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Costa Rica: the crossroads of the Americas - Traveler's Tongue. Sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica boasts a wealth of diversity for such a small country.

Costa Rica: the crossroads of the Americas - Traveler's Tongue

Over 800 species of birds find their homes in these parts, dotting the jungles with bright colors and filling the air with their cries. In fact an area that consists of only .03% of the planet’s available land mass has somehow packed into it 6% of the world’s animal, plant, and insect species, making Costa Rica a bizarre wonderland of rare sights and sounds. Since Costa Rica straddles the mid-section of Central America, it supplies world class beaches that look out towards both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With mountains, jungle, and active volcanoes in the interior, Costa Rica provides the perfect tropical vacation. Getting in, out, and about Costa Rica does not charge a fee to enter the country, but upon leaving, you will have to pay an exit fee of around $29 USD. Aside from the common vaccinations, there are no required vaccinations, with one caveat.

Brazil: the biggest party in the world - Traveler's Tongue. Greece: island hopping at the birthplace of democracy - Traveler's Tongue. Portugal: a high value vacation for the budget traveler - Traveler's Tongue. Chile: the lone star country - Traveler's Tongue. Colombia le encantará - Traveler's Tongue. Colombia’s bloody history has long been in the forefront of people’s minds, and has acted as a deterrent against travel there.

Colombia le encantará - Traveler's Tongue

Stories of kidnappings, rebel guerilla activity, and warring cartels have painted Colombia as a country to steer clear of when planning a vacation. Times have changed in Colombia, however. In fact it’s one of the best kept secrets that Colombia is a vacation hotspot with something for just about everyone to enjoy. The best part is that even for those looking to travel in luxury, Colombia is a relatively inexpensive destination. Ecuador: paradise on the cheap - Traveler's Tongue. Should I Buy Travel Insurance? - Traveler's Tongue. On Learning a New Language - Traveler's Tongue. In this era of globalization, knowing another language (that is, a foreign language or second language, as contrasted to our native or first language) can be both practical and rewarding.

On Learning a New Language - Traveler's Tongue

Whether for business, travel, or personal growth, learning another language widens our horizons and increases our options. It also provides a remarkable opportunity to show that we value other people and cultures. It is well known that most Americans do not speak a second language. We tend to rely on the belief that English is a universal language and that others should learn our language, rather than we learning their language. While it is true that English is fairly widespread throughout the world, it may also be true that we are demonstrating a degree of cultural superiority, indifference, or laziness by not making a more sincere attempt to communicate with others in their native tongue. What language do you want to learn? What level of fluency or proficiency do you need or desire? Denmark: land of Vikings - Traveler's Tongue. Romania: the heart of mystery - Traveler's Tongue. Created from the merging of the kingdoms of Wallachia, Moldavia, and later Transylvania, Romania has spent much of its life under other civilizations’ control from the Romans to the Ottoman Turks to the Soviet era communists.

Romania: the heart of mystery - Traveler's Tongue

Iceland: bubbling with brilliance - Traveler's Tongue. Malaysia: A tropical state of mind - Traveler's Tongue. Malaysia shares a peninsula with Thailand and part of the island of Borneo with Indonesia and Brunei.

Malaysia: A tropical state of mind - Traveler's Tongue

In between the large island and the peninsula are numerous islands that are also part of Malaysia and round out this tropical paradise. Getting in, out, and about If you’re a traveler with a valid US passport, you can get into Malaysia without the need for a special visa, provided you’re traveling for tourism or business and staying for no more than 90 days. Your passport must remain valid for up to six months beyond your scheduled date of departure. While you can officially stay for up to 90 days within Malaysia, in practice, your passport will be stamped with an official number of days that you are allowed to stay in the country.

US travelers with dual citizenship in Israel should use their US passport for entry into Malaysia. The US Centers for Disease Control recommend travelers be up to date on the common vaccinations when traveling to Malaysia. How do I know when to travel? - Traveler's Tongue. Determining the best time to visit a specific part of the world can involve numerous factors that interact with each other, most notably what the weather is like and when the high tourist season occurs.

How do I know when to travel? - Traveler's Tongue

If you plan carefully before you buy your plane ticket or start making your plans, you can make certain to get the most out of your vacation. The best time to visit South Africa will not be the same as the best time to visit Russia, nor will all travelers consider the same times to be ideal as other travelers. Your preference for when to travel can differ from other travelers in that you may appreciate hot weather and crowds, whereas other travelers prefer isolation and a variety of weather conditions, or some travelers always like to arrive in another country during their winter because of a preference for winter sports.

High or Low Season? There are three terms travelers and vacation planners use to describe the variations between large numbers of tourist visitors and smaller numbers: