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Initiative Vermisste Kinder or Transmedia at its finest. We found a great integrated Advertising campaign that succeeded in connecting with it’s audience and beyond: The Vermisste Kinder initiative. this is Transmedia at its finest.

Initiative Vermisste Kinder or Transmedia at its finest.

Using several media channel to tell their story (across several platforms, complementing each other), they were able to engage and convert people into brand evangelist (active seekers in this case) and exponentially increase the search radius. This campaign is simply brilliant. Initiative Vermisste Kinder or Transmedia at its finest. The Time Tribe - Episodic time travel adventure game by Karen B Wehner.

Not a backer but want to keep up with Time Tribe news?

The Time Tribe - Episodic time travel adventure game by Karen B Wehner

Lina Srivastava Discusses Transmedia Activism. Collaboration: Critical Thought TV: Interviews on Transmedia Activism. Transmedia Activism: Slides for MIT Media Lab presentation. DC Entertainment Launches 'We Can Be Heroes' Humanitarian Fundraising Campaign. DC Entertainment has announced a new corporate, “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign fronted by silhouettes of its Justice League characters designed to benefit Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps’ humanitarian efforts in Africa.

DC Entertainment Launches 'We Can Be Heroes' Humanitarian Fundraising Campaign

Targeted at the horn region of the continent, which includes Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, the fundraising efforts are primarily centered around providing families and children in need with essential food, water, and hygiene items. According to DC’s press release, 13 million people are currently in need of critical assistance in Somalia alone, due to the region’s current famine crisis. Donations of any amount made at the We Can Be Heroes site will reportedly be matched by DC Entertainment 100 percent, with 50 percent of branded “We Can Be Heroes” online merchandise sales being donated to the fund (unless you buy in Maine, Massachusetts and Alabama). From The Source: [Via The Source] Where is your line? » Blog Archive » Lina Srivastava: Badass Activist Friday.

Transmedia Activism and Docs at the NYFF. Looks like I’ll be joining a panel at the New York Film Fest this Saturday night at 7pm to speak about transmedia activism and documentary films.

Transmedia Activism and Docs at the NYFF

If you are in town and interested in the subject, please stop by and say hello (while asking a question in the Q&A perhaps). The event is in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater at 144 West 65th St, which is a good space for this type of event (seriously, it’s great for a conversation). Here’s the description from the festival (more panelists TBA): Session 2 of “Beyond the Screen: The Immersive Media Forum.” Through the last century documentaries have played a pivotal role informing the public on issues of social and global justice and have served as calls to action, mobilizing citizens and leaders.


Presentations/diaporamas. Values at Play » Game Tools. Design Methodology – The VAP design methodology is described in several research papers located on this site.

Values at Play » Game Tools

VAP Quick Reference vapquickref.pdf Grow-A-Game Cards Now available for iPhone and iPad! Tiltfactor is delighted to be able to share some design methods with the public. Developed as part of Values at Play, the Grow-A-Game cards are widely in use in both K-12 and University classrooms. Using Grow-A-Game, groups of people brainstorm novel game ideas which prioritize human values. Order Grow-A-Game Cards.

Women and Girls Lead

Games for Change 8th Annual Festival, New York City, June 20-22, 2011. Transformative Transmedia for Saving the Planet. From original online mapping projects to Second Life, ITVS Interactive is constantly finding innovative and creative ways to draw new viewers to Public Media 2.0.

Transformative Transmedia for Saving the Planet

Senior Content Producer Cathy Fischer reports on the subject and has the resources to back it up. Images by Douglas Gayeton from The Lexicon of Sustainability I recently moderated a panel at the San Francisco Green Film Festival entitled Transmedia in a Green Context, showing how media makers are using multiple touch points to extend story and create opportunities for participation, play, and activism. What exactly is transmedia? The term seems to be the buzzword of the year. Historically, transmedia projects have been commercial endeavors. Modelingchange: Welcome to Modeling Global Change.

8 No Time Left

Haiti Disaster Relief Update! Justin Finch-Fletchley and I have one more show – tonight in New York City – and we are thrilled to inform you that we have surpassed our original goal of raising $1,000 for disaster relief in Haiti.

Haiti Disaster Relief Update!

In fact, tonight’s show will most likely put us over $1,500 raised! Given the fact that most of our shows have been small house parties with 15 to 30 people in attendance, this accomplishment is astounding. Resist - Good storytelling strengthens social movements. International and Gael García Bernal launch films on migrants in Mexico. 3 Generations, Hear Their Stories. Lina Srivastava Discusses Transmedia Activism. MoveOn Uses Fox News Hoaxes, Van Jones And The Roots In Anti-Austerity Campaign. WASHINGTON -- It seemed, at the time, too surreal to be true.

MoveOn Uses Fox News Hoaxes, Van Jones And The Roots In Anti-Austerity Campaign

In late May, a YouTube user named Hiropro999 posted a video to the site showing the ticker outside of News Corp.'s Manhattan headquarters being hacked and reprogrammed with an anti-FOX News script. The mysterious nature of the poster combined with the high profile of the target produced a tremendous amount of curiosity and netted 300,000-plus views. FOX News said the video was a fake. It was. On Wednesday morning,, the five million-member progressive advocacy organization, finally acknowledged that it had commandeered the elaborate prank in an effort to draw attention to a much larger campaign.

"This will be the largest economic campaign we have ever run," Justin Ruben, MoveOn's Executive Director said in an interview with The Huffington Post. Resist - Resist Films - Who is Dayani Cristal? 5 Examples of Transmedia Activism. I AM THIS LAND. Half The Sky. Surfrider Foundation. It Gets Better Project.