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Richard Ehrlickman

TransactionsIP is a leading intellectual property patent brokerage and consulting firm offering a full range of services to individuals, small companies and large enterprises.

Patent Brokers (Sales Side Representation) - TransactionsIP LLC. For the first 100 years of US patents, inventors kept their patents and practiced them.

Patent Brokers (Sales Side Representation) - TransactionsIP LLC

Samuel Hopkins, received the first US patent for an improvement – in the making of pot ash and pearl ash by a new apparatus and process. The Wright Brothers manufactured airplanes – or “aeroplanes” as they were called then. Buying and selling patents is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained momentum in just the last few years.

Patents are property just like about any other type of property. Patentees have the right to sell, assign, or license the patent as they see fit, or to buy more patents to complement their portfolio. However, patents — unlike virtually any other asset a business can purchase — cannot be modified. Things to Know Before Hiring Patent Broker. If you own a patent and are considering selling or licensing it, whether or not to hire a professional patent broker is a decision you will have to make.

Things to Know Before Hiring Patent Broker

Although most brokers work on a contingency fee, some will also charge an upfront fee to cover their costs if the patent does not get sold or licensed. You also should realize that not all patents get sold or licensed. Typical success rates are 25-35%. Good patent brokers can increase this success rate, based on their experience in the area and the contacts they have at patent buying companies. Ok, you have obtained a patent for your invention.

You probably spent more than $5,000 getting the patent, of course you want to monetize the patent and get some return for your investment. One way would be create a company to produce a product covered by your patent, market the product and sell it. It can be done but it is an expensive, time consuming path to monetization and the success rate is quite low. Other ways to monetize are: 1. Let’s take the last one first. Selling Patents to Companies - TransactionsIP LLC. Intellectual Property Transactions Brokerage & Consulting.

Selling Patents to Companies - TransactionsIP LLC

Call us at (561) 504-8762 or email for inquiries My Cart was successfully added to your cart. No products in the cart. A business – no matter its domain and size, focuses on its intellectual property in today’s technology-driven global economy.

This intellectual property is often the enterprise’s most valuable assets. Here, the importance of patent cannot be ignored as knowing what your patents are worth is important. For this, what is all important and essential for you is support from a professional who offer patent valuation service or a person who can provide you the right solution for your query “What is my patent worth”.

Cost, Income and Market Approach – Ideal Valuation Methodologies As far as patent worth is concerned, it depends on various valuation methodologies that include cost, income and market approach. How to Sell My Patent - 5 Profitable Steps to Sell Your Patent. Making huge profits in less invested amount and without any risk of loss is a common concern among all – who are doing investment in any business and domain.

How to Sell My Patent - 5 Profitable Steps to Sell Your Patent

Visualize Your Ideas and Transform into Reality through Patents However, there are numerous people who have great ideas and patents, but they don’t have skills or resources to transform them into reality, have a better option to sell their patents and make good amount of money. When it comes to sell your patent or know how to sell my patent, you will have more options. Here are a few simple profitable steps that will help you in making good profits at the time of selling your ideas and patents. Transactions Services - TransactionsIP LLC. Intellectual Property Transactions Brokerage & Consulting.

Transactions Services - TransactionsIP LLC

Call us at (561) 504-8762 or email for inquiries My Cart was successfully added to your cart. No products in the cart. Transactions Services. Protect The Intellectual Property Of Your Online Business. Intellectual property rights are valuable to a business because they set it apart from its competitors.

Protect The Intellectual Property Of Your Online Business

They can be sold or even licensed to other firms and therefore generate a revenue stream for the business. Intellectual property rights can also form an essential part of a marketing or a branding campaign, making a business more visible to potential and existing customers. Intellectual property rights can also be used to obtain loans from lending institutions because of their value. So many aspects of a business can be protected under intellectual property laws. These include the business name and the logo, or designs and inventions that emanate from the business, or any works of creative effort that the business could be engaging in.

Patent Broker Services — A Trustworthy Solution To Cash In Your Patent. Patent Broker Services — A Trustworthy Solution To Cash In Your Patent Similar to physical assets, intellectual property must be safe guarded , maintained, accounted for and professionally managed so that maximum profit can be reaped.

Patent Broker Services — A Trustworthy Solution To Cash In Your Patent

They can be owned by individuals, small companies or even large corporations, and may be hold the entire worth of the same. In the market the seller of a patent might be a company with limited resources, who lack the ability to maintain or run a patent efficiently. A buyer however might be a big company with resources seeking new inventions or technology that will go into their research facilities. It is in instances like these that patent brokering occurs. Patent brokerage firms are the mediators between a seller and a buyer of an invention while managing the entirety of the process it takes to change ownership of the intellectual property. Another service is technology assessment, which is the evaluation of the intellectual property to be sold.

Intellectual Property Consulting Services - TransactionsIP. While TransactionsIP concentrates on transactions in support of brokering and licensing we also provide select consulting services.

