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Airbnb. Ethan: Hi, this is a responsive web design podcast where we interview the people who make responsive designs happen.


I’m your host, Ethan Marcotte. Karen: And I’m your other host, Karen McGrane. And this week we are beside ourselves with excitement because we’re speaking with Dave Augustine from Airbnb. Dave: Thanks for having me. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do at Airbnb, specifically what you guys have been doing with responsive design. I’m presently an engineering manager for the core web team at Airbnb.

But before we dive into our conversation, I want to tell you about some exciting news from our sponsor, Campaign Monitor. We were missing a huge opportunity, one of paid marketing. It looks fantastic and I’ve been enjoying seeing your websites evolve, both mobile and desktop, in the last couple of years. Well, it comes in a couple of factors. Karen McGrane sur Twitter : "Airbnb: We built a separate mobile website, and now we say: don't do that. Just go responsive. LE site qui recense les diverses principes du design ! L’indémodable flat design ?

Bye bye animations flashs, design surchargé et textes abrutissants, cette année encore le flat design est à son summum.

L’indémodable flat design ?

Le blanc, qu’il fallait auparavant à tout prix combler, permet aujourd’hui de conserver l’attention de sa cible. Il apporte de l’oxygène à ces pages qui étouffent et qui n’intéressent plus l’internaute. En 2012, le surfeur-zappeur ne restait en moyenne que 8 secondes sur chacune des pages qu’il consultait. Pour répondre à cette tendance et gagner en productivité, les entreprises se sont mises progressivement au flat design, cette technique qui va droit au but, sans chichis ni fioritures…

Recherche d'images. Livre Responsive web design - E. Marcotte. Découvrez le responsive web design, et apprenez à concevoir des sites Web agréables qui anticipent et répondent aux besoins de vos utilisateurs.

Livre Responsive web design - E. Marcotte

En explorant des techniques CSS et des principes généraux de design, comme les grilles fluides, les images flexibles et les media queries, Ethan Marcotte démontre qu'il est possible d'offrir une expérience utilisateur de qualité, quelle que soit la taille, la résolution ou l'orientation de l'écran qui affiche le site. Avec la préface de Jeremy Keith. Personnaliser les couleurs d'une Map Google - Core-Techs. Google Maps permet pas mal de petites choses notamment de modifier l’ensemble du thème de ce dernier.

Personnaliser les couleurs d'une Map Google - Core-Techs

Cela permet donc d’avoir votre carte aux couleurs de votre site, avec votre style, simplifiée ou non, etc… Long Flat Shadow Generator Psd. The iOS Design Cheat Sheet Volume 2 - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer. Displays, dimensions and icons.

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet Volume 2 - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer

This article is outdated. View new version The current version of this article includes data for iOS 8 and all new Apple devices while this one only covers all iOS versions up to 6 and iPhone 4. More than a year ago, I published the iOS Design Cheat Sheet, a collection of useful data about iOS devices and things you have to keep in mind when designing something for iOS. Since the last update of my Cheat Sheet, a lot has changed in the world of Apple’s mobile devices. Instead of a bulky PDF, the new Cheat Sheet is right here on this site.

Resolutions Displays Icons. Gridpak - The Responsive grid generator. Font tools. Polices à télécharger. Sites of the week. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced. The Responsinator. Screenfly by QuirkTools — Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions. Sonothèque de bruitages et musiques d'illustration. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! 123 Royalty Free - Banque d'Images - Photos libres de droits - Photos par abonnement. 3dTextures - Accueil.

Couleurs. Textures. Kuler. Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers. The amount and diversity of technology available today is unbelievable.

Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers

Apple per se have made remarkable achievements over the years and today we are featuring iPad. To a certain extent, an iPad changes the tide of web designer’s routine. iPad enables the potential for designers to accomplish their task and project on time because it is a portable workstation that allows designers to work on the dot. With a touch of a your finger, the magazines apps springs into life and whats more, the pictures are vivid and it satisfy the sophisticated taste for every designer. Now reading articles can be fun, immersive and inspiring. Given that an ipad delivers the joy of convenience, the designers now can anytime kick their creative juices into high gear.

You may also be interested in these following iPad related articles: Sketch & Illustration SketchBook Pro Free your creativity. SketchPad HD TypeDrawing If you love typography, this poetic visual art app is absolutely yours. Freeform Adobe Ideas 1.0. 20 Useful iPhone Apps for Developers & Designers. One of the greatest reason why iPhone, apart from its amazing features and aesthetic design became so popular is because of the vast number of applications iTunes store has to offer.

20 Useful iPhone Apps for Developers & Designers

Even for web workers like designers and developers who rely heavily on computers and laptops, there are tonnes of interesting applications that may come in handy in your iPhone. If you have some time to kill and feeling a little adventurous, how about checking out these interesting iPhone apps for designers and developers we’ve compiled? From database app for developers to color apps for designers and some apps suitable for both, here’s 20 Fresh iPhone apps for Designers and Developers. Full list after jump. Graphisme. Best sites com.