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Transpixel Studio is an animated explainer video production company based in New Delhi, India, that produces affordable high-quality explainer and whiteboard videos in all languages and video styles.

5 Reasons why your App needs an App Demo Video? - Transpixelstudio. It is the 21st century and its being ruled by technology and that means Smartphones and the thousands of applications it can store.

5 Reasons why your App needs an App Demo Video? - Transpixelstudio

You need to create a deep impression on the customer for them for at-least remember about the app and then make them download it. The question arises that is that how do you create that “Deep Impression”. So for that, you create a Demo Video. Firstly, a Demo Video is a short creative video that educate the customer about the app and leads them to a “Call-to-action” button. A App Demo Video is the most appropriate way to market your application. It has been seen that people delete the old and unused applications and try out the new apps by downloading them as per their needs. Importance of having an App Demo Video People easily relate themselves with videos because after seeing so, they connect more as compared to reading content.

Here are few fascinating figures about online recordings from Comscore, a site which estimates online commitment and utilize. Switch To Video Marketing Here Is The Convincing Reasons. Video marketing is currently taking digital world by storm.

Switch To Video Marketing Here Is The Convincing Reasons

Online videos are rapidly becoming an effective way to provide information and entertainment to the audience. Most of the big companies already chose video marketing over any other platform as it is considered one of the most interactive medium, business people ever come across. According to the reports created on the basis of study conducted by experts, by the end of year 2017, 69% of the traffic for all businesses will be generated from here.

The online world has already produced more than 39 billion videos per year, which is more than sufficient, I guess! Making of Affordable Explainer Video. Explainer videos as we all know are short videos spanning around a minute or so intended to illustrate the products or the services offered by a company.

Making of Affordable Explainer Video

They use concise language combined with effective and entertaining visuals. The intention is not only to explain but also to entertain at the same time so that it can be an engaging experience for the target audience. But the real challenges to produce an affordable explainer video within your budget. Have You Chosen The Right Explainer Video Production Company?

The very name of the explainer video is quite suggestive of what they are meant for – they are short audio visuals to serve the purpose of illustrating a business product or service to the target audience.

Have You Chosen The Right Explainer Video Production Company?

These explainers are marked by the effective use of language and entertaining visuals requires you to hire an effective explainer video production house for your videos. The idea is to convey a business message to the intended customers in an engaging manner. Whiteboard animations are also a kind of explainer video as it resembles the procedure through which a teacher describes an idea to the students by explaining it on a whiteboard. This is more or less what happens in the case of an explainer video as well where an animated character illustrates a specific procedure in a fun and entertaining way. An explainer video shows a problem at the outset and subsequently offers a solution to that; in this way it establishes the utility of the product/service it is dealing with.

Build Impressive Brand Recognition With Animated Business Video. Video has become such an integral part of our lives, be it on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and many other platforms.

Build Impressive Brand Recognition With Animated Business Video

Videos command a very high viewership as they are easy to understand. Animated Business Video is entertaining and educating while being quite easy on the eyes. Whiteboard, 3D animation, and 2D animation are some of the types that are used to promote your brand, product, and business. Why are the animated videos so crucial to build your brand recognition. let’s find out here; Quick attention Grabber The attention span of humans is even lesser than that of a Goldfish. Improved Conversions Several studies have confirmed that animated business videos improve the conversion rate up to 30 percent generally. YouTube promotion. 4 Situations When You Should Choose Whiteboard Animation For Your Business. Whiteboard animation is gaining popularity nowadays due to its engaging nature and great way of storytelling.

4 Situations When You Should Choose Whiteboard Animation For Your Business

It is a kind of explainer video and forms the best option if you have a medium sized business or are a startup. Whiteboard animation is an effective and wonderful business promotion tool for explaining the products and services in a fast, smooth and engaging way. Here, we will discuss about the four situations when you can employ Whiteboard Animation for the desired result. Reasons Why Corporate Video Production Is Gaining Popularity These Days. In today’s cutting edge competitive world proper marketing is the key to successful business.

Reasons Why Corporate Video Production Is Gaining Popularity These Days

Before the advent of the internet, television and billboards were the only modes of advertisement of a company’s product and service. With the evolution of the IT industry and social media, a whole array of marketing has found existence in the business space in the form of corporate videos in different forms like explainer video, whiteboard, animation videos. Here let’s talk about the reasons that are making corporate videos so popular. 1. Internet is everywhere The truth about today’s world is people are hooked to their screens and surf all kinds of information on the web. 2. Animation is not at all restricted to kids these days. 3. The social media is not just a hype among the young generation, which constitute a majority of the target audience, but has become a way of life too. 4. 4 Ways Explainer Videos Can Benefit Your Business. Business Explainer Videos Many times you need to explain a lot of things about your business or work to your client’s or other people.

4 Ways Explainer Videos Can Benefit Your Business

To do this explanation, it is always a good idea to use business explainer videos. These specific videos can help your organization in many ways. Get an idea about our pricing. 4 Approaches To Tell Engaging Story. Video marketing is the way to connect to your audience.

4 Approaches To Tell Engaging Story

But one of the most common and difficult challenge is to tell a story. Quick Steps To Choose Animation Production Company. The right Animation Production Company do play a major role when it comes to creating a killer, and quality animation video for your company.

