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MANALI: A TALE OF LOVE. My exams were over and it was the time for winter holidays.


I and my family had been thinking to go somewhere to chill for a few days but we didn’t have a place in mind yet. Then a few days later, it just came to me that we should go visit Manali. We’ve been there before, but I was really tiny at that time so didn’t remember much. It was just a random thought which came on a random day in my head to go see Manali. Little did I knew it was going to be an important destination in my life’s journey as well. So we planned our trip to Manali including a night stay at Chandigarh. We reached Chandigarh in the morning, booked a cab and went to the messed up hotel. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden The Rose Garden is a botanical garden dedicated to various types and species of roses. Amazing Fact #1: A three-day festival known as the Festival of Garden or the Rose Festival takes place at this garden.

Nek Chand’s Rock Garden Sukhna Jheel & Sadar Bazaar We spent some time over there and had our dinner. After the Lockdown is over. 3 months inside our homes or wherever the hell we were when it happened. 3 months of this Lockdown. 3 months of figuring out and fighting against the Corona Pandemic while sitting inside.

After the Lockdown is over

But what happens when it all ends. It's been 3 months we've been talking about how bad we want this all to be over soon. So why not focus our thoughts on that for a little while. Let's just sit back for a few moments. When everything gets back to being as it was. When we could finally be out there in the world. All I want is to travel. It's been a long, long time since I, or we all have been able to travel. So, After the Lockdown is over. Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur. World's ONLY Floating National Park The world we live in includes many fascinating and extraordinary places through and through.

Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur

Anything you could think of, there'll be a high probability of the thing existing in some or the other corner of the world. This world is indeed beautiful and it sometimes could be quite a mess, too. But there are places existing, not very far from us, which suggest that 'even in this mess, you can come and visit right here to view and to feel the nature's magical abilities' and 'to heal.' One such magical place is the world's only "floating national park. " Keibul Lamjao National Park, situated in the wonderful city of Manipur, floats over the amazing Loktak Lake.

The Loktak Lake | The Mother The Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lake of Northern India and bursts out some pretty spectatcular sights, dotted with green patches and rings of vegetation. The local people or the Meiteis consider the lake to be The Mother, the giver of life. Animal Kingdom. Travel within your Soul. " Let your dreams lead you to where your soul knows it belongs " What is a Lucid Dream?

Travel within your Soul

Imagine going to sleep one night, normally, just like you do always. Imagine having a dream, about anything. And then, imagine being Awake in that dream. Imagine that amidst the dream, you suddenly realize that you are actually in a dream. Experiencing a Lucid Dream To experience a Lucid Dream, what we need is two major things: a relaxed mind and a trigger. A relaxed mind is basically achieved by healthy activities. A trigger can be anything- a memory, a moment of extreme happiness or sadness hidden in the depths of our subconsciousness, or anything else which triggers a dream, and somehow, you just realize you are in a dream. Best given way for triggering a lucid dream is having a tight schedule for sleeping, having a healthy way of living and being relaxed when you sleep.Time to get a little technical, stay with me, aight. REM is basically Rapid-eye-movement Sleep. Reality Checks - Mirrors - Time Check.