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Military Space. US Naval Space Command Space Surveillance System. US Naval Space Command Space Surveillance System (Allen Thomson) One of the lesser-known assets of the US Space Command's world-wide space surveillance system is the 217 MHz NAVSPASUR "fence" across the southern US.

US Naval Space Command Space Surveillance System

The following items from various sources (indicated in italics) give some basic information about the system, its history and use. Mission. In 1963, CIA Said It Had Copies of Soviet Spysat Images. In a newly disclosed memorandum from 1963, the Director of Central Intelligence advised the Secretary of State that the CIA had “good reproductions” of Soviet satellite imagery.

In 1963, CIA Said It Had Copies of Soviet Spysat Images

This puzzling remark appears to suggest a previously unrecognized capability of the CIA. The declassified memo summarizes a July 3, 1963 telephone conversation between DCI John McCone and Secretary of State Dean Rusk. It was discovered by researchers David M. From Paris to Boston, Terrorists Were Already Known to Authorities. WHENEVER A TERRORIST ATTACK OCCURS, it never takes long for politicians to begin calling for more surveillance powers.

From Paris to Boston, Terrorists Were Already Known to Authorities

The horrendous attacks in Paris last week, which left more than 120 people dead, are no exception to this rule. In recent days, officials in the United Kingdom and the United States have been among those arguing that more surveillance of Internet communications is necessary to prevent further atrocities. An FBI Informant Seduced Eric McDavid Into a Bomb Plot. Then the Government Lied About It. IT WAS A SWELTERING DAY in the summer of 2004, and Eric McDavid, then 26 years old, was in Des Moines, Iowa, for an annual gathering of self-described anarchists.

An FBI Informant Seduced Eric McDavid Into a Bomb Plot. Then the Government Lied About It.

McDavid had come from his parents’ home outside Sacramento, train-hopping the 1,700-mile journey and scavenging for food where he could, including in dumpsters. An idealistic young man with a shaved head and a thick red beard, McDavid had been drawn to activism following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when his parents gave him a copy of Michael Moore’s book Dude, Where’s My Country? McDavid began to attend protests in the San Francisco area, eventually gravitating toward anti-government views. In Iowa, McDavid was staying with other activists in a farm house with a large porch. In Mali and Rest of Africa, the U.S. Military Fights a Hidden War. THE GENERAL LEADING the U.S. military’s hidden war in Africa says the continent is now home to nearly 50 terrorist organizations and “illicit groups” that threaten U.S. interests.

In Mali and Rest of Africa, the U.S. Military Fights a Hidden War

And today, gunmen reportedly yelling “Allahu Akbar” stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali’s capital and seized several dozen hostages. U.S. special operations forces are “currently assisting hostage recovery efforts,” a Pentagon spokesperson said, and U.S. personnel have “helped move civilians to secured locations, as Malian forces clear the hotel of hostile gunmen.” In Mali, groups like Ansar Dine and the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa have long posed a threat. Major terrorist groups in Africa include al Shabaab, Boko Haram and al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM). Eric & “Anna” — Field of Vision. Secret d'État aux Archives nationales. « Chère Max... » : la lettre de Mark Zuckerberg et Priscilla Chan à leur fille Maxima. Le FBI se serait associé à une université pour faire tomber le réseau Tor. Martin Armstrong: War Cycle to Begin by 2016. Martin Armstrong The System Will Crack And One World Currency Is Coming.

Martin Armstrong: "There's No One In Control. It's Like A Taxi Being Driven By A Kangaroo" Government is the real 1% Martin A. Armstrong. Martin Arthur Armstrong (born November 1, 1949 in New Jersey) is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd.

Martin A. Armstrong

He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed. In September 1999, Armstrong faced prosecution by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for fraud. During the trial, Armstrong was imprisoned for over seven years for civil contempt of court, one of the longest-running cases of civil contempt in American legal history.[1] In August 2006, Armstrong pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit fraud, and began a five-year sentence.[2] Career[edit] Predictions[edit] The Secret Cycle.

The education of Martin Armstrong, according to Martin Armstrong, commenced in 1964, when he was fourteen.