Quick Steps To Choose Animation Production Company

Animated explainer video should be of high quality since it provides a first impression of your brand’s personality to your potential customers. Below are few steps to follow when comparing different video production companies, these steps and factors will help you choose the right one. Why Should Incorporate Whiteboard Animation in Marketing Strategy. Video marketing is arguably the commonest digital marketing strategy today. Owing to their unrivaled attention-grabbing property and ease of use, videos have easily outfoxed other digital media to be the ultimate choice for effective digital marketing.

At Transpixel Studio, we specialize in technically all video marketing strategies including whiteboard animation, explainer videos, demo videos and cartoon videos. Below, we’re going to briefly outline 5 factors that hallmark whiteboard animation as an ideal video marketing strategy for most businesses. 1. Captivating content Whiteboard animation entails using interesting characters and voice over narration to explain any process, product or service. At Transpixel Studio, we delve to produce simple yet attention-grabbing whiteboard animations that will enthrall your audience and hike your conversion rates. 2. Transpixel Studio produces high quality whiteboard animations befitting any budget. 3. 4.

7 Profound Ways Video Marketing Will Benefit your Business. Effective marketing is critical to the growth of all businesses. With the current shift of most businesses to online circles, web-based marketing has taken a new competitive angle. Therefore, staying updated on the latest online marketing strategies will go a long way maintaining your enterprise’s market viability and competitiveness. WE MAKE ANIMATED BUSINESS VIDEOS. If you are searching for effective ways to rapidly expand your business, and sell more than what you are currently selling, then you should include video promotion to your marketing mix. And animated business video production has the potential to transmit large amounts of information within seconds. This is the primary reason an average user spending 88% more time on a website with a video rather than the ones that don’t have one.

It even increases the likelihood of a front page Google result by 53 times and is known to bring higher conversion rates. Today, people are hungry for information, but want that fast. That’s why they are more likely to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video than spending 15-20 minutes reading some text. A detailed study by A.C. 6 Ways Cartoons Give Your Business A Competitive Edge. The first thing that may come to your mind when you think of animation would be of The Cartoon Network or Disney movies. But some would say cartoons are just for kids. Well, cartoon here aren’t the goofy characters because that would be a disaster for most if not all businesses.

Biggest Problems Associated With An Explainer Video Animation Production. Explainer video for product marketing It is a commonly known fact that online selling has overtaken in-store retail sales several years back. Marketing gurus are constantly striving to improve strategies to strike gold on this platform as competition is getting tougher and tougher for products and services alike. The places online where businesses posted information about their merchandise or service are numerous now than ever before.

They are not leaving any platform untapped where they can run advertising campaigns and post marketing materials that will reach customers and eventually convert to business sales. Tips For Animation Video Marketing. Top 10 Video Trends Of 2017. We are in the times of instant communication and digital promotion for product selling is at its epitome now. Businesses are well into the mid year’s first quarter selling. The primary and most vital mode employed in digital video marketing is marketing. Top 10 Reasons Every eCommerce Website Should Seriously Consider Expainer Videos. INTRODUCING APP EXPLAINER VIDEOS.

FOR RESPONSIVE CARTOON VIDEOS. WE MAKE LANDING PAGE VIDEO. Over the years, with the rise of explainer videos, landing page videos have been one of the most tempting prospect to attract your visitors and making sure that they stay on your website for a longer period of time. WE MAKE MOTION GRAPHICS ANIMATION. Motion graphics are digital footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. 5 Key Strategies For Promotion Of Your Next Online Video. There are endless videos on YouTube that get published every day. Have you ever really wondered as to how you could push your online video to the very top and promote it in an apt manner? If you want to move your explainer video on the top of the rankings, you will need to employ the best strategies.

Here, we will talk about some of the most effective tips and strategies which will help you in promoting your next video in an apt manner. 1. Content is the king The video can be made on a lot of different genres and content. 2. We know that most of you tend to think that email marketing is one of the oldest and the least effective method. 3. Why Do You Need To Invest In Social Media Animated Video Production. Why Explainer Videos Is Effective At Increasing Conversion Rates.

Long long ago a picture was worth a thousand words, now a movie is worth a billion. It will be surprising to know that, on an average among 220 learners – 100 are visual learners and only the remaining are verbal learners. Of the user community in the West in particular, an average American adult has a reading level similar to that of a 8th grade student. Top 10 Reasons As Why Voice Over Really Matter In A Explainer Video.

Dominance of Animated Explainer Videos in Effective Inbound Marketing. 4 Prophesies for Animated Videos and their future in Marketing. Amazing Video Marketing Strategies Worth Considering. Are There Any Benefits of Video Landing Pages. 6 Tips to Get More Eyeballs on your Online Marketing Videos. 5 Industries That Could Benefit From Online Videos. Ease Up Your Video Production Process With These Principles. How to use brand storytelling for marketing success. How To Use Social Video Marketing To Boost Your Business. 12 big video marketing tips to promote your next explainer video - Transpixelstudio. An Important Part Of Your Marketing Strategy.

5 Reasons Animated Videos Marketing Is The Right Choice For You. Nine Hidden Secrets Of Video Marketing. 7 Powerful Video Marketing Strategies You Might Be Missing Until Now. Top 10 Reasons To Hire An Explainer Video Production Company.