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Collaborative Law Divorce. As people face the end of their marriage, they are often concerned if not outright fearful of the process of litigating a divorce in California, and that’s for good reason – divorces can take years to complete and be extraordinarily costly.

Collaborative Law Divorce

The divorce litigation process also involves a high amount of stress and antagonism in many cases, which only adds to the overall misery of the process. Motion to Vacate Judgments. Few legal processes are more draining on the parties involved than a litigated California divorce. These battles are almost always nasty, time-consuming and difficult in an emotional sense. Therefore, few if any people ever want to face the prospect of having to fight a decision that’s been made by the court because they are convinced that it was wrong. Unfortunately, this step is sometimes necessary, and anyone who faces this problem will need the help of experienced San Diego divorce lawyers.

Below is an overview of what it generally takes to have a divorce judgment vacated. What is a Motion to Vacate a Judgment? A motion to vacate a judgment is a procedural step that’s taken with the court that decided the original divorce case. Will a Mistake By Itself Lead to the Vacating of a Judgment? No, it will not. ATROs. When people hear the term ‘restraining order’ they often think of violent situations where someone needs a court order for protection. While these types of restraining orders do unfortunately become necessary from time to time, there are other restraining orders that apply to parties to a California divorce when such a case is filed.

If you are unsure of your rights in this regard or you feel that such a restraining order has been violated by your spouse, seek the help of experienced San Diego men’s rights lawyers as soon as possible. Below is a brief introduction to this typical procedure and its requirements. Advantages of Divorce Mediation. Many people who are facing the prospect of a divorce hesitate to take the steps necessary to end their marriage because of obvious concerns. These concerns include the possibility that the divorce process could take years to complete, that the antagonism will add an extreme amount of stress to their lives and because the cost of a litigated divorce can all but erase the assets that have taken years to accumulate while the parties were married. Fortunately, new strategies are emerging with regards to ending a marriage, and one of them is mediation. Anyone who is thinking of taking this step should seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers as soon as possible.

Below is a brief introduction to the advantages presented by this process. Speed As stated above, litigated divorces can become nasty, every issue that arises could wind up needing separate hearings or motions to resolve and because court dockets are already overcrowded can take years to complete. Civility. Divorce Attorney and Lawyer San Diego - Men’s Legal Center. Divorce marks more than just the end of a marriage; it also affects the rest of your life and that of your family. Like it or not, divorce has lifelong repercussions, so it is important to make the right decisions while going through this process. The San Diego divorce lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center know that divorce is very stressful. Our attorneys work with those who are facing difficult family law issues and help guide them through the legal process from the initial filing to the entry of final judgment. A divorce requires the careful preparation and specific knowledge of attorneys who understand California’s complicated divorce laws.

Even simple uncontested divorces still require document preparation and filings with the court, as well as, an agreement on the division of assets and debts. Men's Legal Center. • This form of communication is for informational purposes only and NOT legal advice. • You agree that submitting electronic information to us does not constitute a request for legal advice and that you are not forming an attorney-client relationship between any attorneys affiliated, or employed by the Men’s Legal Center, unless agreed upon via retainer agreement with the Men’s Legal Center. • You are urged not to send us any confidential information contained in an e-mail or any attachment until such time as we have indicated to you that we are able to review that information. • You recognize that our review of your information, even if it is confidential and even if it is transmitted in a good faith effort to retain us, does not preclude us from representing another client directly adverse to you, even in a matter where that information could and will be used against you.

Testimonials. Mission Statement. The Men’s Legal Center has been a local San Diego Family Law firm since 1986, with attorneys who service all of San Diego County and its surrounding areas. The Men’s Legal Center focuses on representing husbands, fathers, and non-custodial parents in Family Court. Our team of San Diego divorce lawyers is experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive, and most of all passionate about protecting our clients’ rights. Our clients realize that their chances for a positive result in Family Court increased dramatically when they were effectively represented, and that achieving fair results is possible. The Men’s Legal Center believes husbands, fathers, and non-custodial parents deserve effective representation in Family Court when so much is at stake. FAQ. Starting a divorce?


Good prior planning prevents poor performance. You should start your case by developing the right plan. With the right plan, you give yourself the best opportunity to achieve your objective, and you will likely reduce costs of litigation and over all stress on yourself and your children. Attorney Bios. The Men’s Legal Center is a law firm comprised of San Diego family law attorneys who understand that the foundation of this type of legal practice is the people.

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This includes the people on our team and the people we serve. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to allow you to get to know the attorneys who have served countless clients in regards to their family law needs. Craig A. Candelore Gerald W. Hokstad Steven Merker Francisco Batara Cyrus Abtahi Craig A. Follow Me On Google+ Mr. About Us. The Men’s Legal Center San Diego Men’s Rights Lawyers When men face the prospect of the end of a marriage, they tend to face the same emotional and financial struggles as anyone else.

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Unfortunately, there is an assumption in existence that when a divorce occurs, the woman tends to obtain more favorable results than the men in general with respect to such issues as property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation among others. While statistics tend to reinforce this notion, that does not mean that men who face this situation should not seek the help of San Diego men’s rights lawyers as soon as possible to build their cases. The Men’s Legal Center – Refusing to Give In to Assumptions The Men’s Legal Center Client Interests are the Top Priority When you contact the San Diego men’s rights lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center, you will soon realize that everything we do and how we do it revolves around the interests of our clients.

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