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Schedule - Search Results for lost in the woods. Storytimes. (Select an individual craft project for craft directions, specific materials needed, craft templates, and craft pictures.)


Brown Bears Brown Bears that are easy to make and really quite friendly. Chipmunk Coloring Page Color a cute chipmunk and great stripes. Christmas Trees Get ready for the holiday - decorate a Christmas tree! Dashing Dragons Everyone needs a dashing and dynamic dragon friend. Create a magical dragon of your very own! Fabulous Fairy Ring Create a place where fairies gather... Fluffy Owls Make some cool owls from cotton balls! Flying Owls A fair and wise feathered friend. Natural Nature Collage Bring a little bit of the Out-of-doors indoors!

Opossums Create a simple opossum! Craft Project Details. SOS: Searching Out Stories - Story-Lovers. REMAINING CATEGORIES LISTED ALPHABETICALLY (click on your choice or scroll down)

SOS: Searching Out Stories - Story-Lovers

Search Results for flight of the dodo. Storytimes. (Select an individual craft project for craft directions, specific materials needed, craft templates, and craft pictures.)


Acrobats Swing, tumble, and do amazing tricks with the greatest ease with these acrobats. Awesome Airplane Messages Write your message across the sky! Bird Finger Puppets Easy-to-make bird finger puppets that you are sure to enjoy.

Specific Themes

Clap and Drum. Storytimes, Storytime Ideas, and Crafts @ Storytime Details. (Select an individual craft project for craft directions, specific materials needed, craft templates, and craft pictures.)

Storytime Details

Totem Poles Terrific Totem Poles that you can build as high and elaborate or as simple as you want. Home Sweet Homes Design your own home just the way you want! Free Standing Houses Houses that stand up on their own! A House on Main Street Simple lift-the-flap houses to decorate. Bird Nests There is no place like home…create a bird's nest and a feathered friend to go in it. Igloos A frozen craft that won't melt soon. Terrific Trucks Great truck craft projects for any truck enthusiast. Big Top Circus Tents Prepare a place for the greatest show on earth- build a big top! Castles fit for a King! City, Town, & Street Accordion Books City, Town, and/or street scenes that continue to unfold as long as you wish. Free Standing Buildings Tower buildings, tiny houses, big buildings…you decide… Barns and Silos Ever wonder about life on the farm? Sandcastles Lots of building fun! Storytime Resources.

This is an updated list that began with links to help with storytime planning collected from PUBYAC listserv members a couple of years ago.

Storytime Resources

Thanks to all of you who spend some of your precious time writing and posting about your storytime ideas and plans, to the benefit of the entire library community. You rock. This list contains storytime blogs, wikis, websites, and related resources, plus preschool planning sites for songs, crafts, and activities. It was last updated February 2012, when 19 new sites were listed and 17 blogs & wikis added to the Storytime Search Engine. Storytime Themes - Story Share. Front PageStory ThemesBooksPeopleRecent ChangesStorytime Themes.

Storytime Themes - Story Share

All Things STEAM. Welcome to All Things STEAM, a resource for offering library programming in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

All Things STEAM

When it comes to developing my STEAM programming, I have turned to a number of go-to resources that for inspiration and concept knowledge support. I've gathered links to those resources, my program how-tos, and other STEAM and maker resources for your convenience. I'm not updating this page very frequently anymore, but I still use it as a repository for my STEAM programs past and present as well as my favorite resources. Bookmark this page and get programming! My STEAM Programs Preschool Science Series: Science Club, Jr. STEAM Programs: STEAM Story Time Crafts: STEAM Videos: All Ages:Other STEAM Program Plans, Ideas, & Spaces Check out the School Library Journal STEAM Pinterest page, where I pin all sorts of STEAM programs for all ages from across the blogosphere. The Three Little Pigs & the Preschool Science. Photo by Amy Koester.

The Three Little Pigs & the Preschool Science

My name is Miss Amy, and I will be your STEM librarian today for a Three Little Pigs edition of Preschool Science! I am a firm believer that STEM programming knows no age limits, and this philosophy led me to develop a preschool science series of programs at my library. Each Preschool Science Story Time involves a few main components: an age-appropriate story; a group retelling of the story with discussion of the science in the story; and hands-on activity.

The most recent Preschool Science Story Time featured the well-known tale of the Three Little Pigs. The program is easily replicable; I hope you’ll try it at your library! First, we read our story. Next, we retell the story together. We always have plenty of time to be hands-on with the science. Everyone leaves with a book and/or sheet of at-home activities to reinforce our topic. Flannel Friday: Color Blending Magic. This is a decidedly flannelless storytime activity I like to use when the theme is color.

Flannel Friday: Color Blending Magic

It pair perfectly with one of my all-time favorite stories, with Mouse Paint. It’s one of the simplest ways to provide a hands-on experience with color blending. I Give each child 2 blobs of Play-Doh. Then ask the group what they think will happen if you squish the 2 blobs together. I try to coordinate the squishing so I count out, “1 squish, two squish, three squish. It works best with a small group (fewer than 10 kids). Libraryquine is hosting this week. Happy storytiming! Like this: Like Loading... Kidsite - Story Time.

Baby Storytimes. Baby Storytimes Baby storytimes provide libraries with the chance to serve our youngest patrons, and their parents and caregivers, too!

Baby Storytimes

Read this great testimonial from a Douglas County Libraries patron about storytime benefits for babies AND adults. You can also hear about the benefits of baby storytime from a librarian's perspective, from Southern Peaks Public Library's Babette Reeves. Baby storytimes tend to be shorter than toddler and preschool storytimes. Baby Storytime Resources. My Baby Storytime. Weekly Storytime Songs. Favorite Songs & Rhymes for Baby Storytime. In four years of presenting my baby storytimes, I have used at least 100 different songs, rhymes, and bounces.

(Yes, I counted once.) Here are my greatest hits! These are the ones that I use over and over again (a couple of them every week), because they seem to work so well for the babies. Why do these work? Many of them are old standards, so even families who are new to my storytime can join in right away. But another reason they are successful is that these are the songs *I* love to sing and the bounces and rhymes that make *me* laugh.