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Chess Analysis Board and PGN Editor - World Puzzle Map. Wooden Map Puzzles: Wooden Map Puzzles, Wooden USA Puzzle, Europe, Mexico, Africa, South America, World: The Puzzle Man. Small Number and the Salmon Harvest. Small Number is a young boy who gets into a lot of mischief.

Small Number and the Salmon Harvest

He lives in a small village by the water with his mother and father. It is a crisp autumn day and Small Number is helping his father to prepare the nets for tomorrow’s salmon harvest. “There is a school of salmon by Straight Line Beach. Thetis Island, BC, Canada, Community Website. - Where in the world is Thetis Island?

Thetis Island, BC, Canada, Community Website

- Where in the southern Gulf Islands? - Visitors' Guide to Thetis Island (download an email version pdf - 650kb) - Some Historical Background - Climate - Population - Cycling on Thetis Island - Services. Thetis Island History. At the outbreak of W.W.I, the population of this lush island was still only seventy!

Thetis Island History

It’s been slowly growing ever since and a proposed new development could see the population top 400. Settlers from Britain arrived here in the 1870’s and produced farm crops for the Vancouver Island market. William Curran was one of the early settlers. The Burchells from England and the Hunters from the Shetland Islands arrived shortly after and between the two families they owned most of this tiny island. Preedy Hall, built by the Burchells, later burnt down but was rebuilt in 1930.

Classroom mission statement. A-Z Alphabet - Dinky CowDinky Cow. Have a little fun learning how to write your abc’s.

A-Z Alphabet - Dinky CowDinky Cow

Already know your abc’s? Practice makes perfect! Fun, handwriting practice worksheets are easy and free to download and print. Perfect for teachers, at home schooling, parents and tutors who want to practice with their kids. Finish up with a little fun coloring after all the hard work. Math Worksheets 4 Kids. Kids Under 7: Alphabet.


Teaching and Assessment Tools - Province of British Columbia. Use these field-developed and tested teaching and assessment materials to measure children's learning and development in the Kindergarten program.

Teaching and Assessment Tools - Province of British Columbia

Oral Language Oral language provides the foundation for all literacy development. Talking about experiences and ideas builds the concepts used later in reading, writing, and numeracy. Oral Language Assessment Continuum (PDF) Sample Assessment Profiles. First Grade File Folder Games - SD79 WebMail. Math Worksheets 4 Kids.