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Top Bloggers Favorite DIY Projects. Drawer Shelves: After. May 13, 2011/Julie Remember my plans to add some new wall storage in the shop with some old dresser drawers?

Drawer Shelves: After

I was so excited about the drawer “shelving” that I had seen at Anthropologie in NYC that I was hoping to create a similar look in the Home Made shop. As I got into the project, I was forced to come to terms with the fact that my drawers would not look like Anthropologie’s because they just weren’t that interesting. No cool chipping paint or rustic wood. DIY projects for your home. Invisible Bookshelves. You've all seen these invisible bookshelves, right?

Invisible Bookshelves

The books stack horizontally and and appear to just float on the wall. They look really cool, but they can cost a bundle. Fortunately, they're easy and cheap to make from simple L-brackets. A bit of careful measuring and making sure they're level, and you're ready to start stacking. Just make sure they're well anchored to the wall! Got books? How about a nice Book Bookshelf? Soooooooo, our Friends of the Library have books left over after our annual Book Sale, and we offered gleaning rights to the Women's Shelter and the Children's Shelter, and the VA Hospital, and various other groups, and there were STILL books left over.

Got books? How about a nice Book Bookshelf?

I hate the thought of books going to the dumpster, or to the landfill!!! But what's a body to DO??!!! Enter the idea of a Bookshelf made from d.........TA DAH! They were DOOMED , marked for DESTRUCTION. Craft Project - Vintage Bird Knobs - DIY. DIY Project: Patterned Wall Squares. Greetings, decor8 readers!

DIY Project: Patterned Wall Squares

My name is Jessica Jones. I’m a professional graphic designer, and I write a blog called How About Orange which frequently features craft and DIY tutorials. I’m here today to share a project with you that you can customize to your liking using your favorite paper. Here’s an inexpensive way to add a geometric vibe to any wall? Perfect for apartments or dorm rooms where nail holes are not allowed! Build Your Own DIY Sofa – Free Plans — Ana White. PDF version A sofa that you can build with a fold out seat perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets.

Build Your Own DIY Sofa – Free Plans — Ana White

Based off a sleeping pad foam cushion, so seating surface doubles as a guest bed. Handmade from this plan >> Dimensions Dimensions: