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About the Challenge. The Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge is open to individuals or organisations operating in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors.

About the Challenge

Projects must advance sustainable access to safe water where it is presently at risk and/or access to improved sanitation, and include the following criteria: Be replicable, scalable and sustainable. and set a benchmark for innovation Have practical applicability Address non-discrimination/equity of access Involve and impact a range of stakeholders Have local/community-level engagement These are the criteria against which projects will be assessed.

Early stage projects are preferred.The winning project in the Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge will receive a single payment of $50,000, with the second place finisher receiving a single payment of $25,000. The third place project will receive $15,000 donated by the Dutch WASH Alliance. Start Up Loans Start Up Loans » Start-Up Co. Centre for Social Innovation. The World Economic Forum. Home - Fordham Foundry. USD Social Innovation Challenge. Home - Oasis Africa. ClearlySo. Help. Build a Website — Squarespace. Welcome to Zeo Capital Advisors. OrbSys Shower, products. The Orbital Shower Concept. - Featured in CNN Blueprint as the OrbSys Shower – Saves up to over 90% of the water, 80% of the energy, while increasing comfort and hygiene.

OrbSys Shower, products

Orbital Systems enables a comfortable and eco-friendly as well as economically smart lifestyle and do not compromise with comfort but rather increase the shower experience. Performance Highers water qualityFlowrate up to 24 litres/minutePrecise Temperature regulationWater Pressure stabilizerHybrid performanceDigital monitoring possible Sustainability Reduced water consumptionReduced energy consumptionLow maintenance requirementsSuperior LCANew water supply opportunities Economics More economic than a standard tapCan pay itself back in less than 2 years.It can easily save over 1000$ per person/year. Kano - Make a Computer. Ending Extreme Poverty. Inpakt. InStream Login.

E-Fundie - Flexible Funding For All - Lowest Rates Ever. Sophisticated Research Made Simple. Venovate. Pactify. Microsoft New England Research & Development Center Blog. Guest post written by Susan Musinsky Back in December, Root Cause celebrated 10 years of innovation at their Winter Reception. They also announced the 2014 Social Innovators and Impact Entrepreneurs, both part of the Social Innovation Forum (SIF).

Below Susan Musinsky, Executive Director of the SIF, shares a bit more about the program and what they have accomplished. Thanks to Susan and Root Cause for the exemplary work they continue to do to improve our community! The Social Innovation Forum was founded in 2003 as a program of Root Cause to accelerate progress on critical social issues facing Greater Boston. Plans & Pricing. Manifesto : Contently: The Storytelling Platform. People don't want "content"; they want compelling stories. We all know now: Anyone can be a publisher, and talented journalists and creative people can live and work from anywhere.

But good publishing is not simply words on a page or photos in a stream, no matter who's behind it. Quality in content is in the story, in the human connection, the difference made. In the connected world, we are no longer confined to a few sources of information and entertainment, and we are no longer beholden to gimmicky publishers and their tactics. RiteTag: Best hashtags for your social media posts. Frequency540 Welcomes Latha Sundaram And Angela Cobb To Expanding Social Innovation Practice. Deshpande's Sandbox to inspire social innovation hubs. Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande, a famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur from Karnataka whose Sycamore Networks was the darling of the US stock markets, aims to replicate the success of his technology enterprise to the social innovation landscape in India.

Deshpande's Sandbox to inspire social innovation hubs

Deshpande, who has developed a framework to promote social entrepreneurs, is set to expand his presence with the help of other noted business leaders. Five hubs based on that model will be built with the support of Raju Reddy (another well-known technology entrepreneur of Indian origin in the Silicon Valley), Rajender Singh of DLF Foundation, Sangita Reddy of Apollo Hospitals, Srinivasa Raju of Peepul Capital and Dilip Modi of Spice Telecom/Ek Soch Foundation. Christened Sandbox, the model seeks to work with business people and community leaders to build a comprehensive programme to encourage entrepreneurs to move from ideas to actual businesses. Bottom of the pyramid refers to the poorest socio-economic group.

