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Tips for Professionally Written Patent Application. What If Your Trademark Is Refused? - Edmonton & Calgary Patents. In Canada, registration of a trademark is straightforward procedure.

What If Your Trademark Is Refused? - Edmonton & Calgary Patents

However, that does not mean your trademark application cannot be rejected by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Everyone wants their trademark to be strong and unique. On the other hand, they can still be refused irrespective of their uniqueness. There are several reasons for the refusal – likelihood of confusion, misdescriptive mark, and scandalous mark. How Do You Generate Income For Your IP? If you have an appropriate IP strategy in place then you can earn from your IP through licensing, franchising and selling your IP.

How Do You Generate Income For Your IP?

More and more Canadian companies these days are engaged in creating a viable IP strategy based on the types of IP they own. A good IP portfolio can generate income for as long as the IP is valid. How to Know About Trademark Lawyer in Edmonton? Trademark Lawyer Canada. Patents - Edmonton & Calgary Patents. File the Patent The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has a stringent process to file a patent.

Patents - Edmonton & Calgary Patents

This is to ensure that only inventions which are new, inventive and practical become patented and there are no other similar or overlapping patents already filed. Filing a patent is a rigorous process and it is advisable that you seek the help of professionals who are experienced. Here’s a quick overview of the patent process you have to go through and how we help. Trademark lawyer. Trademarks. Trademarks - Edmonton & Calgary Patents.