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Travelographers is a place where you can find your desired professional photographers online. Many local photographers are already listed on our website, all you need to do is to find your photographer by doing a search and that's all.

Mysterious Places in India on Strikingly. TOP 10 MYSTERIOUS PLACES IN INDIA (Must Visit) •The Great Banyan is a banyan tree located in Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah, near Kolkata, •The Great Banyan tree is over 250 years old and the area occupied by the tree is about 14,500 square meters (about 1.5 hectares or 4 acres). Questie. GitHub: After weeks of additional development, Questie v1.0 is finally out, lots has changed since the last version, so much that the original post and youtube video is no longer accurate.


Currenly, Questie uses Cartographer for world map waypoints, and it's own internal minimap system to display waypoints on the minimap. Pre Wedding Shoot In Delhi: 10 Fantastic Location For Photoshoot. Haunting Photographs of Environmental Pollution. A Mother & also a Photographer beautifully captures the birth of her child. Home » Blog » A Mother & also a Photographer beautifully captures the birth of her child A mother’s entire delivery story described beautifully in her own words.

A Mother & also a Photographer beautifully captures the birth of her child

The birth of a child is a very special moment for new parents. The feeling of having your newborn in your hands cannot be described. These Effective Wedding Photographs Will Spellbind You. These Fairies Aren't Too Delicate But They're Definitely Whimsical. Art could be expressed in many different forms with the use of many different tools.

These Fairies Aren't Too Delicate But They're Definitely Whimsical

There are unexpected methods – like the one Robin Wight uses that consists of bending and shaping wire. These grandiose and extravagant pieces probably take a while to create, and Robin’s efforts should be appreciated to say the least. Her type of style has a sort of magical and fairy tale like feel. Re imagination of Disney Princesses As Indian Brides. Wedding photographer, based in Vancouver, BC was approached by Well groomed (Indian bridal clothing store) to do a photo shoot as “Indian Brides” or “Disney Princesses as Indian Brides” for their advertisement campaign in South Asian Bride Magazine.

Re imagination of Disney Princesses As Indian Brides

Universal Decor & Well groomed conceptualized this project, with a need to show how Disney themes can migrate into other ethnicity. Photographers collaborated with some of the best vendors in the wedding industry and started the shoot. It took us couple of months to finish the project including the editing time. Most Vulnerable And Unusual Journeys To School on Earth. To the delight of millions, the school season is beginning in many countries throughout the world.

Most Vulnerable And Unusual Journeys To School on Earth

These Underwater Photos Of Circus Performers Will Blow Your Mind. Home » Blog » These Underwater Photos Of Circus Performers Will Blow Your Mind Word “Circus” makes us think of clowns and elephants, the other side of that world is the death defying high-wire acts of the Aerial Performers.These amazing underwater images of performers were created by Los Angeles photographer Brett Stanley as part of a groundbreaking series of photographs showcasing various sports under the water.

These Underwater Photos Of Circus Performers Will Blow Your Mind

Ocean Floor turns into Museum and Art Gallery. Museo Atlantic o, Europe’s first underwater contemporary art museum deployed the first phase of sculptures by internationally acclaimed sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor this February.

Ocean Floor turns into Museum and Art Gallery

Situated in clear blue waters off the coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Island, Spain. Love is In the Air....Whenever Wherever !! This seems heartfelt (Montreal) When a kiss on the cheek is worth a thousand “I love you” (Montreal) In French, love is a masculine word (Montreal) They said goodbye here… (Paris) … and then again there (Paris) Exactly one week after the November 13th attacks.

Love is In the Air....Whenever Wherever !!

Not even afraid – Place de la République, memorial for the November 13th attacks (Paris) Most Creative Sculptures And Statues Around The World. Few Cities are full of majestic monuments, stunning sculptures and artistic statues, each having a story to tell.

Most Creative Sculptures And Statues Around The World

Thousands of them have been made but only a few of them are really extraordinary and picture-worthy. So we present the Most Creative Sculptures and Statues Around The World, which add color and emotion to the most boring areas of the cities. The best one’s that really had an outstanding appeal to it were Mustangs By Robert Glen, Las Colinas, Texas, USA; Salmon Sculpture, Portland, Oregon, USA; People Of The River By Chong Fah Cheong, Singapore; Break Through From Your Mold By Zenos Frudakis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; etc.

