large stage for thousands of people? Maybe you are a working magician specializing in close-up or stage magic and are looking to put together a bigger show for a special event? How to Be an Illusionist is a first-of-its kind introductory course on performing a modern illusion show in today’s entertainment and pop culture market. In this comprehensive course, you will learn step by step how to put an illusion show together, regardless of whether you perform illusions for fun, as a hobby, part-time or professionally.

You will receive a goldmine of information that will empower you with practical knowledge to take on the world of grand illusions; including a primer, with credits, on over 100 well-known illusions performed today. The course consists of 10 modules of information that is worth thousands of dollars to the performing illusionist, and has taken years of experience to learn and develop.

Contents include: OX Bender™ (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Menny Lindenfeld - Trick - Tricksupply. “Menny is a great creator, with incredible attention to detail.” – DAVID BLAINE “I was amazed by Menny Lindenfeld’s coin bending demonstration. I was shocked how he bent my own signed coin. I don’t know how he does it. It’s impressive.” – URI GELLER Bend borrowed, signed coins like never before with the WORLDS FIRST SINGLE-HANDED COIN BENDER!

The OX BENDER™ by Menny Lindenfeld is a custom-made, ingenious device, engineered for BENDING COINS EASILY with ONLY ONE HAND! With one hand free, you’ll be more relaxed and have effortless, natural control over your coin bends. The gimmick is fully concealed and requires only a small, natural hand-movement to EASILY BEND COINS LIKE BUTTER. Smile for a Change by Guy Bavli - Book - Tricksupply. How the World’s Favorite Expression Can Affect Your Life What can create the most profound positive effect? Automatic Fire to Flower Vase - Tora Magic - Tricksupply. Silk Fountain with Streamers - the magic hands (German Estate) - Tricksupply. Billiardbaelle "Exklusiv" - the magic hands (German Estate) - Tricksupply. Hand of Cleopatra - Ace Place Magic (ESTATE) - Tricksupply.

I always loved this trick and have handled quite a few over the years. This is an earlier version that was commissioned by Ace Place Magic. A spectator shuffles a pack of cards and spreads them face down onto the table. He then takes the small hand and places it on any card of his choice. INK-redible By Nicholas Dakin / JB Magic - Tricksupply. Da Vinci Zone - Trick - Tricksupply. A Mind-Blowing Book Test With The Da Vinci Code!!! Featuring Max Maven’s latest booklet: Exploring the Zone: Performance Notes for The Da Vinci Zone Uses a real copy of The Da Vinci Code. Multiple word revelations. Easy, convincing handling. Box Ninety-Eight by Hand Crafted Miracles - Trick (NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES) - Tricksupply. *****Here is my honest take on this product: The idea behind it is great, the instructional video is extensive and covers a lot of ground and is really good.

The demo video mentions that the spectator can examine the box “all they want”, in my opinion this is untrue. you must carefully manage the spectator while he handles the box. This is not a huge problem but in fairness should be mentioned. My personal issue with the prop is that it is scratched and has nicks and shoddy corners all over it, pieces are aligned poorly. Mutilated Parasol (Delux) by Amazo Magic - Tricksupply. Starlight Silk Lot (18") - SKS/Harold Rice ESTATE - Tricksupply. Rising Cards by Vincenzo Di Fatta - Tricksupply. This is one of the best and most practical rising card effects available – and it’s simple to perform.

The effect is very well known: a card is selected by a spectator, and replaced in the deck. Then, mysteriously, the card slowly rises from the pack! Here are the fine points that make this system unique: The deck used is a normal deck and could also be borrowed.The spectator can freely examine the cards before and after the effect.You can even make the selected card slowly and eerily come out of a deck that is spread on the table.Supplied together with 1 gimmick and two spares, it is also a regular deck of poker-size Bicycle playing cards.The gimmicks supplied are very resistant to breaking, and can be carried around comfortably all day — ready to use at a moment’s notice.Together with clear written instructions for the basic effect, a link to video instructions is also included. The Bucket by Iñaki Zabaletta, Greco and Vernet - DVD - Tricksupply. Infiltrate by Alex Latorre - Tricks - Tricksupply. Ripeating by Alex Latorre - Tricks - Tricksupply. Essential Robert-Houdin - Book - Tricksupply.

All the classic works of the great master of magic, Robert-Houdin, under one cover, lavishly illustrated with hundreds of beautiful prints, engravings, and photos. Robert-Houdin (1805-1871) revolutionized the art of magic with his incredible stage mysteries and lifelike automata, and he thankfully left a number of books recording his philosophy and techniques. In Essential Robert-Houdin, you’ll find: The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic:Considered one of the finest magic books ever, featuring coin sleights and effects; card techniques including palming, false shuffles, cuts, and stacked-deck work, with twenty card effects; Cups and Balls methods and routines; stage effects including the Linking Rings, and Robert-Houdin’s performance theories and essays on gimmicks, stagecraft, and psychology.