Intellectual Property Consulting Services - TransactionsIP

Our goal is for the consulting projects to be the pathway to transactions. During the consultation, we will help the client to develop a customized IP action plan for monetization of their patents and technology. The following are examples of projects which TransactionsIP support: Establish an IP Strategy and Transaction Implementation Plan for the entire organization. The professionals of TransactionsIP bring together over 50 years of industry, university, and start-up IP knowledge and experience. Behance. Richard_Ehrlickman - How to Sell My Patent - 5 Profitable Steps to Sell Your Patent. Inventions are always accepted and appreciated globally. Patenting the invention is one of the essential steps for your ownership and to make good money in future without producing and marketing the product yourself. Patent sales is a good way of earning more as you have to assign your ownership rights in the patent to someone else who is using them for any purpose.

How to sell my patent is a common question and people who are disclosing patent sales often search for the right solutions for their query. If you are also one of them, you will have some better options here. Patent Broker Services in US And Worldwide by TransactionsIP LLC. Patent Brokerage And IP Brokerage Firms PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7374731. Make the Most of Your IP With Patent Brokerage Services. Make the Most of Your IP with Patent Brokerage Services: Make the Most of Your IP with Patent Brokerage Services Prepared By:- Slide 2: When the competition is higher than ever in every business domain, making more profits without spending extra amount of money on advertising and other sources, has become a major concern for companies and businesses of all domains.

However , experienced and skilled managers help them in fulfilling their requirement by focusing on more efficient ways to receivables, inventory, managing cash and various other assets. Here , you will find some businesses that are ignoring or underutilizing the important source of revenue. Slide 3: They are doing nothing, but wasting assets that is an outcome of decreasing value and become worthless. Slide 4: Here, you need support of a company that have been offering patent broker services or dealing in IP Brokerage. Latest IP Brokerage And Patent Broker Services - Download - 4shared - Richard Ehrlickman.

Transactions Services - TransactionsIP LLC. Patent Evaluation and Patent Valuation Services - TransactionsIP LLC. “During my 30 years at IBM, and now working as an Patent Broker, it has been my observation that Less than 1% of patents in a typical portfolio represent seminal patents. The next cluster at the top of the list are “core” patents (20%) that are central to the company’s business. The patents descend in order of importance from there: the bulk (about 45%), are minor improvements on existing patents and a little over a third of them are decidedly routine and non-core patents. In the middle of the list, (45%) are patents that could possibly be better monetized. Some of them may be infringed and should be enforced.

At the bottom of the patent portfolio list (the non-core, unutilized group) are patents that the company will probably drop when the maintenance fees are due. Intellectual Property Consulting Services - TransactionsIP. Company Product Patented Technology Valuation - TransactionsIP LLC. Companies that have Patented Technology as their core asset, often approach us to determine their Company Product Market Valuation.

The main product of a company is often built from a unique Patented Technology. Utilizing a Market approach methodology, and assumptions driven by the business revenues, profits, future growth opportunity, competitive environment, and the advantages and leverages of the Patented Technology, a Company Product Valuation price is provided. For $2000, you will receive a report that gives you a current market valuation and provides a low- and high-value estimate for your Company Product Patented Technology. A senior licensing and brokerage IP expert provides a market approach valuation taking into account several product and patented technology value metrics: Average turnaround time of 3 weeks.

Click here to view our Company Product Patented Technology Valuation Data Sheet. What is my patent worth? In today’s technology-driven global economy, a business’s intellectual property is often the enterprise’s most valuable assets. That is why knowing what your patents are worth is so important, and only a professional patent valuation will tell you that. There are 3 classic valuation methodologies: Cost, Income and Market Approach. Patent Valuation Services - TransactionsIP LLC. Patents For Sale - TransactionsIP. This Intellectual Property (IP) includes US 8,615,652 B2, US 8,972,718 B2, US 9,294,449 B2 and filed US Patent Application 15/075,037 assigned to Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network, Inc..

The IP relates to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) – A Secure File Sharing and Secure Peer to Peer Network Systems and Methods, in order to provide a load balancing and secure media content delivery in a distributed computing environment. The technology disclosed in the IP provides the following advantages: Broker Licensing Support - TransactionsIP LLC. Patent and Technology Licensing - TransactionsIP LLC. Our goal for the licensor is to identify the best available licensing opportunities. Patent Brokers (Acquisition – Buyer’s Side Representation) - TransactionsIP LLC. Patent Buying - TransactionsIP LLC. Patent Brokers (Sales Side Representation) - TransactionsIP LLC.

Selling Patents to Companies - TransactionsIP LLC. How to Sell My Patent. Identifying the best patent valuation service is one of the important steps for small businesses with a patent portfolio to develop an intellectual property monetization strategy. If you are looking for such services, you will have multiple options, including: Expensive accounting firms, various law firms, and certain brokerage firms, provide some sort of patent valuation services. Often times the most expensive will provide an answer that is no more accurate than a less expensive one.

Patent Broker Services: How to Choose Best Patent Broker Services for Your Business. IP Brokerage Solutions - TransactionsIP LLC by TransactionsIP LLC. Know About Patents and Their Value PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7362580. Know about Patents And Their Value. Patent Valuation Services - TransactionsIP LLC PowerPoint presentation. is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website. Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, is a great resource.

And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. You can use to find and download example online PowerPoint ppt presentations on just about any topic you can imagine so you can learn how to improve your own slides and presentations for free. Patent Broker Services and IP Brokerage Firms.