Honeymoon for THREE...Bride, Groom and ??? Hiring candid wedding photographers had just about become the “In” thing to do; the city seems to have taken the idea of keeping things for posterity to an all-new level.

Honeymoon for THREE...Bride, Groom and ???

Today, a set of honeymoon tickets to exotic destination includes one extra — for the photographer. Well that is absolutely true as what you are actually reading. “Honeymoon for three”. Now YOU, Your partner can happily join in together for your most dreamy time of your life; that’s your HONEYMOON. 10 Weeks old Baby Travelling Around The World. When Karen Edwards, a 31-year-old nurse, and her partner Shaun Bayes announced that they were going to travel the world with their toddler Esme, everyone thought they were nuts.

But, being long-time backpackers, they packed everything into one backpack, took their 10-week-old baby girl and took off. Asia, Australia, and New Zealand were waiting. “The overall aim is to inspire like-minded travel loving parents – your travel days do not have to be over,” said Karen. Photographs connecting the two Worlds. Many photographers take good photos on dry land, some photographers take good photos under water, and few photographers take good over-under shots. What’s the trick to master this elusive art? We have following tips to teach you how: Find compelling subjects above and belowLook for calm conditions with bright light and clear visibility (use a big glass dome), and choose your point of focusFinally, use a small aperture, a fast shutter speed and rapid fire Physalia Physalis.

Majestic Waves Surpassing The Depth of the Ocean. If the names Warren Keelan or Ray Collins ring a bell, it’s because you’ve seen them before. Last year, Keelan posted a powerful photo series on Bored Panda showing the majesty of breaking waves, while Collins brought you photos of massive swells. Surf’s up! Inspired by these two artists, we’ve decided to make an open list of the most impressive wave photography on the net. To capture a wave like this you’ll need to use a shutter speed of at least 1/250 of a second or even more if you decide to zoom in. Exquisite Landscape Photographs. Blog features some of the most beautiful landscape photography by various photographers across. Nightscape by Photographer Nicholas Roemmelt. The Loveliest Valentine Story Of A Girl. Light Painting Photography. Light painting, or light drawing, is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera.

British Wildlife Photography of 2015. Below bog showcases the British Wildlife Photography Winners of year 2015 in London, UK. Over 100 images and videos, including winning and commended entries were presented in accord to the exhibition. Top 50 Photographs clicked without Photoshop. Amazing masterpieces can be produced when Nature and humankind join hands together. Underwater Marvels by Photographer Kurt Arrigo. Photographer Kurt Arrigo captures some of the eye spotting images of unusual sights under the sea. New Zealand’s Spectacular Glowworm Caves.

Photographer Lee Jeffries captures the Homeless in Miami. Self learnt and accomplished photographer Lee Jeffries love capturing everything in his camera and give it a special touch in his own unique way that attracts the beholder. Lee has traveled the world to unleash his passion for photography under all conditions.

20 Outstanding photography gems for 26th Annual National Geographic Photo Contest. Being A Nature Photographer. Look at these 20 serene scenes, and see that to be a nature photographer is the most creative job in the world. It seems like that the photographers and the wildlife creatures love to spend some quality time together, as they’re close friends now, and they must enjoy the moment they stay together. 10 Winning Photographs of Hasselblad Masters Awards 2016. The Passion of Photography on a 350 ft. cliff.

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Strong Belief makes the Impossible Possible - Travelographer. 5 Rare Camera Lenses - Travelographer. Day 1: Brahmaputra River Cruise - Travelographer. The Holy City - Pushkar! - Travelographer. India makes visa system easy for Tourists. One of the great mountain kingdom of India : Ladakh. Huge Underwater Pyramid Found Near Portugal. Using Travelling and Photography. Travelographers — The End of Travelling and Photography. Vacation, Proposal, Travel and Honeymoon Photography Worldwide.