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Ecosystem alliance partners - Tridium Europe. Technology Partners. Technology Partners. Southwest Microwave is committed to providing perimeter detection systems that will integrate seamlessly into our customers’ overall security programs.

Technology Partners

We offer Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation to third-party developers at no charge for INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ Cable, MicroPoint™ II, MICRONET™, MicroTrack™, MicroTrack™ II and Microwave 330 perimeter intrusion detection systems, enabling high-level interface of these solutions to security management systems, assessment technologies (CCTV / DVR) and other custom control applications.

Learn more about our INTREPID™ SDK options The following Technology Partners currently offer interface to one or more of our INTREPID™ systems. For further information on integration capabilities between INTREPID™ technologies and these providers’ systems, we encourage you to contact these Partners directly. Product: AlphalogicInterfaces to: INTREPID™ Series II (IPP II)Documentation: Alphalogic INTREPID™ Series II Integration (pdf) Cortech Developments.

Diamond Point - Industrial/Embedded Online Shop - PC104 - COMExpress - GPS - Serial Boards - SSDs. Industrial Computers - JenLogix. Electromec. DMOZ - the Open Directory Project. Sensirion - Your Partner for Innovative Sensor Solutions: Sensirion AG. Willkommen auf der Startseite. Sensor Technology: Humidity, CO2, Flow & Temperature Measurement. Products - WIKA. Monitor Control Manage. Our Suppliers. Controlco / Building Automation & Development. IMC Store. SGX Sensortech S.A. · SENSIndoor. SGX SENSORTECH S.A. is a recently created company which took over MiCS’s activity in gas sensor development and production.

SGX Sensortech S.A. · SENSIndoor

MiCS (MicroChemical Systems SA) was founded in 1998 with the buyout of Motorola’s gas sensor business. Since 2001, the Swiss based company has established its reputation in the automotive market as a provider of semiconductor gas sensors. Building upon its strong knowledge of the AQS (Air Quality Sensor) function, SGX now offers complete AQS solutions to both HVAC manufacturers and OEMs. SGX (MiCS) contributed to the development of innovative micro-nano-structured gas sensors within the EU projects NanoSensoFlex (Growth) and CleanRcab (Growth Transport). Nicolas Moser is working group vice-chairman in the COST action EuNetAir (TD1105).SGX contributes to SENSIndoor as an experienced developer and manufacturer of gas sensor systems. Leader of work package 3, MOS sensor with nanostructured gas-sensitive layers.

Gas Sensors / Figaro USA Inc. Sales to North America. M2M Exhibitors. The Leader in Industrial Ethernet Products, IT Services and Training. Supermicro Server. MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensors, High Performance Distance & Proximity Sensors. SHOP ZONEFIRST Online. RS Components - distributor of Electronic, Electrical and Industrial Components. Torrix Magnetostrictive Level Sensor - Fafnir. Mobilizing Hazardous Environments. Programmable Thermostat. Obvius - energy metering, submetering and monitoring solutions. Welcome to Ocean Controls. Phidgets Inc. - Unique and Easy to Use USB Interfaces. Campbell Scientific: dataloggers, data acquisition systems, weather stations. Suppliers: Avnet Memec. Continuous Monitoring Solutions. Data Loggers Measure & Record Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current, Power, Pressure, Etc. IDEAL Networks - IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS DIVISION. Dataloggers, Thermometers, Hygrometers.

Data Acquisition (DAQ) from Measurement Computing. Delphin Technology AG  Car Audio for Fanatics. - Products. Jones Lang LaSalle launches IntelliCommand powered by Pacific Controls. AspenTech: Optimizing Process Manufacturing. Portrait. New ideas open new doors.


That has been our belief for 150 years. It was in the middle of the idyllic Toggenburg countryside that Johann Georg Berlinger in 1865 laid the foundation stone of our company history – in the form of a weaving shop. Today the name Berlinger stands for innovative technology and retail products and for internationally standardised doping control systems. And above all else for openness, quality and fairness. We, the sixth generation of Berlingers to head the company, are proud to be able to carry the values and traditions of our family business into the future. Your partner for innovative automation. Temperature Data Loggers.

Water Meters, Flow Instrumentation & Control Solutions. Adhoco Temperature Sensor. Computer Room Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, Data Center Access Control, Power and Security Sensors. AVTECH Temperature Monitors And Environment Monitors Will Monitor Temperature, Monitor Power, Monitor Humidity, Monitor Flood, Smoke, Air Flow, Security Cameras And More For Computer Room, Data Center And Facilities Management. Powerful Intelligent Solutions. Zigbee,zigbee wireless,zigbee usb dongle,Battery packs,ZigBee Gateway,Plant factory,system,植物工廠,IOT物聯網,module,sensor,networking,Cloud,Agriculture,manufacturer,Zigbee無線傳輸模組,Landwirtschafts,Sensoren,Cloud - NHR. Wireless Telemetry Temperature Acquisition Module T24-TA. Q: What type of sensor can I use with this device?

