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Cheezburger Comments No items at this time... social networking by Facebook Comments Featured Hot Today This Teen Learns the Hard Way Not to Joke About a Terrorist ... deviantART User Sakimichan Imagines What Famous Animated ... WTF! DVD Easter Eggs - Doctor Who - The Complete Third Series. TARDIS Index File, the Doctor Who Wiki. The Sarah Jane Adventures. The Sarah Jane Adventures — often abbreviated as simply SJA — was a spin-off series of Doctor Who, produced by BBC Wales for CBBC.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

It ran from 2007 to 2011, over the course of five series. All stories except for the the initial one were presented in a serial format, with each serial being comprised of two, 25-minute episodes. Created by Russell T Davies after a positive experience working with Elisabeth Sladen on the Doctor Who episode School Reunion, it concerned itself with Sarah Jane's life after her initial encounter with the Tenth Doctor. The series featured regular appearances by several teenaged cast members, their parents, a computer named Mr Smith, and K9. Aimed at a younger audience than Doctor Who, its UK timeslot was typically around 16:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays. Premise Edit The show followed Sarah Jane Smith some time after she met the Tenth Doctor in School Reunion.

In detail Edit Development highlights That said, some production milestones were known: Production team Producers. Torchwood. Overview Edit Over time, the Institute accumulated much alien technology, reverse-engineering it and applying it to secret military projects within Britain.


Within Torchwood an unofficial slogan evolved: "If it's alien, it's ours. " Under Yvonne Hartman, one of the objectives of Torchwood was to at some point re-establish the British Empire. Hiding out in the open in Canary Wharf was Torchwood Tower, built to better access a weak point in spacetime that existed above London. Captain Jack declared the organisation "outside the government and beyond the police". Public knowledge regarding Torchwood seemed to vary depending upon the situation.

History 19th century Edit In 1889, agents Eliza Cooper and Robert Lewis attempted to capture the Tenth Doctor when they realised he had been stranded in London. 20th century In 1906, Eliza Cooper and Robert Lewis used a machine they commissioned Professor Alexander Hugh to build to travel to another planet thousands of years into the future. Doctor Who Collectors Wiki. Doctor Who. History Licensed media such as novels and audio plays provided new stories, but as a television programme Doctor Who remained dormant until 2003.

Doctor Who

In September of that year,[14] BBC Television announced the in-house production of a new series after several years of attempts by BBC Worldwide to find backing for a feature film version. The executive producers of the new incarnation of the series were writer Russell T Davies and BBC Cymru Wales head of drama Julie Gardner. The programme has been sold to many other countries worldwide (see Viewership). Public consciousness It has been suggested that the transmission of the first episode was delayed by ten minutes due to extended news coverage of the assassination of US President John F. The programme soon became a national institution in the United Kingdom, with a large following among the general viewing audience.[22][23] Many renowned actors asked for, or were offered and accepted, guest-starring roles in various stories.[24][25][26][27]

Category:Doctor Who images. Doctor Who Reference Guide. Torchwood. The Sarah Jane Adventures. The TARDIS Library. The Tertiary Console Room: A Guide To The Big Finish Doctor Who New Audio Adventures. Doctor Who Spoilers. Filming began this week on Chris Chibnall’s second story this series, which is set to be episode four and is currently titled “Cubed”.

The episode features Stephen Blything (pictured left) as Henry VIII in a story which sees the return of UNIT and also stars Law and Order UK’s Jemma Redgrave (pictured right) as Kate. It’s speculated that she might be playing one of Henry’s wives, three of whom were called Catherine. NZDWFC: Archive.