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Travertine Warehouse

Travertine Warehouse is among the leading dealers of travertine and marble across United States. We are pioneers in providing quality travertine tiles, marble tiles, pavers, copings & other stone tile products at competitive prices. Visit the website now & get a FREE quote.

Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tiles & Marbles in Texas. The state of Texas, the Lone Star state had considerable Spanish influence in its past.

Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tiles & Marbles in Texas

The name Texas is derived from a Caddo Indian word which means allies or friends. This is reflected in its rich heritage and culture, a defining feature of Texas. The biggest cities in Texas – Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin have many architectural delights that give a unique sense of style to the architecture in the state. Texas houses are known for their rustic, yet sleek designs with extensive use of travertine.

There are many architects and construction experts who prefer using travertine for its various benefits. Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tiles & Marbles in Louisiana. The state of Louisiana was under French imperial rule till the eighteenth century, before officially becoming a part of the United States early in the nineteenth century.

Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tiles & Marbles in Louisiana

The city of New Orleans is famous for its French cuisine and classic French architecture. Louisiana also shares its borders with Arkansas to the north and Mississippi to the east. This unique history and amalgamation of cultures has led to a very distinctive style of architecture in Louisiana. Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tiles & Marbles in Florida. The Sunshine State is adorned with beautiful beaches and mesmerizing coastal cities.

Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tiles & Marbles in Florida

Miami Beach, Orlando, and Tampa are some of the most popular tourist and beach vacation destinations in the world. The enchanting and pristine white sand beaches of Florida are home to monumental buildings and stately houses that have a distinctive style of their own. The use of natural stones such as travertine and marble pavers has had a significant impact on the architecture in Florida. They are an ideal option for indoor use in floors as well as for outdoor use such as pool decks, marble patios and driveways. Travertine pavers make all the beach houses, villas, restaurants, pools and hotels all the more attractive. Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Pool Deck. Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Patio. Travertine tiles and pavers offer a perfect solution for outdoor patio requirements.

Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Patio

It is a porous stone with texture, and provides a natural non-slip surface for better grip while walking, even in wet conditions. It is an excellent choice for the house’s patio, deck, and pool, areas where people often walk bare feet. Being a natural stone, the tiles and pavers are able to blend harmoniously in any living space due to their natural colors. They are incredibly durable and easily stand the test of time.

Case in point being the ancient Roman structures which still stand tall having existed for almost two millennia. Travertine can hold weights up to 8,000 lbs per square inch, making it virtually unbreakable. Travertine Warehouse offers pavers in standard thickness of 1 1/4” and the stones are primarily used for outdoors settings such as patio areas, driveways, pool decks, and walkways. Travertine patio tiles look best when installed by a professional. Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tile. Travertine is a terrestrial sedimentary rock, formed by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate at the mouth of hot springs or in limestone caves.

Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Tile

Travertine often has a fibrous or concentric appearance and exists in white, tan, cream-colored, and rusty varieties. This natural stone brings unique warmth to kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms. Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Pool Coping. A pool coping is a great way to enhance the look of your pool and the nearby areas.

Travertine Warehouse - Travertine Pool Coping

You can use the coping to remodeling and renovate the pool areas when you are rebuilding the entire area or only certain sections. A coping is also a very smart way to blend functionality with a sense of aesthetic appeal to the pool. The J-shaped coping fits perfectly well with the below stone and covers any cracks, breaks, or rough edges that may have made the area slightly dangerous for the users. At Travertine Warehouse, we provide specialized pool coping in different materials, shapes and sizes.

Travertine Warehouse - High Quality French Pattern Travertine Tile. Silver French pattern travertine tile Travertine is a natural stone that has been used by civilizations across the centuries to build their beautiful mansions, buildings and monuments.

Travertine Warehouse - High Quality French Pattern Travertine Tile

For instance, the Coliseum in Rome uses travertine. The natural variations in color in travertine that ensures no two stones are similar gives a travertine floor a unique design every time. Architects and construction professionals further add character to the floor with French Pattern travertine tiles. A French Pattern travertine tile is a popular flooring and wall choice as it lends a classic elegance to any place where it is used. Travertine Warehouse - High Quality Marble Pavers. This is our Ocean Blue Wave (Tiger) Marble Paver.

Travertine Warehouse - High Quality Marble Pavers

Notice the crystalline structure in the stone. This stone is also very smooth to the touch. Almost feels like a polished stone. Marble is a hard metamorphic rock, formed from limestone after being subjected to extreme temperature and pressure. The colors, veins and shades are caused by substances such as oxides, micas and silicates present during its formation. A paver is a type of decorative block that is extensively used in modern homes and commercial buildings. No material is able to transform the look of a driveway like natural marble. Pavers have brighter, more natural colors than synthetic tiles, and do not fade easily even with pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the driveway.

Travertine Warehouse.