Wireless Telemetry Temperature Acquisition Module T24-TA

A: The T24-TA module is factory calibrated to work with PT100 (Type 385) sensors which have a defined change in resistance per degree. (DIN 43760) Q: What wiring configurations are available? A: The T24-TA can be wired in 2, 3 and 4 wire configurations; users are able to choose the best option for their application depending on accuracy requirements, cost and distance between acquisition module and probe.

Q: What units are available? A: The T24-TA can output values in degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit, Kelvin or Ohms. Q: Is there a way to apply a custom calibration? A: There is no custom calibration on the T24-TA device however an offset can be applied to any outputted values. Q: How can I account for long cable length when performing two wire measurements? A: There is a custom offset that can be used. Q: What software is provided with the T24 devices? Q: How many devices can operate on one radio channel?

Q: Is the system point to point? Pharmaceutical Industry – FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant SCADA system. What is the solution to all the challenges ahead?

Pharmaceutical Industry – FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant SCADA system

Becoming more efficient while still complying with regulation and guaranteeing product safety! Cypress Envirosystems » Wireless Freezer Monitor. Monitor overall health of freezers to predict failures, minimizing required preventative maintenance Freezer failures can result in loss of critical materials or samples.

Cypress Envirosystems » Wireless Freezer Monitor

However, this can be avoided. Monitoring temperature alone does not give you enough advanced warning to know when a freezer is about to fail. It’s merely an indicator that a problem has already occurred. The Cypress Envirosystems Wireless Freezer Monitor (WFM) allows you to monitor critical parameters to give you a better picture of freezer health. No more moving samples at the last minute as your freezers are failing. Download the Wireless Freezer Monitor Product Brief 1. Veriteq - Applications.

Simple and accurate validation of warehouses - reduced downtime and set-up by up to 80% !

Veriteq - Applications

Within the pharmaceutical industry, temperate and humidity mapping has long been vital to the safe production of drug products. In recent years, however, the requirement for validation has extended to include storage facilities. The first question asked when procuring a new system for thermal validation is often "What downtime will we suffer and what set-up is required ? " Environmental Monitoring and Validation in cGMP-compliant Warehouses and Storage Areas. Good storage and shipping practices for warehouses According to USP 1079 Good Storage and Shipping Practices, areas used to hold or store drugs, biotechnology, and medical devices require an Environmental Management System that controls temperature, humidity, and other variables that might affect the purity, quality and safety of products.

Environmental Monitoring and Validation in cGMP-compliant Warehouses and Storage Areas

Additionally, records and documentation must be maintained to prove that parameters were kept within specifications of the products being held or shipped. Excursions of temperature, humidity or any other controlled parameters must be recorded and responded to according to the corrective and preventive action plans of the facility’s quality management system. United States Pharmacopeia temperature monitoring The United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) temperature monitoring section dictates that “a suitable number of temperature recording devices should be utilized to record temperatures and to provide temperature area maps.


A global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Wireless Temperature Monitoring System by E-Control Systems. NETVOX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Logic Machine platform for KNX/EIB, EnOcean, Modbus, DALI, BacNet. Delta Controls - Home. Titan Products : Temperature Controllers, User Interfaces, environmental sensors, fan speed controllers. Industrial Control Products & Data Acquisition Hardware. Passport Networks Inc. - Solutions for Embedded, Industrial, and Home Automations - ZigBee/Ethernet/Serial/Modbus Device Networking. Murata Wireless. Smartenit - Home and Building Automation Solutions Based on ZigBee, INSTEON and X10. Orbit Communications - your risk is our business. AIO Systems. CONTROL Y REGULACIÓN TÉRMICA. Mango Automation SCADA / HMI Software. Wireless Sensors for Automation, Monitoring, and Control. Wireless Sensors and Systems. We manufacture a wide range of wireless sensors and network co-ordinators.

Wireless Sensors and Systems

These allow any process variable to be transmitted wirelessly to a receiver unit where the value can be either output as a mA or voltage signal or stored as a Modbus register for transmission to an Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 communications network. Transmitters include units for mA, voltage RTD and thermocouple inputs and the Z-Head-4 range allow up to 4 inputs into a single transmitter.

Wireless routers allow the wireless transmitters to be sited in hard to reach areas and extend the range of the wireless network. ZigBee Wireless Transmitters. Wireless Sensors and Systems. Produal. Touchblock: TouchblockRM Restaurant Management System that provides equipment monitoring and data collection of food safety practices.

Amega Scientific Corporation - Centralized Monitoring Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Laboratory Monitoring. Temperature and Humidity Transmitter - RHT-Air - Humidity & Temperature - Products - NOVUS Automation Inc. - Controllers, Thermostats, Data Loggers, Solid State Relays, Sensors, Transmitters, SCADA, Data Acquisition and Temperature Controllers. Environmental monitoring and control solutions. Cloud Datastore. Device Cloud: Driving the Internet of ANYthing. Search - wireless from Davis Instruments.