Microsoft New England Research & Development Center Blog. The Found - financial independence through fulfilling work. Extending human capabilities through stretchable electronics. Tunezy. The Heretic Network. Frontback - You, and what you see. Ly Dashboard. Wavelength . Connecting Visionary Companies. The B Team. Insanely Easy Mobile Publishing. Insanely easy to get live 1.

Insanely Easy Mobile Publishing

Content Give us your URL and our platform automatically crawls and indexes all of your content. Every publisher has a unique set of content and our visual rules engine will allow a publisher to bring in unique content such as Slideshows. Lastly, we’ll be able to follow any content ordering or programming you may have. 2. Our modular and flexible layout creation engine allows publishers to have complete control over design. 3. We integrate with any analytics systems you might use. Welcome to Banjo: The Live Internet. Find and share online flashcards and notes from StudyBlue. Any subject, anywhere, anytime. Type Fast, Swype Faster. Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now. Encrypted Silent Text – Text Communications securely with Silent Text. MixBit.

Visualizing Economics. Quip. Dolphin Zero aims to be the Snapchat of browsers by shredding every piece of data. Dolphin has announced a new browser that they hope will assuage the privacy fears of paranoid people everywhere.

Dolphin Zero aims to be the Snapchat of browsers by shredding every piece of data

Dolphin Zero is the name, and it’s being described as a “Snapchat of browsers,” of sorts. In an age where secret data collection is becoming the norm, Dolphin wanted folks to have a solution that would shred every piece of data they could without fear of leaving a trace. Here’s a list of just a few of the things Dolphin Zero will look to scrub clean from your device’s slate: A blog about art and visual ingenuity. Uscoop. Your daily destination for celebrity style, retail therapy and up to the minute fashion news. 10 Things You Should Know About eLearning Industry 2013 - Infographic. Daily Deals, 1 Sale A Day. Stack Exchange - Free, Community-Powered Q&A.

High Line - Venture Partners. Looking for PageLever? Welcome to Unified! Physical Therapy Equipment. Welcome to the Department of Economics, Yale University. Investing, Trading and Retirement - E*TRADE Financial. The Yield Lab. FactSet. VXX: Summary for iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Fu. iPath S&P 500 VIX ST Futures ETN (VXX) -NYSEArca ¹As of Apr 16, 2014 ²As of Mar 31, 2014 Quotes delayed, except where indicated otherwise.

VXX: Summary for iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Fu

Currency in USD. Headlines The broker you select will become the default broker for Trade Now Performance & Risk Fund Summary The iPath® S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures™ ETN is designed to provide investors with exposure to the S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures™ Index Total Return. Openwork. Mashable. Dataminr.

How it Works. Pie. Enterprise Irregulars: Smart Thinking for the Smart Enterprise. FundSERV > Welcome. Nieman Journalism Lab. Financial Information Services - News. Financial Software and Online Wealth Management from Personal Capital. Breadth Charts, Reports and Data On US Traded ETFs and Major Indexes. Global Historical Data Solutions. Swing Trading, Day Trading, Trading Software: Market Data Feed and API – Financial Web Service – On-Demand. Chart Widget Wizard. Chart Widget Wizard. 5 Free Website Stock Tickers for Financial Geeks. If you’re at all interested in investing and the stock market, then the odds are pretty good that you’ve made use of website stock tickers in one form or another at some point.

5 Free Website Stock Tickers for Financial Geeks

MakeUseOf has always offered solutions to financially savvy geeks, such as the article I wrote earlier on , or Kaly’s 15 cool tools to track expenses and budget, but if you have a financial blog or website of your own, now you can embed free website stock tickers into your site with very little effort. Thanks to the wonderful Web 2.0 world of widgets, there are a number of quick and easy tools to integrate real-time stock information on your site. - Simply the Web's Best Financial Charts. Growth Science. SourceMedia: Home. - Web's Best Streaming Realtime Stock Charts - Free. Emerging Global Advisors - EGShares - ECON - Emerging Markets Consumer. Fund Objective Seeks investment results that correspond (before fees and expenses) to the price and yield performance of the Dow Jones Emerging Markets Consumer Titans 30 Index.

