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10 Pushup Variations for a Stronger Body Slideshow During 25 years of training, I’ve seen push-ups used in high school gym classes, the military, and dojos, often as a form of punishment. With good reason: Push-ups are tough. While people at gyms spend lots of time on benches and other fancy equipment, push-ups may be an even more effective way to get you stronger, faster. And they’re far more versatile than people think. Push-up variations can strengthen your abs, back, legs –pretty much every muscle in your body, really. Here are 10 versions of the push-up you aren’t doing but should be, divided into four categories. 10 Pushup Variations for a Stronger Body Slideshow
Survey of Eating Attitudes and Behavior
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Your Metabolism And Fat Loss | Help With weight loss Your Metabolism And Fat Loss | Help With weight loss If you know someone that has been trying to lose weight and get into shape, you have probably heard words such as, “I just eat one meal a day to lose weight” or “I’m afraid if I eat, I’ll gain weight” but sadly, this misnomer is why so many people are in the “battle of the bulge”. People all over the world still believe that eating breakfast, or even three meals a day will cause them to gain weight. In truth, as long as they are eating the right types of foods and exercising, then three normal meals or six small meals a day will actually work better with their metabolism than eating the wrong quantities or not eating often enough. With more than half of Americans over the age of 20 now being considered “overweight”, now more than ever, we need to understand how metabolism works in relation to losing weight. Why risk having a heart attack, a stroke, developing cancer, or diabetes when all you have to do is make a few minor changes and live a healthy life?
Your Metabolism And Fat Loss | Help With weight loss