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Public Domain Super Heroes Public Domain Super Heroes PDSHSTRIKING A BLOW FOR LIBERTY: PDSH leads the Battle of the Public Domain!! Read more > Captain Marvel Jr.A BOLT OF FREEDOM: Captain Marvel Jnr. rocks the Axis!!!!!! Read more > Spy SmasherSCOURGE OF THE SABOTEURS!!!
Green Lantern Wiki - DC Comics, Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Corps
Universe Wiki The Marvel Universe Wiki is a dynamic, community-driven encyclopedia of all things Marvel. It's THE definitive online destination for biographies of the 9000+ characters, places, and things that inhabit the Marvel Universe! The Marvel Universe Wiki is the best online resource for Marvel info because we turned it over to the experts: you. ANY Marvel fan can contribute to's Marvel Universe. To find out how, read our posting and moderation guidelines and start contributing, True Believer!

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