Emerging Global Advisors - EGShares - ECON - Emerging Markets Consumer

Index Description The Dow Jones Emerging Markets Consumer Titans 30 Index measures the stock performance of 30 leading emerging market companies in the Consumer Goods and Consumer Services Industries as defined by Dow Jones Indexes. Reasons To Invest Forward-looking growth potential: Consumer sectors may stand to benefit as many emerging economies transition from an export-led growth model to one focused on domestic spending. Key Statistics Country Breakdown Industry Breakdown (ICB) Top Holdings (Ticker) Best Apps for Bid Ask. Because you searched for free technical analysis apps, iphone market data apps, paid dividend yield apps, free moving averages apps, free time quotes apps, paid online trading apps, iphone paid stock exchanges apps, gain loss apps, android free mobile trading apps, profit loss apps, download free balance sheet apps, paid bollinger bands apps, download ipad market news apps, td ameritrade apps, download cost basis apps, daily data apps, free mass index apps, profit margin apps, iphone real time streaming apps, paid settings based apps, download paid time market apps, time streaming apps, android market free account balances apps, paid technical indicators apps, ipad trade stocks apps, ipad apps for investors, iphone free market information apps, android market order entry apps, android buy or sell apps, dow jones apps, download ipad stock price apps, iphone free time stock apps, trading application, trading app, iphone keeping me on track apps #3.

Best Apps for Bid Ask

. #5. TheNNT. Expensify - Expense reports that don't suck! Free Credit Score & Free Credit Report. No Credit Card Needed. Netpulse. WiCastr. State Street Global Services - Capabilities - Investment Analytics - Overview. With continued market uncertainty, increasingly sophisticated investment strategies and amplified regulatory scrutiny, asset owners and managers worldwide are seeking greater transparency of performance, risk, analytics and compliance across their portfolios.

State Street Global Services - Capabilities - Investment Analytics - Overview

Accurate, timely information that clearly illustrates the drivers of your performance and risk, and monitors your investments, is more important than ever. State Street’s comprehensive investment analytics capabilities provide you with the tools and information to help you make key investment decisions while staying abreast of market fluctuations and meeting ongoing regulatory demands. Tour » JMango360. Sign Up LoginCreate an account Login Create an account Jmango360 Building your own app has never been this simple. A ride whenever you need one - Lyft. Official Site: Force, Flex, One & Zip Wireless Activity & Sleep Trackers. Kensington. I'm a very forgetful person, the type who can put my keys down one minute and instantly forget where they are the next. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, though, which explains the need for products like the Kensington Proximo ($59.99 direct).

The...Read full review ProsHelps locate iPhones and other belongings. Easy setup. Can use multiple tags at the same time. ConsNot compatible with Android or older iOS devices. Pixie Scientific - Smart Diapers. Smart Diapers work with our app to keep track of your child's health Once a day you scan the QR patch on the front of a wet Smart Diaper with your phone. Our algorithms instantly begin to analyze the data, looking for signs of UTIs, dehydration and developing kidney problems. It takes less than ten seconds to take your phone out, scan, and put the phone back - we've timed it ;) One job of the kidneys is to filter out specific solutes from our blood. By taking useful data from a wet Smart Diaper, we make use of something that would normally be thrown into the trash.

What can Smart Diapers tell me about my child? The data we track in the first version of Smart Diapers can reveal signs of: Babbel. Twiducate - Social Networking & Media For Schools. ShoutEm – shows you how to make an App with our App Creator. Hype Energy Drinks - a lifestyle choice.