The Secret Cycle

He got a weekend job working for a bullion dealer, in Pennsauken, New Jersey, who initiated him into the idiosyncrasies of the trade in coins and gold. The next year, he bought several bags of rare Canadian pennies, which turned out to be even rarer than he thought. Within a year, they shot up in value: a roll of fifty was worth a thousand American dollars. Le mentor d'un tueur du Bataclan tissait son réseau terroriste depuis les années 80. CIA Hippie Mind Control: Inside Laurel Canyon with Dave McGowan. Sage of Quay Radio - Ole Dammegård - Laurel Canyon & The 1960's Music Scene (July 2015) Customer Reviews: And I suppose we didn't go to the moon, either?: The Beatles, the Holocaust, and other mass illusions (Save the World, Resist the Empire)

Customer Reviews: And I suppose we didn't go to the moon, either?: The Beatles, the Holocaust, and other mass illusions (Save the World, Resist the Empire) Amazon. Amazon. Amazon. Dr Robert Willner injects HIV on TV 1994 The Lies about HIV. Science Sold Out: Does HIV Really Cause AIDS?: Rebecca Culshaw, Harvey Bialy: 9781556436420: Books. Amazon. The Real Deal Special MUST SEE Boston Bombing Update. Questioning the AIDS Virus, HIV, and AZT Drug. AIDS & HIV: Lies, Cover-up, Deception, Profits and Genocide Since 1984, the mainstream media have been giving us only one side of the AIDS story-the officially approved side.

Questioning the AIDS Virus, HIV, and AZT Drug

When Dr. Robert Gallo and then Secretary of Health Margaret Heckler announced that the probable cause of AIDS had been discovered, H.I.V. became the sole cause of AIDS and the case was closed. Robert Willner. Dr.

Robert Willner

Robert Willner M.D. ,Ph.d (21 June 1929 — 15 April 1995) was an American doctor noted for his role in AIDS denialism, the view that AIDS is not caused by HIV infection. Growing Evidence HIV Not The Cause Of AIDS. (Reprint of Costal Post, January 1, 1995, Story by Stephen Simac) The last ten years of AIDS research has spent $22 billion and produced no cure, no hope and no proof that HIV causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Growing Evidence HIV Not The Cause Of AIDS

Prevention efforts have focused on teaching five year olds about con- doms and frightening the world about sex, homosexuals and a chi- merical demon called HIV, a retro- virus for which no accurate test exists. Dr. Deadly Deception the Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS: Robert E. Willner: 9780964231610: Books. Chicago Black Grassroots Activist Fed Up With Democrats. Après l'assaut de Saint-Denis, des questions restent en suspens. Militant pro-armes à feu et anti-avortement, soutien de Donald Trump... Jesse Hughes, leader des Eagles of Death Metal et rockeur pas si cool. Le leader des Eagles of Death Metal est loin d'être un enfant de chœur. Un documentaire, mis en ligne avant la tragédie du Bataclan, nous en apprend plus sur lui. Le 20 novembre 2015, le Festival international du film documentaire d’Amsterdam annonce l’annulation des projections de The Redemption of the devil, un documentaire consacré à Jesse Hughes, chanteur du groupe Eagles of Death Metal.

Le FT tweete par erreur sur la BCE. Psychological first aid: Migrant trauma demands alternative therapies. The best news you can get without a security clearance. Zoom - Hervé Juvin : Les Etats-Unis nous imposent des règles qu'ils ne respectent pas. (30-11-2015) ABAAOUD VOULAIT FRAPPER LA DEFENSE. L’antiterrorisme français en état de mort clinique. Le système antiterroriste français, longtemps considéré comme excellent, est en état de mort clinique. Francis Cousin sur le terrorisme. Son Of Gambino Family Mob Boss Says Sicilian Mafia Will Stop ISIS In NYC. Giovanni Gambino, son of convicted mob boss John Gambino clearly doesn’t think too highly of the punks calling themselves the Islamic State.

Lacrosse. Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball (62.8-64.77 mm, 140-147 g) and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick. It is often considered as a rough sport, although injuries are less frequent than in American football and other contact sports. [citation needed] The head of the lacrosse stick is strung with loose mesh designed to catch and hold the lacrosse ball. Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist? Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority.

Lisa Haven. Executive Action (film) Donald Sutherland has been credited as having the idea for the film and for hiring Lane and Freed to write the screenplay.[2] Sutherland planned to act in and produce Executive Action; however, he abandoned the project and took a role in another film after failing to obtain financing for the film.[2] A narrator states that when President Lyndon Johnson was asked about the Kennedy Assassination and the Warren Commission report, he said he doubted the findings of the Commission. The narration ends with the mention that the segment did not run on television and was cut from a program about Johnson. University of Missouri Racism Controversy. Abou Moussab al-Souri, l'inspirateur des attentats de Paris.

Le grand rabbin de Bruxelles: « aucun avenir pour les juifs d’Europe » FABRIQUE Bruno Tertrais : «Le réchauffement climatique facteur de guerre ? Ce n’est pas sérieux !» West-Bloc Dissident. Official website of the author, historian, and U.S. foreign policy critic. A Cold War Memoir So who’s William Blum and why should you read his memoir? Does he care about YOUR life? Well, he might if you wrote about it and made it as funny and as thought provoking (so he says) as he has about his life.

