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Why School Bus Stops are Danger Zones? - TrackSchoolBus. Accidents relating to school students are something we hear every day.

Why School Bus Stops are Danger Zones? - TrackSchoolBus

Thousands of innocent lives are lost, simply because we choose to remain ignorant. GPS fleet management software, gps fleet tracking system online. Description Track and manage your vehicle fleet or start GPS tracking business without big investments.

GPS fleet management software, gps fleet tracking system online

Pay monthly fee, depending on the number of objects you track. Our experts will install and run GPS fleet tracking software for you on GPSWOX cloud servers. We will add your server name, logo, design etc., Integrate with needed GPS devices, language or custom features. Furthermore you will receive all necessary trainings and continuous technical support. Trusted Company GPSWOX has over 60k customers from all around world. Any Language Software is translated into 20 languages. Compatible with Any GPS Tracker Software works with 400+ trackers. Universal Platform Software is suitable for any type of business or industry. Full-Featured Use the most useful tracking features: geofencing, alerts, driving behaviour and fuel monitoring, etc. Various Sensors Add sensors and accessories for better monitoring. GPS. Why are Student GPS Tracking Systems So Popular? The service of GPS navigation system originally developed by the U.S Department of Defence has now been extended for civilian use.

Why are Student GPS Tracking Systems So Popular?

The standard service offered by GPS units offers locating the vehicle is, however, less accurate than the precise positioning service intended for military use. The SPS systems, however, can locate the vehicle with an accuracy of 110 yards. These GPS units are being increasingly deployed for fleet management purposes of civilian vehicles. Their popularity has considerably increased in the recent past, thanks to their attributes. 8 Reasons to Choose School Bus Tracking System. School bus tracking systems using a GPS device has become one of the most sought after technologies by present day schools.

8 Reasons to Choose School Bus Tracking System

The improvement in safety and security, which has been the highlight of such systems, is what led to its global acceptance. Top 10 School Bus Companies - Throughout the years, the task of making the best buses for school transportation has been handled by various companies.

Top 10 School Bus Companies -

This article features 10 school bus companies which made a name for themselves, when it came to redefining the way we look at a school bus. 1. Wayne Corporation Topping our list of companies is Wayne Corporation. Though the company declared itself bankrupt and discontinued operation in 1992, the Wayne Corporation had played a vital role in the development of safe buses for school children. School Bus safety Rules and Regulations in India. School Bus Safety for Kindergarten Students- Part I.

Every child should have proper awareness on school bus safety.

School Bus Safety for Kindergarten Students- Part I

As a younger rider, they may have so many confusions and tensions about road safety. Hence, it is your responsibility to teach and transmit knowledge of basic road safety rules and regulations to your kids. When you give advices continuously to your children, they get frustrated and irritated. One of the best ways to convey the idea of safety in children is to show and demonstrate those safety rules in front of them. There are certain safety rules that a child should know about and follow for their own safety. As a parent, you can be the most influential teacher and this can help you greatly in persuading your child to follow certain safety etiquette.

Driver Console App - TrackSchoolBus. 10 Important Road Safety Rules to Teach Your Children. “For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.”

10 Important Road Safety Rules to Teach Your Children

-Eleanor Everet Parents are less concerned about the safety of children until they start to walk on their own to school bus stops, neighbour’s house or the local shops. All of a sudden a realisation that the roads are actually very dangerous for their little ones can’t help much. Why Being a School Bus Driver Isn't As Easy As You Think - Trackschoolbus.

In many of the school bus songs and rhymes, you might have heard in your childhood, the job of a school bus driver sounds fun.

Why Being a School Bus Driver Isn't As Easy As You Think - Trackschoolbus

But, when you read this, you will realize that being a school bus driver isn’t really a job it's an adventure! Driving a school bus isn’t like driving a car, in terms of the size of the vehicle and the number of passengers. Also, being a school bus driver, there are many things they are responsible for. Their duties do not end with just driving a school bus. School Transportation. 10 Cool School Bus Games - Trackschoolbus. Students tend to get bored while travelling for a whole hour in the school bus, to school or back to home.

10 Cool School Bus Games - Trackschoolbus

As a result, they get noisy, pull pranks on other students or even disturb the school bus driver. While entertaining themselves, the students do not realize that they are putting school bus safety at stake. If you are a teacher, a senior student or a school bus driver, why not urge the students to play few games to keep themselves occupied? Here is a list of 10 cool school bus games to keep even the naughtiest student at bay: I spy Any number of students can play this game, though a minimum of two players are required. Trivia You can play trivia games with students that are related to travel or general knowledge. Verbal charades Write down phrases or words on pieces of paper and put them in a bag.

Alphabet game Students can try to complete whole alphabet in order by locating words outside the bus that starts with the letter. 10 fingers Name game Licence plate game Tic Tac Toe Antakshari. 5 Reasons School Bus Driver Training is Important. The duties of a school bus driver do not simply end with commuting the students.

5 Reasons School Bus Driver Training is Important

Until the students travel in the school bus, their safety lies in the driver’s hands. Just driving safely doesn’t solve all school bus safety issues. There are other problems as well, that the driver has to tackle in the bus, such as student behaviour, bullying etc. That’s why it is important for schools to provide training to the drivers even if they have years of experience in driving. School Transportation Services. How to Identify High-Risk Drivers - Trackschoolbus. Every job has got a fair share of risks. If it is a company, the risk can be in the faulty products or inefficient employees. In a school, school bus fleet management is the most risky affairs.

Fleet managers of the school are most prone to risks mainly while hiring a new school bus driver. An at-risk driver can cost the school in terms of damage to the school bus fleet or additional fuel costs. How to Identify High-Risk Drivers - Trackschoolbus. How to Handle Emergencies? Tips for School Bus Drivers - Trackschoolbus. Emergency Handling especially in case of kids is the top most priority for everyone. In case of school buses the schools should train the drivers and helpers to act first and thus enhance the safety of kids.

While all the school bus must be equipped with a first aid box, the drivers should also be trained for handling emergencies and enabling school bus safety. Here are few tips for it- 1. Training in first aid- The drivers in the school bus are mostly in talks with the passengers. The drivers must also have all the emergency contact numbers with them. 2. When shall the evacuation happen-? 10 Steps Schools Must Take To Ensure School Bus Transportation Safety - Trackschoolbus. Providing a comfortable and safe transportation facility is just as important as ensuring top quality education. This is why schools should pay equal attention to school bus transportation. Here are 10 ways of making school bus transportation safe; A school bus GPS tracking system is used more often than not in the school buses of today.

This assists both parents and schools to keep an eye on the school buses and kids. 5 Ways to Hire the Right School Bus Driver for Your School - Trackschoolbus. “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”- Jodi Rell Don’t think twice when you have the best! Yes, that’s right. Join hands with GPS system and reduce fuel consumption. 20 Must-know Safety Tips for School Bus Drivers - At an initial glance school bus might not seem different from other buses, but there are vast differences between school bus and other buses. Compared to driving by themselves or riding with friends, students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive on a school bus. Keep Track of School Bus Drivers with School Bus Tracker - Trackschoolbus.