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So is the name to an editorial that was recently published in the winter issue for Fashion Unlimited Magazine. Very VERY excited about this as it’s a new printed magazine and amazing at that! It’s a fairly large sized magazine (larger than the average ones you see on stands) with excellent paper printed on. I couldn’t have been more honoured to shoot for them when I was asked to. At the moment of request I was immersed in the recent version of Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley.

All Copyrights © Nadia Cheema 2013 Photographer: Nadia Cheema Model: Tristen @ Spot 6 MUA/Hair: Carmelle Da Roza @ P1 Managment Assistants: Shane O’Neill and Sara Kardooni. Background with a Single Light in Portrait Photography. Gjon-mili-multiple-exposure-of-artist-pablo-picasso-using-flashlight-to-make-light-drawing-of-a-figure.jpg (JPEG Image, 338 × 450 pixels)