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David and Shelby are a adventurous couple that have been traveling and camping the national park system.

When To Go Rock Climbing in Rumney, New Hampshire. College students spend months thinking about where their perfect Spring Break destination is going to be. You may think of questions, such as: “Do I want to go somewhere tropical and warm? Or do something adventurous and crazy?” David and I decided to take on the adventurous and crazy option during March of 2016 when we visited Rumney, New Hampshire to rock climb and camp. The Plan That Pretty Much Failed Us We originally were planning to go to Great River Gorge, West Virginia to camp and rock climb since it was further down south and had warmer weather.

Instead, we decided to stay a couple days up north in New Hampshire. Quick Tip: I think we would’ve thought twice about going to New Hampshire for Spring Break if we had found the history of Rumney weather beforehand. As you can see, the area around Rumney during the time we went was recorded for consistently having snow and rain. Camping Up North In Early Spring Is Not For The Faint of Heart 1. 2. For example, I am always cold. 3. 4. Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide - 6 Reasons Why Lake Tahoe Is Perfect For Spring Break - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

Lake Tahoe, California is known for having amazingly warm and mild winter weather while offering deep snow drifts and spectacular scenery, combined with technically challenging ski terrain. We decided to spend our Spring Break during March of 2018 in Lake Tahoe, and we weren’t disappointed. You may be thinking: “Wouldn’t you want to spend spring break somewhere warm?” While somewhere warm might be enticing, Lake Tahoe, California is a Spring Break destination sure to win winter activity die hards all around. 1.

It Can Be So Sunny, Your Face Will Burn To A Crisp Since Lake Tahoe is in the mountains, you may assume the weather there is always cold. Our third day at Heavenly reached over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and that was at the PEAK of the mountain! Quick Tip: If it’s predicted to be sunny and warm during your visit to Lake Tahoe, definitely invest in sunscreen, especially if you plan on hitting the slopes! On the fourth night we were there, it had snowed at least 12-13 inches. 2. Northstar.