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How to Fix a Stuck Zipper. DIY Toilet Paper Tube Organizer Is Ugly, but It's a Helluva Cable Organizer. iFixit: The free repair manual. Use an Over-Under Wrap to Keep Your Headphones Kink-Free. SExpand Headphones have a magic way of tangling themselves in inexplicably complicated knots.

Use an Over-Under Wrap to Keep Your Headphones Kink-Free

Many techniques for keeping headphones tangle-free work but they badly kink and over tighten them in the process. Use an over-under wrap for easy and cord-friendly storage. Over at HackCollege they tested out a bunch of different cord-wrapping techniques with the goal of finding a technique that was easy to use, didn't impart kinks or curls to the headphone cord, stress the headphone jack, or require any fancy undoing to return the headphones to their natural state.

Keep headphone wires from getting tangled. Get the Best Sound from In-Ear Headphones. Use Paracord as a Tangle-Free Headphone Sleeve. DIY Zipper-Case Earbuds Are the Ultimate Tangle-Free Headphone Solution. Wrap Your Headphones with a Binder Clip for Easy, Tangle-Free Storage.