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Projects. James Nolan Gandy. ZUSE. Credits schnellebuntebilder, Jan Bernstein, analogNatives, kling klang klong The ZUSE COMPUTER MUSEUM in Hoyerswerda commisioned four exhibits about the origins of the modern computer.


The new permanent exhibition is covering the evolution of information technology throughout the last century by showcasing various milestones of computer history. Numerous machines of inventor and computer pioneer Konrad Zuse like the Z11, Z22 or Z64 can be seen in the museum. We have 4 Exhibits here to showcase: Upon entry an original Z22R (1955) is welcoming the visitor.

Inspiration for this exhibit was Zuses flatbed drawing machine Z64 from the year 1956. The exhibit illustrates how the development of relay, tube and transistor caused the exponental increase of processing speed starting with 1 Hertz up to several GHz nowadays. The exhibit explains the progressive miniaturization of computer technology. Credits Sounddesign for Z22R by Kling Klang Klong. Music for ZUSE COMPUTER MUSEUM by Fugu Vibes. Products / Webcomic Name. Alissanienke. Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo. Lissa Rivera. Works. [CHROMA_turning project] [JOSEPH_kids]


Waltz Binaire » work. DAVID HOCKNEY: HOME. . REICHRICHTER - work. Eric Wong · Cohesion: The blueprint for a united kingdom. TeamLab / チームラボ. YOSHIOKA INC. Lucas K. Doolan — Architectural Photographer. CLM – Artist. Homepage. Edoardo Tresoldi · Baroque. Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo. Yasuaki Onishi. 無限發掘 FINDARS: 約瑟夫.波依斯(Joseph Beuys) 解放人類是藝術的目標,對我而言,藝術是關於自由的科學。

無限發掘 FINDARS: 約瑟夫.波依斯(Joseph Beuys)

~約瑟夫.波依斯 約瑟夫.波依斯(Joseph Beuys, 1921-1986)是20世紀行為藝術、偶發藝術、裝置藝術和觀念藝術重要的代表之一。 他徹底打破了藝術與日常生活的藩籬,認為一切生活世界中的素材都 可以作為藝術媒介和觀念物件來表達特定的理念。 波依斯始終認為,創造力並不是藝術家的專利,藝術並不只是藝術家的作品,而是一切人的生命力、創造力、想像 力的產物,在此意義上,波依斯宣稱「人人都是藝術家」。 藝術創作與生命救贖 說 人人都是藝術家並不是指人人都可以成為藝術家,而是指人人都具有使自己成為藝術家的創造力。 約瑟夫.波依斯1921年5月12日生於德國的克雷費爾德(Krefeld),一個位於 德國西部北萊茵─西伐利亞州的港口城市。 1940年波依斯應召進入德國空軍,擔任JU87轟炸機的領航員。 全新的藝術範疇:塑造理論 1953 年波依斯開始他的創作與展覽生涯,首次展覽開始於收藏家凡德格林登兄弟(Franz Joseph and Hans van der Grinten)所屬的鄉村農莊,此時波依斯的作品以素描和木刻為主,其中素描作品完全與傳統的「形體描繪」不同,而是表現思維的軌跡、意志的伸展、內心 的流動。 基督的二次復活 然 而,在波依斯看來,人類心靈意識的方向在當代已變得曖昧不明,這是一個「人智墮落」的時代,因為人類已失去與自然萬物共生互享的博愛意識,放縱自 身於科技傲慢和文明主宰的虛幻假象,失去生命倫理的熱能,陷於自我異化的與世隔絕的狀態。

在1963年「歐亞西伯利亞交響曲第32章」(Eurasia Siberian Symphony)的作品中,一個三角木架支撐著一隻死去的兔子,背景是一面黑板,黑板中間寫著「EURASIA」的大字,字體重疊著一幅斷裂的十字架, 黑板底部分別寫著毛氈(Filz)和油脂(Fett)的溫度。 波依斯創作的來源多半來自他童年的田野生活、多次重覆的精神幻覺和二戰墜機獲救的經驗,並將之揉合在天主教的 「千禧福音主義」和一種陰性氣質的「暖 性」思想之上。 暖性觀念 1964年的「油脂椅子」,波依斯一反傳統上把雕塑視為定型化、生硬化、永恆化之造形藝 術的觀點,反而依據「激浪」(Fluxus)的前衛觀點,把雕塑改 造成一種流動的、可塑性的、進化的非標準藝術。 藝術家應該幫助社會思考什麼? 動物情感 社會雕塑 與狼共處. Karolina Breguła - Projects. Dundee Wearable Art. Prize 1 year membership at Dundee MakerSpace (prize worth £300) in Vision building, Greenmarker, Dundee2 free tickets for all Dundee Rep Theatre‘s productions during both Winter 2015 & Spring 2016 seasons£50 voucher from iARTSUPPLIES on Perth Road, Dundee £100 donated by our official sponsor OSHIBORI Restaurant on Perth Road, Dundee Morag Nowell Ship Ahoy “I decided to make a costume inspired by my home town Dundee, it has such a rich history.

Wearable installation Suspension Dimension by Jonathan Wood. By deborah on 12/9/2010 Data visualization fascinates me, too.

Wearable installation Suspension Dimension by Jonathan Wood

People hooked up to wearables sometimes use it as an interesting way to combine garments and illustrative parts or schematic elements used in visual representation of data. Robert Mapplethorpe. Biography[edit] Mapplethorpe was born and grew up as a Roman Catholic of English and Irish heritage in Our Lady of the Snows Parish in Floral Park, Queens, New York.

Robert Mapplethorpe

His parents were Harry and Joan Mapplethorpe and he grew up with five brothers and sisters. He studied for a B.F.A. from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he majored in graphic arts,[1] though he dropped out in 1969 before finishing his degree.[2] Mapplethorpe lived with his close friend Patti Smith from 1967 to 1974, and she supported him by working in bookstores. They created art together, and even after he realized he was homosexual, they maintained a close relationship. Mapplethorpe took his first photographs soon thereafter using a Polaroid camera. Mapplethorpe died on the morning of March 9, 1989, 42 years old, in a Boston, Massachusetts, hospital from complications arising from AIDS. Nearly a year before his death, the ailing Mapplethorpe helped found the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Inc. Art[edit] Exhibit-E. Robert Mapplethorpe. Robert Mapplethorpe was born November 4, 1946, in Floral Park, New York.

Robert Mapplethorpe

He left home in 1962 and enrolled at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, in 1963, where he studied painting and sculpture and received his B.F.A. in 1970. During this time, he met artist, poet, and musician Patti Smith. She encouraged his work and posed for numerous portraits when they lived together in Brooklyn and in the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan, a gathering place for artists, writers, and musicians in the early 1970s. It was not Mapplethorpe’s original intention to be a photographer, and from 1970 to 1974, he mainly made assemblage constructions that incorporate images of men from pornographic magazines with found objects and painting.

In order to create his own images for these collages, Mapplethorpe turned to photography, initially using a Polaroid SX-70 camera. Two of Mapplethorpe’s friends were influential in his continuing exploration of photography as a means of art making.