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How to Automatically Clean and Organize Your Desktop, Downloads, and Other Folders.


Evernote. How to Stop Fiddling With Productivity Tools To Get More Done. We purchase shiny new tools that promise us more, better, and faster in anything that we can conceive.

How to Stop Fiddling With Productivity Tools To Get More Done

The newest software vendors claim their tools are the missing piece of the puzzle and with them you can get more done with less effort. And if you don’t subscribe to a certain productivity methodology, you will be a lost soul in the see of knowledge work. Organization. Free Backup Software – Best Windows Backup Software Programs. Backing up data regularly should be one of the most important tasks of every computer user; Yet only a minority is doing it thoroughly and regularly.

Free Backup Software – Best Windows Backup Software Programs

The rest is flirting with disaster as there are numerous incidents that can delete data on computer systems. The most common ones are hardware failures, which can mean damaged hard drives but also (partially) unreadable CDs or DVDs, computer virus attacks but also human error. If you have ever met someone who partitioned the wrong hard drive you know that the latter can be cause for great frustration. Backups are the single most effective method of preventing data loss on computer systems. Geek to Live: Organizing "My Documents" I prefer using my desktop to organize documents - and I have a system I use for both my work and home computers.

Geek to Live: Organizing "My Documents"

Specific types of icons are in specific regions of the desktop. System icons (My Computer, Recycle Bin, My Network Places, etc) are in the upper right corner. Shortcuts to the main folders into which I store documents are in the upper middle section. I have shortcuts to: my downloads folder, my smartphone downloads folder, the "My Documents" folder, an "online receipts" folder (where I store screen grabs of confirmation screens from online transactions), "Sound Archive" (where I store downloaded sounds, "Image Archive" (downloaded images), "PDF Library" (downloaded PDF files), "Shortcuts I don't use much", a shortcut to my digital photos folder for the current and/or past years, and a shortcut to my wife's desktop folder on her Windows XP profile. D*I*Y Planner. No, I'm not dead. Although I can understand why some people believe that. As much as I dearly love this site, and all the interesting people that have sprung up from nowhere to contribute their experiences, their ideas and their passions, life has thrown me a curveball or two.

Back when this site began, I was living in Newfoundland, Canada. I was doing contractual work (web development, training and marketing/communications consulting), and owing to the scarcity of such jobs in that locale, was blessed with plenty of spare time. Greplin Searches Your Online Life from One Box, Now Open to Everyone. You should really point out up front that all Google Apps accounts fall into that "premium" category.

Greplin Searches Your Online Life from One Box, Now Open to Everyone

Been running a personal domain on Google Apps for years, now — that makes Greplin much less compelling for me. (I understand it's their business model to charge organizations, and they can't go around trying to decide who does and doesn't have a "personal" Google Apps domain, but there's still not much point for me in it if it can't search my e-mail.) Too bad — I thought it looks interesting. The Step-by-Step Guide to Digitizing Your Life.

Five Best Note Taking Applications. Always used a pen and paper when taking notes.

Five Best Note Taking Applications

Sames goes for any first draft writing... just get my ideas out a little quicker that way, plus always easier to insert drawings or reference doodles (I'm a very visual learner). The transcribing to digital is a form of studying in and of itself. Also, I'd recommend checking out

Mind Mapping

Tools (Timer, Blocker, Activity Logging) Starting Out. Lifehacker. Online Task Management - Producteev. Online Task Management - Producteev. If This Then That Integrates and Automates Your Online Tools. To-Do. Notes - Quick Notes on Windows. Simplenote Downloads. ResophNotes Is an Excellent Simplenote-Syncing Notes App for Windows. The Holy Grail of Ubiquitous Plain-Text Capture. @kl0an: You can pay for it if you don't want the free, ad-supported version.

The Holy Grail of Ubiquitous Plain-Text Capture

@kl0an: dude, I know a few bucks is just mountains to spend on something to add value to your workflow (or whatever it is you want to do), but you can probably spare a few sodas to bridge the gap... @XianZhuXuande: Well Dude, I haven't had a soda in over 10 years. Water and tea man myself. I'll just stick with the simple notes program that came with my Iphone for now. That or find something on the Jailbreak sites that will do a little more. Notational Velocity, Simplenote, and Dropbox bring child-like wonder. The phrase "game changer" is no doubt cliché and overused, but every now and again it just fits.

Notational Velocity, Simplenote, and Dropbox bring child-like wonder

I had heard about Notational Velocity when Merlin Mann posted about it on 43Folders. It changed how I use my iMac, MacBookPro, and iPhone, bringing them all together in a very cool way. The app has been around for awhile (we talked about it five years ago!) But some new features and new technologies make it well worth another look.