Pranklopedia by Workman Publishing - Book - Tricksupply. This version is a smaller size than the original. Same content. Pranklopedia is the young practical joker’s secret weapon, a boisterous collection of over 70 guaranteed-to-amuse (or annoy) pranks to be pulled on friends, siblings, and parents. Forksaken 2.0 by Mark Elsdon - Trick - Tricksupply. Amazing reactions and guaranteed laughs!!! Forksaken 2.0 is the evolution by Mark Traversoni of the original release from Mark Elsdon and Saturn Magic.

Neil Patrick Harris NPH Playing Cards by Theory 11 - Tricksupply. A legendary deck of premium playing cards that exudes elegance and sophistication. Over a year in the making – with art direction by Neil Patrick Harris. Breathtaking Design DETAILED ART, INSIDE and OUT NPH Playing Cards are elegant, intricate, and visually stunning. SILKOLA - CHIPS VERSION - Tricksupply. Vortex Magic Presents VCM by Eric Chien - Tricksupply. Eric Chien’s last release COIN caused a sensation amongst coin workers around the world. VCM is his latest release which features his original VISUAL CARD MAGIC with routines that he has been performing for the past six years and won numerous competitions with throughout Asia.

In this DVD, you will learn his techniques and handlings as well as have access to a BONUS download video where Eric shares even more inside information on his card work. Eric’s card magic is direct and to the point, and this is the first time he has shared his card work with the magic fraternity. You will learn SIX insanely visual card routines including: Volition (DVD and Gimmicks) by Steve Cook - DVD - Tricksupply. The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi by Stephen Minch - Book - Tricksupply. Luna Trick (Man in the Moon) - Mephisto / ESTATE - Tricksupply. Rainbow Silk Streamer - Rice (SKS) 6"x10' ESTATE - Tricksupply. STOCKING STUFFERS Archives - Tricksupply.

Cards Bicycle Grey Back USPCC - Tricksupply. Genii Tube (Wood) by Tony Karpinski - Trick - Tricksupply. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Archives - Tricksupply. FBA Fun Magic Coloring Book (3 Way) - Royal Magic - Tricksupply. Malone Meets Marlo set of 6 DVDs by Bill Malone - DVD - Tricksupply. Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource by JC Sum - Book - Tricksupply. Pocket The Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase (Chestnut Brown) - Book - Tricksupply. Ellis Ring (Wedding Band / Silver) by Joe Porper - Tricksupply.

Gilbert's Table Magic by Dover Publications - Book - Tricksupply. The Journey (DVD and Gimmick) by Matt Johnson - DVD - Tricksupply. Magnetic Dollar Kit (Makes 6 Magnetic Dollars) by Chazpro - Tricksupply. Inception Playing Cards - ILLUSTRATUM edition - Tricksupply. PK Haunted Hank (Accessory for PK Magnets or Kits) by Chazpro - Tricksupply. Bananapple - Ton Onosaka - Tricksupply. Magnetic Dollar w/Zone Zero Bill Routine (GOLD Edition) by Chazpro - Tricksupply. Mirror Silk Tube de Luxe - Tricksupply. Alakazam Presents Hideout V2 Wallet (DVD and Gimmick) by Outlaw Effects - Trick - Tricksupply.

Blank Poker Sized Tuck Box by PropDog - Tricksupply. Pokemon Go Trick by N2G - Trick - Tricksupply. The Roach by Eric Ross - Trick - Tricksupply. Force Pads (Set of Two) by Warped Magic - Trick - Tricksupply. Alloy Cobalt Playing Cards Special Numbered Edition Deck (Blue) - Tricksupply. Feather Flower Streamer - Tricksupply. Gluttony Playing Cards by Collectable Playing Cards - Tricksupply. Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall Museum III (book) - Mike Caveney - Tricksupply. Hot Microphone by Amazo Magic - Trick - Tricksupply. Aqua-Coin Flight by Devin Knight - Trick - Tricksupply. Mega Botania (55 Bloom) - Tora - Tricksupply. Insta-Snow Powder (100 grams) - Tricksupply.

Scarecrow Mandolin (M/38-40) by Lee Alex - Trick - Tricksupply. THE DEVICE by Andrew Mayne - Trick - Tricksupply. Raspberry Mint Playing Cards by 52kards - Tricksupply. Tricks 'N' Treats by John Bundy - Book - Tricksupply. Kainoa on Coins - Inferential (DVD and Gimmicks) - DVD - Tricksupply. McComical Deck (Jumbo Bicycle Cards) - Tricksupply. The Showbiz Master Plan by JC Sum - Book - Tricksupply. Odd Bods Playing Cards by Dan and Dave - Tricksupply. Tale of the Twisty Pole Rice Vase - Master Payne / Brian Cook - Tricksupply. Coupons by Martin Lewis - Trick - Tricksupply.

Jumbo One Way Force Deck (Queen of Diamond) - Piatnik - Tricksupply. Hypno Coin (Hypnotic Coin) by Zanadu Magic - Trick - Tricksupply. Cube FX by Karl Hein & John George - Trick - Tricksupply.