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Maintenance and repairs on Domestic & Asian vehicles - since 1969

It's Simple and Straight Forward. Never, ever be stranded again!

It's Simple and Straight Forward

We’ve made it easy for you to receive help anytime, day or night, with flat, lost keys, empty tanks, and a dead battery or need for a tow. The ToYourRescue™ Roadside Assistance Program from TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® centers offer 365 days of 24/7 roadside assistance and is complimentary with your qualifying service. It’s Simple & Straightforward When you purchase $25 or more in service from a TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® center, you’re covered for 365 days when you need a tow-to-safety, lock-out aid, battery jump start, emergency fuel delivery, or flat tire changing assistance.

Benefit Limit The Program benefit is limited to the reimbursement of two (2) roadside assistance incidents for any covered services per Coverage Period per Covered Vehicle, up to a maximum eligible reimbursement amount of seventy-five ($75.00 USD) dollars per disablement (the “Benefit Limit”). Cutting Edge Vehicle's Engine is a Highly Sophisticated Piece of Equipment. Service You Can Trust - Triangle Car Care. These 3 Problems with Your Ford Fusion that You Can Prevent. The Ford Fusion has been hailed by customers and automotive reviewers as one of the best cars of 2017.

These 3 Problems with Your Ford Fusion that You Can Prevent

It’s dependable, affordable and fuel-efficient. How To Easily Check & Resolve Engine Light Issues. How To Protect Yourself from Danger In Driving Scenario. Brake Repair Raleigh Today, class, the subject is “common sense” and how that would apply to the brakes on your vehicle.

How To Protect Yourself from Danger In Driving Scenario

Ergo, here is the question. The Chevrolet Cruze: Common Problems and Solutions. The Chevrolet Cruze is one of Chevrolet’s premier compact cars.

The Chevrolet Cruze: Common Problems and Solutions

With styles ranging from a four-door compact car to a station wagon style, it is one of the most versatile and affordable of Chevrolet compact car class. The problem is that the Cruze tends to encounter certain issues. These issues are more than the standard maintenance-related and wear issues, as certain components tend to fail more readily than others. Let’s take a quick look at the most common Chevrolet Cruze problems and how a mechanic can help avoid and repair them. Legal Case Against Largest Polluters In The Philippines.

Many multinational corporations dealing with a broad range of products have been facing legal battles with local people.

Legal Case Against Largest Polluters In The Philippines

Some of the entities facing legal cases at the moment have been operating in the country for an extended period of time now. During their operation, some them have gone against the regulations set in place by the government thus ending up being taken to courts by a wide range of groups. One of the main accusation being faced by the companies is the pollution of the environment. Pollution of environment can be a significant problem to the local people. The Complete Process of Air Conditioning Service. How You Can (Do) Get Your Car Trip Ready With Toyota Service. These Are The Maintenance Tips Every Lexus Owner Should Follow.

Lexus automobiles are renowned for their superior craftsmanship, heightened dependability and amazing customer service to go alongside their comprehensive warranties.

These Are The Maintenance Tips Every Lexus Owner Should Follow

This leads some Lexus owners to believe that their cars are and will always be perfect. Just like any other automobile, Lexus cars require a certain amount of maintenance and care. Everything from how you drive your car to how you clean it will affect how long your car lasts without running into problems. Let’s explore some care tips that every Lexus owner shoulder employ. 1. Air filters in Lexus automobiles tend to be some of the least expensive parts.

The problem is that air filters will cause problems as they begin to fail. When either inevitability occurs, costly repairs ensue. Here Are The Things You Must Know About Your Windshield. According to road crash statistic, approximately 1.3 million people worldwide die every year because of motor vehicle crashes.

Here Are The Things You Must Know About Your Windshield

It does not have to happen to you because there is a part in your vehicle that could make the difference in your live. Did you know that your windshield is one of the most important things in your car that can protect you from injuries and even death caused by crashes? It supports and strengthens your vehicle. Here Are The Information About Suspension and Steering Systems. Are You Looking To Repair Or Replace Brakes On A Non-Modified Vehicle? Undeniable Facts About Car Batteries Raleigh. Maintenance Tips For Tires & Wheels Rotation. The Modern Car and Why You Need a Smarter Mechanic. Cars have evolved throughout the years.

