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Google Jump: An ecosystem for virtual reality - TravHQ. Google I/O was recently concluded and there were many announcements to be excited about. New mobile operating system, new mobile payment system (Apple and Samsung take note), free online media storage, improved offline maps and new virtual reality projects. While we can go on for days about how we love the idea of offline voice guided navigation on Google Maps or how Android Pay is going to go against the rivals, we are particular interested in where virtual reality is going with Google.

Google Cardboard Most of you must be aware of Google Cardboard, a combination of cardboard, lenses, magnets, rubber band and your smartphone to provide you with virtual reality experience. While at first it appeared that Google was having fun with a trend, it turned out to be a serious move. This year they have released a new version which is simpler to assemble and can house bigger phones (well that was an obvious move considering the size of Nexus 6).

The camera rig consists of 16 GoPro action cameras.