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Towards robotics is a community dedicated to learning robotics and automation. Share your knowledge and learn from fellow learners and industry experts.

What is Machine Translation? Learn more about MT - Towards Robotics. We are blessed to find ourselves living in a world that encapsulates a wide range of cultures each, with their means of communication.

What is Machine Translation? Learn more about MT - Towards Robotics

The world as we know it is getting more and more globalized by day and, the requirement of information technology is reaching the doorsteps of those who are incapable of communicating in the language of the internet. More and more businesses are turning to machine translation to work with people from all cultures across the globe. To really get the importance of translations, here is a key figure: in 2015 Google Translate processed 100 billion words a day. What exactly is Machine Translation? By definition, Machine translations are a form of computational linguistics and language engineering which uses software to translate text or speech from one language to another. Hybrid MT Engines: The two most common engines are rule-based and statistical engines. Rule-Based (RB) MT Engines: Statistical MT Engines (SMT): Robotics Trends in the Industry you must know - Towards Robotics.

New Trends in Robotics and Controller Design Industrial robots can not perform their application tasks without a controller.

Robotics Trends in the Industry you must know - Towards Robotics

Controllers provide software that gives robots the knowledge to perform complex tasks and provides the robot with a way to communicate with the physical world. Developments in the device design promote collaborative robotics, where robots will be able to operate in close contact with humans. The proposed amendments to the robot safety standards guidelines for ANSI / RIA R15.06 reflect the movement towards collaborative robotics and require “robotification” by incorporating robotics in new applications. I see a trend towards the robot controller is more of a controller of the whole manufacturing process. Dinsmoor sees this trend continuing. So, in short, what all these experts from the industry are saying is that: Advancement in controllers will make the integration of robots to work together a lot easier.

More Power, Less Package. Automobile robotics: Applications and Methods - Towards Robotics. Introduction: An automobile robot is a software-controlled machine that uses sensors and other technology to identify its environment and act accordingly.

Automobile robotics: Applications and Methods - Towards Robotics

They work by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with physical robotic elements like wheels, tracks, and legs. Mobile robots are gaining increasing popularity across various business sectors. They assist with job processes and perform activities that are difficult or hazardous for human employees. Structure and Methods: The mechanical structure must be managed to accomplish tasks and attain its objectives. The cognitive architecture reflects the purpose of the robot, its environment, and the way they communicate. Following are best-known control methods: Computed torque control methods: A computed torque is defined using the second position derivatives, target positions, and mass matrix expressed in a conventional way with explicit gains for the proportional and derivative errors (feedback). Path, trajectory, and motion planning: Artificial Pollination using Drones with Bubble Machine - Towards Robotics. Pollen-bearing soap bubbles may provide an effective and convenient form of artificial pollination You have heard no doubt that bees are dying off, and that you should be worried about it.

Artificial Pollination using Drones with Bubble Machine - Towards Robotics

For the same reason, people are worried about cuddly polar bears, but not as many people are concerned about bees compared to the bears. Bees are integral to food production and hence their extinction is more threatening. Greenpeace reports that from 1947 to 2008, US National Agricultural Statistics showed a 60 percent decrease in the number of honeybee hives. Around one-third of your food can be attributed to the pollination of honey bees, so that’s a big deal. This research was carried out at the Japan Advanced Science and Technology Institute (JAIST) with the simple goal of providing a practical means of artificial pollination. If you were at a birthday party for a kid then you already know how easy it is to make soap bubbles. Miyako also works with robots, albeit a lot simpler. What is Swarm Robotics?All about Swarm Robotics - Towards Robotics.

Introduction: Ever wondered about swarm robotics?

What is Swarm Robotics?All about Swarm Robotics - Towards Robotics

Glad you asked. Here is my overview of this interesting topic. Interacting, knowing, and then reacting to the situation are some of the human ‘s greatest characteristics and these are the aspects that make us what we are. We are born to live in social society and we always know about us that since the creation of this planet we are the most well manned social creature known. Social culture and contact with each other to help accomplish a common purpose is seen not only in humans but also in other animals on this planet, such as a flock of birds or fish or bees, what they have in common is that they have a collective activity. For all their limitations, the mutual action of these social animals and insects makes them accomplish more. Medical Robots: Design & Current Status - Towards Robotics.

Introduction: Medical robots became a part of human life soon after the invention of the first advanced robot.

Medical Robots: Design & Current Status - Towards Robotics

Nowadays, robots are smart enough to conduct a job in warehouses, run a hospital procedure, and find their way into massive shopping centers. Automaton and robotic technology advances are now unavoidable. New inventions have been made on every passing day, and people have come to such a stage that they operate in an organization with the computer. Even for the future, they are skeptical that a robot will take their work. Towards Robotics : The community dedicated to learning robotics.