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I Will Cleverly Entitle This Later I Will Cleverly Entitle This Later Yes and no. In high school I was really oblivious to pretty much everything going on around me, which was kind of a defense mechanism I didn’t realize I had developed. So if people said rude things about my behavior (I would say I was the awkward one who didn’t know how to play it cool or when enough was enough) or about the way I looked or talked (squirrel voice), I couldn’t even tell you what they were because I don’t remember them.
Too Ugly For Fashion
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.@mosa_breathe | このタグはとくに好き(*`ω´) 過去の産物。 #SKATETHING#bape#abathingape#スケシ… | Webstagram Posted 20 hours ago 26 notes . S K A T E T H I N G S K A T E T H I N G
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HUH. Video: Turning The Tables On Everyday Sexism 3 hours ago · culture · 0 Comments · 1046 Views Most women in the UK describe sexism as a regular daily event, whether it's men shouting at them to "get their t*ts out" or builders asking to speak to a man instead in a hardware shop. Flipping everything on its head, Leah Green... Desillusion Magazine Introduce TOME 1 5 hours ago · Art & Design · 0 Comments · 368 Views Since 2002, quarterly surf, skate, and snow magazine Desillusion have released 65 print magazines and 30 documentaries. Now, they are proudly introducing a 260 page coffee table book which is entirely ad free. The "tome" will also be accompanied by a series of short films showcased...


Vogue US, October 1988Photographer : Richard AvedonModel : Kara Young "Flash Colours", Elle France, March 1992Photographer : Jeff ManzettiModel : Julie Anderson "Super Trench", Elle Italia, January 1992Photographer : Guido HildebrandModel : Judit Masco "Petits Prix Les Points Forts", Elle France, February 1990Photographer : Walter ChinModel : Josie Perez Thank you so so much for this message ! I can’t express how much this means to me ! 80s and 90s models 80s and 90s models
Top Models of 90's
Dictator of taste I’ve thought about many ways to start this post but I don’t think there’s a better or right way to do it. I wish I had more time to explain to you all everything that made me take this decision but I’ll try to be short. I’m about to start my last year at school and to be able to get in the course that I want at the University that I’ve been dreaming about for almost 4 years I’ll need to be completely focused on my studies. This blog worked for all this time as a way to release my daily stress because it’s fun to share with all of you pictures that represent my passions and interests but I can’t deny how much time it consumes. Dictator of taste
La fille de paille
Bidoun Projects Bidoun Projects The Bidoun Library at the 2013 Carnegie International October 5, 2013–March 16, 2014 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh The Bidoun Library is a presentation of printed matter, carefully selected with no regard for taste or quality, that attempts to document the innumerable ways that people have depicted and defined—slandered, celebrated, obfuscated, hyperbolized, ventriloquized, photographed, surveyed, and/or exhumed—that vast, vexed, nefarious construct known as “the Middle East.” The result is banal and offensive, a parade of stereotypes, caricatures, and misunderstandings, all the trappings of the Middle East as fetish: veils, oil, fashion victims; sexy sheikhs, sex with sheikhs, Sufis, stonings; calligraphy, the caliphate, terrorism; Palestinians.

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The Guardian launches a new monthly supplement tomorrow aimed at readers looking to do something new in their spare time. We asked art director Chris Clarke about designing the title. Innocent has launched a new series of ads to emphasise the charitable work that the company does. - CR Blog
Gypsy Eyes
I POST WHAT I LIKE | by Horror_Plastic
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That voice comes certainly from a person, unique, inimitable like every person; a voice, however, is not a person, it is something suspended in the air, detached from the solidity of things. The voice, too, is unique and inimitable, but perhaps in a different way from a person: they might not resemble each other, voice and person. Or else, they could resemble each other in a secret way, not perceptible at first: the voice could be the equivalent of the hidden and most genuine part of the person. Is it a bodiless you that listens to that bodiless voice? H²
Fuck Yeah Street Style
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