He explores how he became, and what it felt like to be, a radical dissident, the proverbial outsider, in America in the 1960s, the 70s, and up to the present day, probing the aesthetics of a revolutionary who looks for beauty in the social arrangement as others look for it in art. Though serious in subject and purpose, the book nonetheless displays the author’s vintage New York City sense of humor, with all the wit, satire and sarcasm the world associates with the Big Apple.

Hasna Aït Boulahcen, entre vodka et niqab. Bulo Marer hostage rescue attempt. Background[edit] Operation[edit] Additionally, the French military had reported that one soldier was missing; they were almost certain he was killed during the attack. Al-Shabaab claimed that it had captured the missing soldier, who was wounded during the firefight.[9] In addition to the military casualties, eight civilians were also reportedly killed during the operation, including a pregnant woman, and others were wounded.[10][11] Aftermath[edit] On 13 January 2013, the Somali Federal Government held a press conference, wherein it condemned the Bulo Marer operation as unilateral and carried out without the knowledge or consent of the Somali authorities.

The following day, United States President Barack Obama indicated in a War Powers Resolution letter to Congress that US Air Force warplanes had entered Somali airspace in limited support of the French rescue operation. Alexandra Lavastine : mon jour d'après le 13 novembre dans un quartier sensible de Seine-Saint-Denis. RIP, Maryam Irene Haley (Haley Paige, Miriam Haley) La Toussaint blanche, Roman, Littérature, Nos Rayons - Chiré. Exclusif. Le cri d'alarme du juge Trévidic - "La France est l'ennemi numéro un de l'Etat islamique" Trévidic prévoit un énorme 11/9 français. Hors collection - Tempête sur le Grand Moyen Orient. Exclusif. Le cri d'alarme du juge Trévidic - "La France est l'ennemi numéro un de l'Etat islamique"

Immobilier parisien : le krach est pour demain ! Gay priest Krzysztof Charamsa fired by Vatican after coming out on eve of meeting of world's bishops. RORATE CÆLI: BOMBSHELL - SECRET PARALLEL SYNOD: Papal Post-Synod Document ALREADY being drafted by Jesuit group to allow communion for divorced and other aberrations. Le 7 octobre et la vengeance des nantis. VIDEO. Fusillade dans l'Oregon: Chris Harper Mercer, le tireur présumé, décrit «comme un type bien» Les troublantes révélations issues des dossiers nazis sur le profil des membres de la Gestapo et leur destin après la deuxième guerre mondiale. Allemagne : Enquête sur les crimes de la réunification.

Pourquoi les jeunes sont passés à droite. Le canular de la conquête de la lune « Le Carnet d'Ysengrimus. The Missing Years - Edgar Cayce on the Life & Times of Jesus. Prophecies & Predictions: Edgar Cayce, Atlantis, Pyramid Secrets (Full Documentary) Search Marketing (SEM), Paid Search Advertising (PPC) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Sarah Zolecki (Contributor of My Master's Degree Is Useless?!?!)

My Master's Degree is Useless?!?!: How Chelsea Handler, Booze, and Reality TV Teach Better Modern-Day Business Lessons Better Than the Lecture Halls: Sonja Landis, Sarah Zolecki, Eric Reese, Sylvia J, My Brother Nick: 9781463630423: Books. Révélations sur « Les Gouvernants Secrets » Les chakras et leur rôle :D Super vidéo !!!!

Retirer la puce de sa carte d'identité sur la gorge : 5ème Chakra. L'étude du passé sans dogme. C’est à un affrontement eschatologique que nous nous préparons. Shows. Cancer: Step Outside the Box: Ty M. Bollinger: 9780978806507: Books. Cancer: Step Outside the Box: Ty M. Bollinger: 9780978806507: Books. La "culture" relativiste, libertaire et individualiste empêche de contracter un mariage valide. Jihadisme ou islamisation des révoltes ? Quand en 2012, un exercice de l'armée suisse faisait jaser jusqu'aux USA : "Faire face à un afflux de réfugiés" NFL players test positive for brain disease as League pays out $1b.

Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll. The scarlet Duchess of Argyll: Much more than just a Highland fling - Home News. 'Headless man' in Duchess of Argyll sex scandal was US airline executive Bill Lyons. Margaret Duchess of Argyll. Pilotes,scientifiques et docteurs dénoncent les Chemtrails en Californie. Ex Militaire Kristen Meghan sur la Géo-Ingénierie 18 janv 2014 stfr. Le Salem (pétrolier) : la fraude du siècle ? - Documentaire. Des responsables américains soupçonnés de falsifier des rapports sur la progression de Daech.

Résoudre le 11 Septembre – Conférence de Christopher Bollyn. Échec des attentats sous faux drapeau : changement de paradigme ?