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We are a rapidly growing IT company in India offering tailored solutions for web & mobile app development, digital marketing, UI/UX designing, & graphic designing to B2B and B2C enterprises.

Top Web Development Company in India. Trank Technologies acquires a team of front-end and back-end development professionals with significant expertise in their respective fields.

Top Web Development Company in India

These super-experienced web developers work concurrently with our design experts to create amazing websites with impressive layouts and user-friendly interfaces. Our top-notch website design and development solutions take in major aspects of online business marketing including web application and mobile application development. Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Holding You Back with Low Revenue Rate.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular means of revenue generation in the digital marketing domain.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Holding You Back with Low Revenue Rate

A well-managed blog or YouTube channel can help you make a living if you play your cards right, but that doesn’t happen quite often. Most affiliate marketers happen to make a few mistakes while setting up a marketing campaign on their platform. In this post, we will discuss the common mistakes that affect an affiliate marketing campaign and don’t let the revenue rate go up with ease: Irrelevant Selection of Products Picking the wrong product for an affiliate marketing campaign is one of the foremost mistakes new digital marketing agencies & professionals fall prey to.

Mobile Commerce Development - Overview of mCommerce in India. Internet pioneers believe that it’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.

Mobile Commerce Development - Overview of mCommerce in India

The digital era has brought a degree of fairness in the business sector by putting upfront those who offer faster and more convenient services. Your product can be slightly less effective or more pricey. But your customers would be happy to invest in your products as long as they are available quickly and hassle-free. It might seem like an exaggeration, it perfectly culminates a significant scope for m-commerce (mobile commerce) development services in India.

6 Web Development Myths That Are Ruining Your Business. The internet has taken over every prominent business industry nowadays.

6 Web Development Myths That Are Ruining Your Business

Your business either has to be on the web or it won’t get the sales leads at all. A well-built website integrated with active profiles on various social networking sites is all you need to get your business up and running smoothly on Google. While setting up a social media account can be easier than a child’s play, website development is quite the contrary. What is Hybrid App Development? Benefits & Hybrid App Examples. A hybrid mobile app, though looks exactly like a native app, works on all operating systems.

What is Hybrid App Development? Benefits & Hybrid App Examples

Hybrid applications are built with the purpose to serve users on various operating systems including android, iOS, and windows. In simple words, a hybrid software application can be defined as an amalgamation of web apps and native apps. Top app developers explain hybrid software applications as a customized web app covered in a native app shell. Responsive Web Design Services – Never Skip These 5 Essential Rules. Responsive website design isn’t just a methodology that attracts a wider spectrum of the audience on the website.

Responsive Web Design Services – Never Skip These 5 Essential Rules

It is the ultimate possible way to revolutionize web browsing through supreme convenience and accessibility. Tech professionals are creating the creating innovative marvels every day in the form of smart TVs, game consoles, smartwatches, and whatnot. This rounds up to just one thing – different screen sizes and customized appearance of websites on them! Not to forget the rising demands of the millennial audience that now seeks boosted performance, bespoke accessibility, and instant outcomes! Certainly, this is the major reason why top web design companies in India are morphing their web design services into responsive models. Headless eCommerce Web Development India - What’s New in Services. The world may have suffered from a drastic economic downfall in the past 2 years, but it hasn’t affected the digital industry at all.

Headless eCommerce Web Development India - What’s New in Services

Although, industry leaders and technology professionals have managed to utilize this setback as an advantage for the future-ready roadmap planning of the online business. People are trying to move along at the same pace and surviving in the digitally driven era with the help of the user-friendly transfer of services and communication systems. eCommerce advancements have made it easy for people to get essential supplies at home. ECommerce. 6 Amazing Uses of Podcasts in Digital Marketing for Businesses. Every single marketing strategy created in the world so far is hinged on the idea of a voice being heard by the right set of crowds.

6 Amazing Uses of Podcasts in Digital Marketing for Businesses

Millennials these days are very demanding. They always seek a significant form of communication to connect with a business or a service provider. With the massive evaluation of numerous customer engagement modes, print media has already been left behind. Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2021 - Trank Technologies. Web development frameworks formulate the foundation for a website that can serve your consumers online.

Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2021 - Trank Technologies

Whether you are designing a regular business portal or an eCommerce wonder, these selected frameworks come in handy with a series of features and configurations. It’s no secret that the curation of a web platform takes a lot of time and a technical skillet. Even expert web developers spend hours in research and planning while working on a variety of projects. Fortunately, there are several top 10 web development frameworks with in-built options for developers that can open the doors for professionals in 2021. High-end web development frameworks simplify web development services to some extent. Hybrid Mobile App Development Company in India. Hybrid mobile applications are often built on native platforms to provide users with extreme accessibility and operational convenience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development Company in India

Designers and developers around the world are raking over this customer-friendly development paradigm for connecting with their target audience effortlessly. Implementation of creative ideas, awe-spiring UI/UX designs, less time-consuming integration, and offline support are some of the major reasons why this platform is so popular these days. Many app development companies in India are embracing hybrid methodologies for creating top-notch mobile apps. If you believe that your business will exhibit enhanced performance through a hybrid mobile app, then we are here with our technical assistance. We are a leading Hybrid Mobile App Development company in India specializing in web development and Hybrid Mobile App Development services. Android App Development Company in India. Do you know that android is the most popular and convenient operating system in the world?

Surprisingly enough, there are over two billion android users who are actively using android phones and other devices to manage their daily life operations hassle-free. This is the growth rate of the past decade and there is a fair chance for this number to get doubled in the next 3 years. The digital marketing sector is raging in India and so is the scope of android development services. iOS App Development Company in India. Custom Web Portal Development Company. 5 Unique Features of WordPress Development. Words like accessibility and convenience don’t even begin to contemplate the actual scale of efficiency WordPress can provide to development professionals. Started in 2003, WordPress is a globally recognized open-source content management system used by millions of developers for website development.

It is one of the most convenient and user-friendly CMS tools that allows users to build a robust back-end structure of any type of website. Following are some main features of WordPress development that make it one of the best CMS tools for web development: Adaptability WordPress is a free CMS option with open-source arrangements which means that users can customize their own templates as per the requirements. eCommerce Website Development in India - Trank Technologies. With an average growth rate of 20% each year, e-commerce web development services have been a subject of proliferation making an online business a priority in the corporate realm. If you need an e-commerce website to increase your sales on the web, then Trank Technologies is the right spot for you. We are a highly recognized eCommerce web development company in India specializing in Magento and Shopify eCommerce design, development, and optimization solutions.

Led by a team of UI/UX designing experts and Shopify developers, we endeavor to minimize the distance between you and your customers through our eCommerce website development services. CMS Website Development Company in India - Trank technologies. A professionally designed website can boost the search engine visibility rate of a website up to 50% making it an essential aspect of online business promotion. No matter how popular your services and products are, you will always need a great website to communicate with your potential buyers hassle-free.

Nonetheless, the competition these days is nearly impossible to survive and therefore you need assistance from a team of experts to develop a highly optimized website containing all crucial features for online business. Trank Technologies is here to provide tailor-made website development solutions for those who want to secure a robust business presence on the web. We are a team of designers and developers who specialize in various fields of web portal and web application development. Other than customized website development solutions, mobile app development and digital marketing are also included in our broad array of IT and marketing services. 6 Surefire Digital Marketing Trends of 2021 to Elevate Online Business Growth Instantly. There was a time when terms like voice search engine optimization and artificial intelligence were considered a remote approach for digital marketing experts for optimal campaign implementation. But the tables have turned in a retrospective way, and every seemingly distant technology is getting an upper-hand with slight modifications with the latest digital marketing trends of 2021.

When it comes to relocating a well-established business on an online platform, innovative advancement is the first basic parameter that digital marketing professionals take into consideration for making the process easier. The same rule applies to relatively small-scale businesses and creative start-ups with a certain target audience on the web. There is a unified pattern of deployment hidden in these latest digital marketing trends of 2021 that can work on all kinds of growth development models when applied correctly. Addition of Artificial Intelligence in Almost Everything.

Custom Mobile App Development Company in India. Best Website Development Services. Magento E-Commerce Development – Why Companies Prefer it for Creating Shopping Sites?