The Modern Car and Why You Need a Smarter Mechanic

They are no longer as simple or straightforward as they were when Henry Ford introduced the Ford Model A in 1903. They have a slew of components working in unison to provide an incredible experience for drivers. The part that becomes surprising revolves around just how smart cars have become. They have several components with computers designed to increase the efficiency, reliability and overall safety of a vehicle. 3 Convenient Add-Ons Your Import Vehicle Should Have. Having the perfect import vehicle tends to be about more than just the make of car that you drive.

3 Convenient Add-Ons Your Import Vehicle Should Have

Certain features make a car considerably more valuable. The trick is that some of those valuable features may be available in the form of aftermarket add-ons. These car accessories are designed to make your car more convenient to use, to add new functions, or to make driving your car safer for both you and your passengers. Electric cars vs. Gasoline: Chevrolet spark vs the Ford Fusion. Gasoline has long been the most accepted form of powering an automobile.

Electric cars vs. Gasoline: Chevrolet spark vs the Ford Fusion

The most luxurious cars tend to have power and fuel efficiency carefully balanced in a delicate way to maximize the potential of the automobile. 5 Reasons Toyota Care Makes Maintenance Easier. Searching for the right new or used car can be quite the ordeal for the new car buyer. Your mind may be swirling with options for this car and that model, and which features were offered with what company. A unique maintenance plan offered by a car company would stand out like bright beacon within that swirling cluttered mess. Toyota provides that beacon with their Toyota Care no cost maintenance plan. Toyota Care is a no cost maintenance plan given on all purchased or leased new vehicles. For up to 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first, Toyota Service will provide all manufacturer's suggested maintenance, checks and inspections. Engine Oil and Filter Changes At 12 months or 10,000 miles and again at 24 months or 20,0000 miles Toyota Care offers the recommended oil and filter changes on your vehicle.

Virtual Vehicle MD Raleigh, NC - Triangle Car Care. Simple Tips to maintain your Lexus Car in top condition. Emission Control: Emissions Testing Program. Top Two Myths Associated with Engine Oil. Top Two Myths Associated with Engine Oil Image Source : Everyone is aware of how important is engine oil for their vehicle. How it contributes to the effective and smooth running of the vehicle.

Apart from everything, the most important role of engine oil is to lubricate the parts of the engine, do not let rust and corrosion damage the engine and prevent the formation of sludge by using modern oil additives. Is wheel Balancing and Alignment Important. Is wheel Balancing and Alignment Important Many people while visiting the service centers to purchase tires often have a doubt over whether or not should they go for wheel balancing. And if they feel it should be done is wheel alignment necessary too?

Customers asking such questions doesn’t surprise at all, as we all know wheel alignment with wheel balancing is very expensive. Will We Be Driving 3D Printed Cars in the Future? Audi Steps Forward with 3D Printing. Autonomous Autos Head for the Higways. Will Your Car Be Smarter Than You? Several major car manufacturers have developed self-driving autos and have announced their plans to develop cars that would enable drivers to truly multi-task while they drive. Engine Lubrication Protects Your Vehicle. Today consumers face a dizzying array of automotive products designed to help maintain engines in great condition. Remembering to schedule regular service checks for your vehicle remains one of the easiest, yet most basic, ways to help extend the lifespan of an engine.

Why Engines Require Regular Oil. Neglecting Car Maintenance: How the Little Things Add Up. Cars are amazingly intricate machines. Car Trouble Misdiagnosis: What It Is, and How You Can Avoid It. Cars are amazing pieces of machinery. They have raw power, the ability to deliver a smooth ride, and a long list of driver- and passenger-friendly features that make them second homes while you’re away from home. 3 Times to Head to an Auto Shop for Help. 3 Car Services to Have Done to Start the New Year Right. A new year is an exciting time, but it also means winter is in full-effect.

It’s not exactly the perfect time to need unexpected car services. With many people presumably recouping from holiday expenses, auto repair is probably the last thing on many people’s minds, but unfortunately, vehicle durability doesn’t depend on the owner’s schedule. Millennials Changing The Auto Industry - Triangle Car Care. Today, the rise of innovation has created significant market disruptions in many industries. The Millennial generation grew up with advanced computer and mobile capabilities, and the shopping and purchasing habits of members of this youthful generation appear likely to transform the automotive industry in significant new ways.

In 2014, Millennials accounted for 27% of potential new car purchasers in the U.S.. Millennial Customers Many companies in the United States have noticed that large numbers of Millennials differ from their parents and grandparents in their approach to shopping.