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PPC For Noobs. To PPC or not to PPC that is the question.

PPC For Noobs

Our agency has met with countless clients asking about the mythical PPC monster lurking on the web. Common questions we hear, “Does PPC actually work? What does it do? What is PPC?” Does one eat from the PPC tree or is that apple deadly to your wallet? What Is PPC? PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Does PPC Work? This is the million dollar question and the very simple quick answer is YES.

PPC Has Evolved… You need to utilize a trifecta to see results. 3 Tips To Setting Up A PPC Campaign Higher Bids DOESN’T Mean A Better Position Stop wasting your money. For The Love Of God Be Different The trick to higher conversions is standing out from the crowd. PPC Campaigns that touch on an emotional cord and stand out from the crowd have the highest conversion rates.

The secret to being different is touching on your buyer personas pain points. Which ad would you click on: Ad One: Your #1 Divorce LawyerAd Two: Who Is Your Spouse With? Bonus PPC Tips That Get Results! Treehouse 51 on Instagram: “Weekend withdrawal. Hang in there guys. #treehouse51 #anchorman #ronburgundy #monday #work #nofilter #hustle #entrepreneur” Only 90's Kids Will Read This. Dear Generation X, You were the embodiment of attitude.

Only 90's Kids Will Read This

You with your Netscape, Natpster melodies, and Floppy Disks. Life back then was so much simpler, wasn’t it? Back then the perfect phone was one you could see through and identify all the parts and Jesus-H-Christ if it glowed in the dark everyone thought of you as a G. You invented the internet. 3 Marketing Tips Taken From The 90’s That Work BETTER Today. Top Google Analytic Filters. Google Analytics is a must if you are as obsessed with data as we are.

Top Google Analytic Filters

You want to be in situations where you make a call based on Smart Data. That’s pretty much what the web has come down to… Smart Data vs Crappy Data. Setting up Google Analytics is not enough. You need to go an extra step and configure filters to see a true picture of what matters and what is crap. Don’t worry, we’re about to walk you through where to find these filters and how to set up the Top Google Analytics Filters. How To Convert Likes Into Dollars. At the end of the day are you posting for likes or revenue?

How To Convert Likes Into Dollars

Every person out there knows the importance of social media and their brand but there is a fine line between being on social media and having a social media presence. After chatting with a few clients about Instagram strategies I felt compiled to write a little cheat sheet piece on how to kick ass on Instagram and use these tips to convert likes into dollars. 3 Things You’re Not Doing on Instagram That YOU SHOULD.

Geo Tagging Think of the internet like outer-freaking-space. What is GEO-Tagging? It’s gives your content a home location. We’ve all missed it. Is Your Company A Google Spammer? The Rabbit Hole. Local SEO Stats You Need To Know. Your marketing should play to your strengths and the biggest strength you have is dominating local activity.

Local SEO Stats You Need To Know

This means local searches, local SEO, local tags, local social media, local EVERYTHING. Dominating local SEO is a proven way to boost revenue, capture new prospects and increase sales. In fact, did you know over 50% of mobile searches lead prospects to visit local stores within 1 day. Let’s capture that traffic. Local SEO Stats You Need To Know Have A Consistent NAP Across The Web To get there you need to make sure your brand is consistent across the web.

Having a consistent NAP isn’t just to make your info easy to find for prospects. Over 60% of consumers review the NAP info before taking the next step to a purchase. Word of Mouth Will Always Be the #1 Way To Boost Sales Think of how you buy products and services nowadays. Guess what…your customers are just like you. Over 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from peers. -Treehouse 51. 3 SEO Hacks You Can Do Right Now. Only 90's Kids Will Read This. PPC For Noobs. Treehouse 51.